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- [Narrator] Most of the time when someone upsets us,

we have to try and be the bigger person.

We move on, turn the other cheek,

and generally just try to ignore whatever annoying thing

the other person is doing.

With that said, sometimes you can't help

but get your revenge.

And the best revenge is obviously the hilarious kind.

That's right, today we're counting down the funniest ways

people have taken revenge.

So buckle in and try not to get any ideas.

Getting your possessions stolen sucks,

and most of the time

there's no way to get revenge on the thief.

However, when Mark Bao's laptop was taken,

he figured out the best way possible to get it back.

He hacked into his laptop remotely,

and found a super embarrassing video of the thief

dancing in front of the webcam.

He uploaded it to YouTube,

and sure enough the thief returned the laptop,

begging him to take the video down in return.

Spoiler alert, he didn't.

Everyone knows that some airlines suck

at keeping your stuff safe.

I mean, either you get your luggage back damaged

or you don't get it back at all.

So what do you do about it?

Well, if you're Canadian musician Dave Carroll,

you make a viral song about your guitar

getting damaged by the airline.

The best part about this story

is that the song got so popular

that the value of the company dropped by 10%,

causing a loss in value of a whopping 180 million dollars.

Divorce can be hard enough when the split is amicable,

but when one partner is feeling petty

things can get downright painful.

With that said, it's hard not to chuckle

at this ex-wife's revenge for the $50 legal fee

her husband charged her for.

Not only did she pay up in pennies,

but she left a sassy note explaining

just how much better her life was without him.

Pretty brutal, right?

Some of these revenge stories are funny and light-hearted,

but this one is deadly serious.

When this man was sentenced to jail time

for abducting, molesting and drowning a little girl,

he was unlucky enough to find himself in prison

with one of her relatives.

The relative made him choose

between being stabbed or tattooed,

and when the guy chose the second option,

he walked away with a permanent reminder

of his victim's name.

The best thing about this story

is that this woman decided to take revenge

on a total stranger just because

he was being an awful human.

When she overheard him laughing with friends

about his affair and how stupid his wife was,

she posted his picture for all to see

so hopefully his wife finds out.

Matching tattoos for couples are pretty risky,

but they do make for great revenge.

When this girl found out her boyfriend had been unfaithful,

she convinced him to get matching tattoos

as a symbol of love but went home

without holding up her end of the bargain.

Now he just has a reminder of what not to do next time.

If you're comfortable being mean to animals,

then chances are you're a bit of a lowlife.

So it's hard to feel sorry for this dude who kicked a dog,

even if the dog and all his friends

came back to completely trash his car as revenge.

Nothing ruins your day quite like dropping your phone

in the bath, except getting cheated on of course.

So this woman had the perfect revenge for her lying lover.

She made sure both he and his tech ended up in hot water.

Okay, fair warning, this next story is disgusting,

but then again, so is using someone else's toothpaste.

This guy obviously couldn't stand people

dipping into his stuff so he replaced his toothpaste

with, well, his stuff.

Gross but effective.

I doubt anyone will steal his toothpaste again.

All the best cards contain surprises like money or gifts,

but not all surprises are good.

This dude got a nasty shock when he opened this one.

Not just his house key, but also a lifetime

of lying thrown back in his face.


Some revenge is subtle and some just isn't.

This welcome home banner

definitely isn't what you want to see when you get home

from a hard day of work, but it does let everybody know

exactly how much trouble you're in.

Speaking of giant, not subtle, revenge,

the only thing better than a banner is a billboard.

This way your husband definitely can't avoid

that awkward conversation about what he's done

and the writing is quite literally on the wall.

Now for a cop who was so disgruntled

about being served divorce papers by his estranged wife,

he decided to fill his wife's hot tub with manure.

That's gotta stink.

This guy ended up with a $100,000 lawsuit for his revenge.

But personally I think it might be worth it.

When he found out his girlfriend had cheated on him

with his best friend, he didn't say a word,

but he did tweak her tattoo design ever so slightly

without telling her.

If you ever want to prank your roommate,

you have to be prepared for the revenge prank

that's probably heading your way.

This guy was stupid enough to fill his friend's room

with pink balloons and ribbons

so he came home to a room

completely wrapped up for Christmas,

paper snowflakes included!

How petty are you?

Because no matter how petty you might think you are,

I don't think you've quite hit

buy the house next door to your ex-wife

just to put a huge swearing statue

right where she can see it levels.

Honestly, if that is his revenge for her getting a divorce,

I'm not sure they should have been married

in the first place.

Now part of me feels bad because this guy

was just doing his job,

but the revenge idea is pretty genius.

These artists obviously weren't happy

that their street art was covered up,

so they painted in the guy who was responsible.

Now he's on the wall forever

or until he paints over it again.

So it turns out that giant diggers

have more uses than just digging holes

and moving dirt around.

And one of them is revenge.

Curse at a dude who asks you to move your truck?

Well, then don't complain when your trapped

in a portable toilet by a digger claw

until you learn some manners.

