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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bernie Has James Carville PANICKING

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>> James Carville was recently on cable news to talk about how he finds the state of the

Democratic Party a complete and utter disaster, in fact he's pretty panicky about it and he

explains why.

Take a look.

>> Best case scenario for us, what states are in play, and do you fear if Sanders is

our nominee, we're kinda down to a no margin for error race?

>> Okay, David, let's send it out nominee.

I'm gonna vote for him.

All right, and he is and speaker holes on the house, of course, we don't pick up the


You know what's gonna change?


Bernie Sanders, President Mitch McConnell's Majority Leader, the Republican control of

federal courts, come on people.

We got to have a big election here.

We've got to take the Senate back and we should be able to do it.

But we've got to get relevant.

And this is all something that is not working the way that it needs to work.

And these candidates have got to develop some skill.

And I mean I don't criticize other consultants, but some of the stuff they come up with is


I don't know who thinks of this stuff.

>> So I agree with him about the Senate.

I think that it's weird because in that same sentence or statement, he seems to have this

like defeatist outlook on the Senate or the opportunity for the democrats to take charge

or hold of the Senate.

I don't think that it's a lost cause.

I think that if they campaign correctly and they focus on vulnerable Republican lawmakers

who just voted to acquit Donald trump and cover up his crimes, they could've take back

the senate.

And so I agree with him on that.

But you know, the whole thing about if Sanders wins the nomination, no, no, no, we can't

even have, no margin of error, no margin of error.

We gotta be super careful.

It's interesting how they have such a different perspective on Sanders and his ability to

be Trump.

>> I mean, I don't understand how James Carville claims to be so politically aware and well-versed

like he's been in politics for a while.

I would love to say like, hey, this is an elder we should look forward to to wisdom,

but like Fox News and the conservatives are realizing this, that wait.

Of all of these like lukewarm Democrats, Bernie Sanders might have some juice to him.

We had the thing where Trump was kind of freaked out with him.

>> Yeah.

>> He's done not that many.

I think he should do more, but he did a couple of town halls on Fox News very early on the


>> True.

>> And the hosts on there were kind of, wait no, the crowd's cheering too loud.

>> Definitely, yeah.

>> What's going on and, this is something that you can, it's a little bit harder to

read through all the news and sift through it.

But like if you look there like, even the thing with he who shall not be named Joe Rogan,

like, it's clear that Bernie has this uncanny unique ability to appeal to people on the


In a way that James Carville seems to be wanting to happen with the democrats.

Because he's worried that and his entire class of people are worried that, we're not going

to win with moderates.

When give Bernie a chance.

Try looking at this.

There's, if I kind of, right, clear for you.

>> SoI just wanna elaborate on two things that you mentioned cuz you're right.

So Trump was on tape talking about how he was relieved that Hillary Clinton didn't choose

Sanders as his running mate.

Because chosen Sanders that would have been an incredibly tough race for Trump.

And then he talked about how Bernie is right on trade and all these stuff.

So that's on tape, you can listen to it.

Secondly, Bernie Sanders does incredibly well with independent voters.

So he got some polling out of Iowa for instance that show that among all the Democratic candidates

he pulled the best with independent voters.

You wanna attract the independent voters right to be Trump.

So that's one other, measure that you can look at.

It's just interesting because I don't know if it's groupthink or if they're just denying

the truth.

Like they know the truth, but they're rejecting it.

So in this next clip Carville explains why he's scared to death.

>> Why do I think people are disgusted with Democrats?

We hit the highest turnout in 2018 since women were granted the right to vote.

We had the biggest margin.

We ran a smart campaign and it worked.

All right, it matters who the candidate is.

It matters what a party chooses to talk about.

I'm 75 years old, why am I here doing this?

Because I am scared to death that's why and let's get relevant here people for sure.

>> All right, so super curious >> This is what I wanna say, why are you still

here James Carville doing this like tales from the southern crypt man, you're done,

stop, yet why?

You're here because your party has been losing ground for many, many, many years and maybe

with strategist like you.

We're losing so and the reason that 2018 was such a banner year was because you had more

people of color and women running for office with bold progressive ideas like Medicare

for All like a green New Deal.

Reforming the criminal justice system, like actually having a former felons vote.

You had amazingly progressive ballot measures, okay?

Stop resisting the winds of change James.

Sit this one out.

This is not for you.

I don't know why you're still here.

You're trying to remain relevant.

That's my thing is these people are trying to remain relevant.

Everyone's trying to find out how they can still get money from the democratic party

or from a news outlet for speaking about the Democratic Party.

And here's the other thing that I love.

He's talking about he's so scared of Bernie and how he doesn't want he said something

like he doesn't wanna to be rhe party to be turned into an ideological cult is what James

Carville said.

