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hello my name is Ilona in this video I'd like to take a look at Atlantis

and I always had a strong connection with Atlantis just very very strong and I do believe in

past lifetimes although obviously there's not really such thing as time but we have been

living in a linear time in a way we believe we live in a linear time so I see this as a past life

that I have well experienced and we are now in a time that a lot of things that happened then are

repeating itself and that we can learn from it now and heal it now so this is very important to

look at so I want to take a look at it I've searched some things I found a very interesting

article about Atlantis I'd just like to talk about it a little bit that resonated with me and

Atlantis most likely lays in the Atlantic ocean or was situated in the Atlantic ocean I believe Edgar

Cayce a medium spoke about that and that is a bit my feeling that it was actually around that

area for a long time it was a beautiful place it really was a golden age we were at that time

Atlantis was a very high civilization way higher spiritually technologically than we are now

there were it was an inter-dimensional place a lot of from space were visiting we have

spaceships flying around everything was powered by crystals like free energy that was used

there were light beings there just walking around there was a deep connection with

everything around us in a way it was just a very high civilization psychic powers were very normal

just so much a very comfortable climate it was just very very beautiful there were

like three major islands Poseida Aryan and Og and there were two minor

islands Atalya and Eyre that belonged to the Aryan race it kind of followed the law of one

and the law there were i think 12 laws but law of one was the most important one and that

everything is connected and everything is part of the creator the real God that created everything

so everybody was living in that understanding that it's very important what you put out what

you think what you say I believe there was telepathy at that moment in time like I said

a very highly evolved soul consciousness at that time so there were a lot of things happening

if I'm not mistaken I could have read in that article that the dimensions were like 4

5th until 12 and even beyond the 12th dimension people had those powers and that consciousness

you had the children of the law of one who were mainly in Poseida and that was a

matriarchy matriarchy i'm sorry matriarchy it's like patriarchy matriarchy

it was very feminine energy and I will call them the Atla Ra so they were like

you had of course the population and in that population you had like a separate group

who were spiritually very far advanced and they were called the children of the law of one

the Atla Ra they were like the scientists of the law of one and they controlled the second moon of

Atlantis which was a crystal satellite like up in the sky was pretty much controlling the power

and had an enormous power of itself so you could use it for good things and unfortunately later on

for bad things so they were pretty much situated on Poseida and then well like I said they

were based on harmony on connection they were multi-dimensional they could be from

6 000 years old to even 12 000 years old they were so high in their existence they were pretty much

outside of linear time so they most likely could jump into all kinds of times they probably

were aware of all kinds of the dimensions going on and they were pretty much above duality

and they could manifest and regenerate at will so these were very very powerful beings

unfortunately because they were kind of outside of the duality I understood

from the article and kind of sensing it personally so they didn't oppose the decline

that happened in the Aryan part the Aryan part fell victim in a way to power they were

fighting against the law of one and they just wanted more they were becoming the self-serving

they were influenced obviously from their reptilian race the fourth dimension which

were there if I'm not mistaken were part of in connection with and they infiltrated

the Aryan that's where it started pretty much that's where the infiltration started

and they started to call themselves Sons of Belial which comes from Baal which is of course

the god they sacrificed the children to and the human sacrifices it's a very awful very dark

energy and that started they started to take over that part of Atlantis and they just gained control

they became militaristic they wanted to control the rest of the population they wanted to

control everyone pretty much in the world and they wanted control of the crystals they wanted

to control that crystal satellite moon the second moon of Atlantis which they called the second moon

they were also doing genetically engineering hybrids animal human so they were all starting

that sick experimenting they wanted to create slave workers

which sounds familiar in what they're well doing right now cloning apparently started in that time

so that's interesting to know because then they've been cloning for a long time they wanted full

control and they just wanted more and more power and they were pretty much seducing other parts of

Atlantis to follow their lead so the Atla Ra were pretty much up against the Sons of Belial and um

they kind of it's of course this is a period of time but they kind of gained control

and there were conflicts going on and well this is what they do this is what Sons of Belial all do

and what they're doing of course if you just look around in the politics nowadays and well in our

history they say one thing but they mean another hidden agenda so they came to the Atla Ra

we want unity we want to compromise you know we need to get together we really want to

help this further we don't want this destruction anymore and if you'll gain control of the

genetic engineering part maybe we can have control of the crystal satellite we can you know

find our way we really want to change we really want to do good we really want to change our ways

and unfortunately that moment in time they didn't see anything wrong with it or maybe they were not

I don't know exactly what happened but at that moment in time the Atla Ra were pretty much

how do you say that we're like okay let's do this so they kind of

didn't sense it didn't want to sense it the manipulation that was going on so ultimately

the Sons of Belial gained control through all kinds of sneaky ways of the crystal satellite

and they started using it as a weapon against the people that were opposing them and ultimately the

