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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Fight Over Tom Brady's Friendship // Omaze

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Hey guys, its Matt Damon.

Uh, Ben are you on?

Yeah hey, Ben Affleck, Im here, too.

And we have some really exciting news for you.

Right. For just 10 dollars, you and a friend

can hang out with me and Tom Brady.

And I guess alsoum, Matt will be there.

Yeah and also me

because Im also friends with Tom Brady.

Yeah, no sure, yeah, I mean you know

lesser friends.

Alright, okay anyway, well get some pizza,

well maybe get a couple beers,

well throw the ball around, well hang out

at one of our favorite spots in Boston

with the greatest quarterback

who ever walked the earth.

And a man who will be joining us

on this call any minute.

In fact looks like, whats this?

Im getting a text from Tom Brady.

Wait, what does it say?

Hey, B.A., thats my initials.

We use each others initials cause we have a-

were close.

Its notdont make a thing out of it.

Im running a little bit late, uh,

at the meeting, but Ill be on there soon.

Okay, cool.

Did he put an emoji on the end?


Okay, which one?

Fist bump.

Damn it.

Well thats cool, um

Cool I mean I dont,

I dont have reception here.

I'm sure that's it.

So you know.

Its hard to get reception in

major urban areas.

Anyway, uh, its gonna be an amazing night.

Okay, we can, we can hang out,

well talk sports or politics.

Uh, or maybe Tom could tell you

what his favorite movie of all time is.

Or maybe hell tell you about the time you

pressured him into making him wear

a Jason Bourne t-shirt

and it was really uncomfortable for everyone.

Eh, he still wore it.

He felt bad for you.

All right, clearly this is a sore spot

for you Ben, and Im sorry to bring it up.

Umcant help what Tom loves.

Maybe we should also mention how we

shouldnt stare at Toms chin.

Okay, because I did that once

and thats all you ever talk about?

Did it once, it was so weird.

It was like, people didnt understand

what you were staring at.

I mean its just a chin.

A mans chin.

It has a little bit of a

come to think of it,

not unlike my chin really, in some ways.

Let me tell you something.

If your chin was anything like Toms,

that Batman movie of yours

would have made about four billion dollars.

Cause thats the only part recognizable of you,

is that big, ugly chin.

Tom is a superhero.

Can you hear yourself?

Do you really wanna have this argument again?



Lets ask T-Bone

who hes better friends with.

Thats not his nickname.


Thats not his nickname.

Im starting it.

Hey guys.

Its a nickname Im starting.

I think its gonna catch fire.

Its gonna what, I mean,

youre gonna name him after a steak.

Why not call him f***** Prime Rib?

Why dont we just ask him who he pointed to

after he threw that touchdown in New Orleans

Is this mic even on?

He was like, “You, youre the one,”

and gave the double wink

in the audience, who was that?

We were sitting right behind his parents.

Yeah, he pointed at me first

and then I think he gestured to his parents.


Well you know what,

maybe Ill ask Tom all about that

when we go get his half of our matching tattoo.

You got that tattoo four years ago.

When are you gonna admit

hes never gonna get his half?

He will and when he gets it,

were gonna press our arms together,

and its gonna make a special symbol,

and its gonna be majestic and beautiful,

and its gonna be just for us

and youre gonna be so jealous.



Hey, Tom!


Hey, Tommy, whats up!


T-Bone- yeah, dont

Touchdown Tommy.

Sorry Im late,

I just got done with some body work.

Yeah, me too.

I do some stretching.

Uh yeah, so I take it you already

told them about the fundraiser?

Yeah, we kept it pretty straight forward.

And totally stuck to the talking points,

just like you said.

Just like you said, T-Bone.


Well I am so excited to hang with you in Boston.

Were excited to hang with you, too, Tom.

Can't wait, man!

Actually guys, I was talking to the donors.


Yeah, no me too.

Me tooall ofem.

Anyway, every donation benefits three great causes.

So go to and enter.

And I cant wait to meet you

and tell you which one of these guys

I actually like better.

Take care.

Its me.

Its awesome, me.

He likes me better.

Its me, the answers me.

Haha Im kidding, Tom.

Hey, Tom.


He hung up, Ben.


I miss you, pal.

Call me back!


Next time I hit you up with a text or whatever,

dont feel like youre bothering me.

If you have the urge to call me or whatever.

Youre never interrupting.

Hes gone, Ben.

Sometimes I wonder if youre not calling me

cause youre worried about bothering me.

But youre not bothering me.

Hes still gone.

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