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Hello there everyone this is Adam

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Bitcoin is down to down it was down like

some 50 below now before now it's down

to 760 again it's funny that is down the

760 and we went over again

back when it was 700 760 was above so I

mean we're gonna keep having these

moments hopefully in time where

something is down but its way up

compared to what it used to be it just

puts a smile on your face definitely

also i'd like to remind everyone again

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ok just know I'm warning you i mean i'm

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trying to look out for you here

you don't really want to share that kind

of information I know I've said it

before I guess I'm gonna have to say it

again to just just be careful what you

stay about yourself out there so a

theory of etherium classic or in the


athyrium has been going down lately on

eight as i said it went under the point

of one bitcoin mark and now something

else odd has happened if you're in

classic had been going down with a

theory i'm just at the same rate

I mean just bad press for the area was

bringing the in plastic down because

they are virtually the same thing right

but but it appears today this has

reversed cerium classic was was

basically you around ten percent of the

theory of value in terms of price and

now it's it's really shifted it appears

that maybe and I'm just theorizing that

maybe some of theory and people are just

jumping into a theorem classic now

because there is this the trend is the

previous training is broken so who knows

what's gonna happen i'm not saying


the third plus going to get pumped up

but keep an eye on this situation

because the ratio between the two has

changed and is starting to go in a

positive direction for a theorem classic

and hearing classic is going up means in

relation to Bitcoin to I believe I'm a

small bit so again keeping I who knows

who knows what's going on very

interesting and again but all these both

of them were just used for speculation

so I'm just telling you what with the

trend with the trends are mean there's

there's no real basis behind it because

both of them

nothing right now I mean what did you do

any again I'd like what fearing plastic

stands for the very against you know

hard for working for the sake of saving

people you know what happened i get into

that so here's a really important thing

within this with the video is supposed

to be about have so many subjects are

gonna have to do a sec I have to subject

matter for tomorrow i guess but on

Donald Trump is they say he is serious

about stopping remittances to Mexico

from illegal immigrants and Bloomberg

has posted an article about it it's a

very interesting article you know I

think that sucks that they're not gonna

be able to do that but it's great for

bitcoin is it it's it's something i

don't like that there's if we're going

to have legal and illegal if we're going

to have welfare in this country then

we're gonna have that immigration is ok

if we had no social benefits in this

country i would be for open borders ok

but we have my tremendous the social

benefits in this country

I people would die for in the country's

I just was an ok I mean you you're

wealthy here if your own welfare

compared to some of the places i was

just add ok show so with that with that

in mind on no i don't i feel bad that

you know people are gonna send their

money back home anymore but anyway

shouldn't be there illegal immigrants I

mean did they are taking their breaking

the law and done to be here in the first


so anyway without getting into the

politics of the matter if trumpeted if

he stopped if you really does a western

union you're no longer allowed the send

remittances to Mexico from illegals the

this article just shows you how

desperate they are to send money back to


I mean they are desperate I i think the

morning basically an implied she would

stick money into herself if she had to

to get it back to Mexico so using

bitcoin is easier than doing that then

shoving money into your orifices it's

it's a lot easier

than that and it's it's it's safer

actually safer on your body and you want

if you get strips York you can if your

Bitcoin scriptures they won't know you

had Bitcoin on you that if you won't

have Bitcoin on you

so read the article by the way that I

there's a tweet about the inferior

material plastic ratio that I also will

link to the pirate party in Iceland has

been given a chance to form the

government i will link to an article

about that I don't know much about that

but the pirate party as mentioned before

is somewhat Bitcoin friendly this is

interesting development

I don't know if it is i got this link a

couple days ago so maybe things been

updated but you can check out the link

litecoin will soon deploy segue and

potentially activate it before Bitcoin


ok so right like one is acting as a test

it for Bitcoin perhaps and then after

this announcement I know like went down

for some reason have no idea why have no

idea but there was a drastic shift in

the ratio of of light point of Bitcoin

who knows who knows if it's even has

anything to do with this but i will link

to tweet that informs everyone about

this set with online point i'm adam

meister the bitcoinmeister have a great

rest of your day

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