Man, the status quo is also an ideology, let's not forget.

>> And I would argue that that's far more cultish-

>> Absolutely.

>> And then any other aspect of the Democratic Party especially when you have members of

the establishment literally voting against what democrats are supposed to stand for.

Voting along with Donald Trump on inflating the military budget, voting along with Donald

Trump when it comes to his rebranding of NAFTA.

Voting along with Donald Trump when it comes to a host of other issues including tax cuts

for the wealthy, right?

So are we supposed to just excuse that behavior because they're part of the democratic establishment.

And if they identify as Democrats you support them no matter what?

That's crazy.

>> I love also there's a lot of like, well, I'll vote for him.

But not before I trash all of Bernie Sanders' ideas.

His supporters as they're all trolls, they're all hateful.

But then I'll vote for them.

No, no, please, please we could actually use you sitting this one out if all you're going

to do is trash and then be like but I'll vote forr him, look 1.4 million individual donors.

That's how many donors Bernie Sanders currently has.

We've seen those maps in New York Times, had another one recently they have two separate

maps to just show you how broad Bernie Sanders supporters and Ana mentioned independence,

super important.

Now, what happens when we talked about independence, we somehow think that these guys are walking

and right down the middle of the road.

>> They're not.

>> They're just moderate, middle road walkers.

No, they're people who are disgusted and disillusioned with the two party system, with poltiics as


>> Yes.

>> They're mostly to the left of the democratic party or they have views that sort of shift

back and forth.

They don't trust people, they don't believe in anyone.

And getting those people to the ballot box is hugely important.

So I'm sick of this.

Again, the game theory around democrats and how we're gonna, how we're so scared, get

out the vote.

>> Yes >> Get people to the ballot box.

Have someone believe in someone will open your eyes and see what's happening around


There is a groundswell of movement.

There are people who've never been interested in politics, young people in Iowa came out

in record numbers for Bernie Sanders.

Stop pretending like you don't see that.

>> Every movement has naysayers, and I'm sorry that James Carville has to be on the naysayer

side of history on this one.

>> Yeah, definitely.

Well, I was gonna skip the next video, but your commentary was so good that I'm very

curious to hear what you have to say about the next clip.

So just one more clip featuring James Carville.

>> I just love you.

>> I love you too and your analysis.

If you look at the press corps with AOC in the Iowa caucuses of liberal it took it is

to whatever to combine the left side of the party I'm consider myself a liberal by the

way, I'm not a moderator.

But they let, the culture on the moon just got a lot of votes and without a decide what

we wanna be.

We wanna be a ideological cult or we wanna have a majoritarian instinct to be a majority


I know where you stand on that.

So just because you had to run in a red state.

>> Right?

>> So in again, you and I noted 18% of the country elects 52 senators, and in the urban

core is not going to get it done, what we need is power.

You understand?

That's what this is about.

Without power, you have nothing.

You just have talking points.

>> So let's ask Claire McCaskill, who lost her re-election bid because of her lame campaign,

what she thinks about all this.

She loves Carville because Carville preaches what she actually took in as advice and then

lost as a result of it.

So I mean, you wanna talk about power.

The one thing that has always differentiated Bernie Sanders from all the other candidates.

Look, Elizabeth Warren has great policy proposals.

Okay, Elizabeth Warren, I think, has progressive proposals that she should be proud of.

And I think that there should be collaboration if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, he

becomes president.

However, the difference is Bernie Sanders understands power, he understands power and

he understands that power needs to be shifted from the elite to the people.

He's all about, pushing for an agenda that utilizes the power of the people to get the

policy accomplished.

And people don't get that they, they either don't understand it or they do understand

it and they don't like it.

>> And Barack Obama is a perfect example of that because Barack Obama did rely on people

power to get elected.

We all know people who made calls for Obama.

He was hugely galvanizing and politicizing for a lot of young folks coming of age.

Maybe it was a first second election, whatever.

And what happened?

When he got into power, he stopped using that people power.

He stopped reaching out to the grassroots and said I got it from here.

>> They swept at people power with people from Citi Bank and other industries he was

supposed to be fighting against.

>> Part of the reason we didn't get that single payer option as part of the Affordable Care

Act and had he understood where real power comes from outside.

As well as inside the political system, but not negating and shunting that outside political

power and that outside pressure.

Maybe his legacy would have been different.

He had many, many, many hurdles.

Of course, we're talking about dark money, we're talking about the republican expenses

to completely obstruct him at every point and turn, but again, back to what Anna was

saying, not really understanding.

I think the establishment dems are the ones who don't understand power.

>> Absolutely, and they certainly don't believe in giving that power

to the people.

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