Atla Ra started warning them this is going to overload this is going to crash things

well ultimately it overloaded it crashed on I think Og the island of Atlantis

and it started earthquakes it started explosions tsunamis the great flood that's been known

throughout the world in legends and myths and that was the pretty much the end of Atlantis most of it

disappeared under the water of course before that time the Atla Ra already sensed

things were happening so they took the nine master crystals and how do you say that put

them somewhere safe until the time was right for mankind to use them again also the crystalline

skulls and data recording skulls or I think crystals they put away all the information that

was important which was a pretty tough and difficult situation to do but they felt they had to

do that to protect that and made sure that the crystals weren't going to be used for other

neFarious reasons so this is about the story of Atlantis and you'll see there are a lot of things

so similar it's about the gaining of control through manipulation through not seeing or not

wanting to see or turning away so a lot of people well I personally believe in reincarnation that's

it's not really a question for me so I understand if people are watching this are like well

I have nothing with reincarnation I understand that then maybe you could see this more as a

telltale of what can happen here but I feel that a lot of people that were there at the time

and we most likely had lives on Atla Ra side and lives on the Sons of Belial because most likely

you will sense you will get perspective from both sides and of course how you

grow and how you use your consciousness is what you take with you in this life

and I just have a feeling I find it interesting there are a lot of people with connections to

Atlantis that came to this period and my feeling is that it is to right a wrong

in a way to make sure this doesn't happen again and this time we're ready we are going to see

everything we're not going to look away even if we did that unconsciously at that moment in time

maybe we weren't even aware that it was possible that it could go that low

because let's face it a lot of problems at this moment is that people have problems waking up

they don't want to believe the truth they have a hard time believing that people

that they can be this evil they can be this bad can be this destructive and I have a feeling

that's probably started in that period that certain people didn't want to see it that way or

fell for what people would tell them and not what was really going on and that's pretty

much what we need to do right now in this time period discernment what is true what

really resonates with us and we can only really sense what is right and what is wrong

if we're connected with our consciousness if we're connected with that God spirit that we have

that we possess if you don't have that connection if we don't spiritually align with that

people can pretty much do what they want with us in essence or we get stuck in a certain

way and we don't want to look beyond that we have our comfort zone and that's it we're not going to

look beyond that this is what's going on this is how we believe everything is so in a way there are

a lot of people with pain from that period because the devastation was awful people who were involved

in it unfortunately maybe even participated without their knowledge to this destruction

they've taken that pain with them I can feel the pain as well from atlantis it's horrifying

I have a feeling I was part of that group as well in maybe not even from the Atla Ra but I was

somehow involved with not understanding what was going on and too late realizing what has happened

that I didn't see it at the time I didn't want to see it at a time and that I'm now here to see it

and not look away not turn away and taking responsibility for myself

so I think a lot of people in this in the group probably are watching this

video maybe sense a relationship to Atla Ra so maybe sense like some connection so that's most

likely the case it's very important that we get how to stay in touch with ourselves now

then it went wrong pretty much destroyed ourselves in a way and pretty much destroyed

the beautiful energy that was there it went gradually but that's how they work look at our own

history right now at least the history that's been told to us you see they're gaining control slowly

even carefully and they plan way ahead they have all these plans and they just follow that plan

and it's time that we see and face everything that we see and face the pain that happened

then and that's happening now so I do get questions like well how do you say that

well why are they hurting innocent people or why aren't people waking up or why is this

happening right now and well I didn't choose this I had nothing to do with this fortunately you're

here so you have something to do with this and whether you understand it or not you have chosen

on a conscious or unconscious level you have chosen to be here your soul wanted to be here

so there is healing for you to do right now it's possible this is just to watch this

or just to experience all these energy and maybe your soul contract leaves it at that

it is very likely that you're a part of Atlantis or other maybe even star seeds in a way and

that you're here to fix things or to learn things or it's because you want to be here

and help people out in a way we humans have of course our origin is extraterrestrial as

well our dna so it's very likely that you came here for a reason to help to experience it

You came here to right a wrong okay there's a lot of possibilities but you came in for a reason

whatever it is and a lot of people also had to learn that this time they need to watch it they

need to be ready they need to see things they can't look away you can't cover this up with

a blanket of love and just pretend everything is going to be all right so it's also important for

people to realize that there's so much going on so if you have that connection with Atlantis

just sense and feel how that feels and to me it feels like a lot of sadness and a lot of pain

so this is the time to heal that again this is the time to connect with ourselves

and to heal things that went wrong energies need to be balanced out so I just wanted to

talk about that because to me this is very important maybe if you're listening to this and

have a connection as well maybe it will explain things maybe it will just confirm things and maybe

you're like well that this is not the video for you that's fine too so I hope this will explain

certain things that you experience right now and I hope to see you in another video bye

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