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So before this trip I haven't really heard much about La Réunion.

See, I can't even pronounce it correctly... John please help me out with this one:

Ah yeah thanks!

So this little island is a French oversea department in the Indian Ocean

between Mauritius and Madagascar.

Because friends of friends are also friends, I had the chance to spend 14 days there

and now this is definitely my favorite island!

So let's see if Réunion really got the potential to be the perfect paradise island

We got white beaches:


Black beaches:


Palm trees:

a lot!

Some nice bars and restaurants by the ocean:


Amazing cliffs and coastlines:


Jungles and a lot of green:




Curvy mountain roads:


...and volcanoes:


Although there are definitely sharks around the island...

you always feel safe and with certain secured areas

you always know where you can go for a swim at the beach.

If I'd really have to find a downside...

... it could only be that most people barely speak any English

but that's still the case in most countries of the world and you get along somehow anyway.

With all the mountain roads and endless possibilities

it takes some time to see all the different parts of the island.

But all in all, it's still pretty small so you can get around quick

and for example, see the sunrise on a volcano ...

... dive into a waterfall during the day ...

... and relax at sunset on the beach :)

The Description of the perfect paradise island? {La Réunion travel check} w/ BMPCC4K.