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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Leslie Jones Met Dustin Hoffman and Called Him Al Pacino

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-I'm so sorry I missed you.

You were across the street at Radio City,

at Dave Chappelle's... -Yes!

-...residency that he's doing... -That's pretty cool, huh?

-...for almost the whole month of August, yeah.

It's insanity.

I mean, who gets a residency at Radio City Music Hall?

-Dave Chappelle.

-Dave. Yeah. Yeah.

And then how was it --

Have you played there before?

-I played there with Katt Williams back in 2008.


-And the same stage manager was there.

She remembered me.

She remembered me because I was telling them

that I needed stairs so I can go off the stage

'cause I like to go into the audience,

and the guy was like, "No, you can't do that."

And I was like, "Dude, it's happening," so...

-Either way. Either you're putting stairs in,

or I don't know what's happening.

-Just go with the flow

or be the one that didn't do what you needed to do.

[ Laughter ]

-Tell -- There's a story I heard

that you once opened for Jamie Foxx...

-Yes. -...and bombed.

-That was the second time I ever performed comedy ever.

I performed 1987 at Colorado State

for the Funniest Person on Campus,

and then I was like, "Oh, I'm gonna be the next Eddie Murphy.

I'm the next Eddie Murphy." -Yeah.

-And then I left college,

left a scholarship, everything.

And my friend Vaneesa got me a gig

opening up for Jamie Foxx.

I don't know how she did it, but we know how she did it.

[ Laughter ]


-Hey, hey, hey, hey!


[ Audience cheers ]

So, you go on.


I went on, and oh, God, I bombed.

I bombed so bad that I think, like,

joke angels was coming out and was just like, "Just stop."

[ Laughter ]

-It was just -- I mean, do you remember the jokes, or just no?

-They were bad jokes. -They were bad jokes.

-I think I was talking about my uncle,

and I think I was talking about churches,

and then the deejay started scratching in the middle.

He was like, "Sika, sika, sika, stop lying!"

-[ Laughs ] Really?

But then you said Jamie gave you words of advice.

-Jamie came on stage, and the first thing he did

was tell the audience to, "Stop booing her

'cause she had more guts to get up here and try it,

and y'all didn't."

[ Cheers and applause ]

-He's a great guy. -Yeah.

-He comes here, too. He loves comedians.

-Yeah, and I knew that his friend liked big women,

so, again, I send Vaneesa...

[ Laughter ], you know, butter up the friends

so we can go to Fatburger's afterwards.


-Then I just got Jamie in a corner,

and was just like, "Yo, how do I do this?

How do I be like you? How do I get the" --

And he was, "You like 19.

You have nothing.

You have no stories. You have no life."

He was like, "Go live, go have some bad jobs,

go have some good jobs, go get your heart broken,

go break some hearts."

He's like, "'Cause you have no material right now."

-Wow. -And that's what I did.

-That's interesting. That's great advice.


[ Cheers and applause ] -And look at you now.

-And I got a gang of material now.

[ Laughter ]

I lived!

-Yeah, yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Look at you now.

You're Emmy nominated for "Saturday Night Live."

-I know! Can you believe it?!

-Yeah, I can believe it!

I can believe it!

'Cause you're great.


-That is so crazy!

-There's only one of you.

There's only one of Leslie Jones.

-There's only one me! There's only one me!

-You deserve that, man. -Oh, my God, that's so crazy.

-But I think you now become --

Now, you're, like, a big celebrity now.

Now has it kind of calmed down when you meet a celebrity?

Like, tell the story when you met Al Pacino. You --

-Oh, no, nothing ever calms down,

and I'm still stupid as hell.

[ Laughter ]

I called Al Pac-- [ Sighs ]

-This is my favorite. I love this story so much.

This is, where, at the BET --

-No, I met Dustin Hoffman,

and I called him Al Pacino.

[ Laughter ]

-I know that. I know that.

But I wanted you to get to that later.

-And I didn't know I had made a mis--

I was -- You know, I thought I had gave such a --

I was like, "Oh, I just love your work,

and you're just so awesome.

Mr. Pacino, I think -- I just watched you for years,

and I just think that you are just the epitome

of what acting is." -I love you in "Scarface."

-And then he was just looking at me, like,

"Queen Latifah be trippin'."

[ Band plays sad notes ]

[ Laughter and applause ]

[ Laughs ]

-Uh, gosh, and he's the coolest guy, Dustin Hoffman.

-He is. -No, he's rad.

-Yeah, he was cool.

-So, here you are. You got nominated for an Emmy.

Where were you when you got the news?

-Oh man, okay, first of all,

everybody knows not to call my house before 10:00...

-Okay. -...'cause I am a vampire.

-Oh yeah, exactly. Yeah, you got to sleep.

-Okay? So I got to sleep.

So, my phone kept ringing.

I was like, "Why is my phone ringing?"

And I looked at the phone, it was Lauren Roseman,

you know, our publicist. -Yeah.

-So I was like, "Oh, Lord, they done found

some more naked pictures."

[ Laughter ]

-What? Found more naked pictures?

No, they didn't -- No, that's not going to happen.


It could happen, Jimmy. It could happen.

-Naked pictures. -So, I just was like, "Damn.

I don't feel like taking this call."

And I was like, "What's up, Lauren?

What's going on?"

And she was like, "You got nominated for an Emmy!"

And then I jumped out the bed and ran through the living room.

-Naked. -I was like, "Aaaaaah!"

-How you know I was naked?

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-I'm so excited for you.

We're rooting for you, and I'll see you at the Emmys.

-Yes! Yes! -Go for it, pal.

You deserve it. Leslie Jones. -Thank you so much.

-Watch the new season of "Saturday Night Live"

premiering this fall on NBC!

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