So this revenge is mostly accidental,

but it's still pretty epic.

This water bottle stealer

probably got the shock of their life

when they realized they were drinking

way more than just water.

And by way more I mean a healthy dose of estrogen.


Everyone knows that feeling of rage

when you see someone parking like an idiot,

but not everyone can act on it.

Thankfully these guys could and used their own vehicles

to trap this guy and teach him a very helpful lesson

about considerate driving.

This is kind of a brutal revenge strategy,

but it's a pretty quick way to find out the truth.

When this girl found condoms in her partner's car,

she carried out a spicy idea and quickly confirmed

that him needing to "help out his mom"

was actually code for something way less wholesome.

Humans aren't the only creatures capable of revenge,

and sometimes animals have even better ways

of getting their own back.

This horse wasn't too happy with the hairstyle

their owner decided to give them,

and they made that clear by spitting in their shoes.

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Now lets get back to it.

Homophobia isn't cool,

and being homophobic to a family member is even worse.

Thankfully, when this dad was mean to his gay daughter,

she had the best revenge idea possible

and gave him a bumper sticker

that's way more progressive and hilarious than he is.

Parking in a disabled parking spot when you don't need one

is a super low move so I'm not even mad

that this guy got what was coming to him.

Also this post-it note trick is artistic,

harmless and super annoying all at once,

making it the perfect kind of revenge.

Leaving your dog in a hot car isn't just mean,

it's also downright dangerous.

Thankfully, this pet was well enough to show exactly

what it thought of its owner's treatment

by leaving them the kind of present

they definitely wouldn't be happy to receive.

What a good dog.

Living statues have to put up with a lot of nonsense

while not moving a muscle.

But sometimes someone pushes you way too far.

This performer stayed super calm at first,

but when this tourist wouldn't stop bothering them,

they broke character to get some much-deserved revenge.

Here's another case of someone parking like a total idiot

and another great way to get revenge.

If this happens at your local hardware store,

all you need to get your own back

is a zip tie and a shopping cart

and somewhere to hide when the person notices

what you've done.

Parking your car in front of a fire hydrant

isn't just inconvenient.

It could also put people's lives in danger.

I don't know if there was actually a fire in this case,

but either way I think this revenge is perfectly justified.

Here's a tip, never ever call your wife a sandwich maker.

If you do, you might get exactly what you asked for,

but with one unpleasant twist.

Personally, I think this revenge is actually kind of tame.

There are so many ways to get creative

when it comes to giving your partner a meal to remember.

I've already said that getting a tattoo

of or with your partner is a dangerous business,

but sometimes what's done is done.

With that said, turning your cheating girlfriend's portrait

into an awesome devil that shows just how evil

they really were, is a pretty good strategy

for dealing with ink you regret.

Publicly shaming your partner

isn't usually a nice thing to do,

but like I've already said,

if they cheated on you they deserve it.

Plus, if they took your seats at a sports game

then they double deserve it.

So feel free to call them out

on the biggest screen you can find.

Speaking of cheater revenge pranks,

this is a good one for if you can't face

speaking to your partner again.

Not only does this person name and shame,

but she does it in public,

and leaves him with credit card debt

and some lost car keys to boot.

Friendly neighbor rivalries happen all the time,

but by the looks of it, this one wasn't too friendly.

This dude managed to make his neighbor so angry

that they had to retaliate.

And they decided to get their own back

by fencing off the dude's garage.

Best of all, the neighbor actually owned it

so the poor guy can't even take him to court!

I've got to give this person credit

because this kind of revenge takes a lot of work.

Basically when they noticed someone

had dumped a bunch of trash in the middle of the road,

they dug through it to find the address

of the person responsible and dropped the rubbish

right back on their doorstep.

This is more karma getting revenge than anything,

but it's still pretty funny to watch.

I mean, if you're enough of a Grinch

to destroy a random snowman out of nowhere

by stomping on it, then you probably deserve

to fall flat on your face.

Poor snowman.

Everyone has had a least one boss who's a total jerk,

but most never get to take their revenge.

However, this intern finally snapped

and boxed in his boss's office

with enough packing peanuts to be finding them

around the building for months.

I'm guessing he either quit

or was fired straight after this,

but it's still totally worth it.

There are been quite a few double parking revenge stories

in this list, but I think this one might be my favourite.

I don't know whether a store employee

or annoyed customer did this,

but either way this poor guy is boxed in

for the foreseeable future.

Plastic wrap is every prankster's best friend

and when it comes to revenge it works pretty well too.

This girlfriend didn't break anything

or leave any hostile notes around town.

She just made sure everyone knew

that her partner had done something wrong, including him.

Kicking a dog is almost as low

as stealing candy from a baby

so it's kind of satisfying to see the animal get revenge.

This poor dog was just trying to chill out by the beach

but it kept getting kicked in the stomach

so it treated the girl like it would a bone

and tried to bury her in the sand.

Do you have any petty revenge stories, big or small?

What about a prank you did that maybe took things

a little bit too far?

Let me know in the comments section down below

and have an awesome day!

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