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We're gonna win no competition.

who else is gonna beat us. Thats the real question.

Oh the holidays, a time to come together or not.

At Brockport It's all about competition

Five teams 30 minutes one task

to create a graham-cracker structure

that best represents their area of the college.

teams can bring three items of their choice

The rest will be provided and when times up

hands off

let's meet the teams


Residential life

the schools of Arts and Sciences

Education Health and Human Services

and business and management

the clock starts now

We're going to build a dorm room

This is something I've never done before (sorry look at this)

We're gonna start with a stadium.

so we got to start with the stage for sure

We have just started with the foundation of Hartwell.

we're trying to build a pool and it's going amazingly well.

Oh, everything's sliding around. Yeah, but it's perfect.

That looks tasty

Am very concerned right now. Why is that longer?

A squared plus B squared equals C squared

pythagorean theorem

(gasps) What. Oh my god. (laughing)


Like did you want it to be like a hexagon or like just like,

a rectangular, a regular rectangle pool.

As it is in the SERC

Well, I don't know. Shapes man, I don't know I was just thinking outside the box

(sighs) Oh my gosh

Win or lose. I just got a free gram cracker (laughs)

This is perfect. The nurse.

Oh yeah look, the corner.

It's staying

Um you want to put the beds up


Yeah the hand fan technique

So now making spectators with some frosting and some gumdrops

and we're using green gold and white as our seating.

Go Golden Eagles

(eagle sound)

is that stable?

We're putting a little patio to cover a wheelchair ramp.

being inclusive.

can I eat this?

Probably not.


So our tables don't have legs right now because we're going through renovations

I feel like I don't know, that's not creative enough

This is creative enough

Why do I feel like it's basic?

I'm gonna start making the seats in the theatre.

Eye of the Tigers, it's the thrill of the fight

Jerome has an amazing voice

so I completed the tower that goes on top of Hartwell

very detailed. Very intrinsic

we just have to put our roof up and then after that put our

Nurses out and decorate and decoration won't take us that much

The precision of the bed covers

Do you see that?

B for Brockport, B for Brockport. What school has that.


This might be really heavy now and when we put it up there it might sink in

Let's just have positive thoughts.

We pretty much have like (that's a good idea) whole entire stadium and pool done

So we finished the bottom of the building over here. Now. We're just figuring out the roof situation.

Those are nice

How precious are they?

So now we're going in and using some lifesavers as windows and that's probably gonna be one of the last things that we do

You get the pun lifesavers. You know what you do in hospitals, save lives. Right you save lives.

This is the fish, that's the fish? (laughing)

We got a fish tank in the middle of our room. yup


What if we paint those just like paint on those, like a color of a curtain

Okay I got it. Oh no.

Change of plans. It's gonna be an open-air theatre

Attempting to write Brockport. I have no experience to calligraphy. So we'll see how this goes.

What do you want to name the fish?


What do you guys need help with?

hands off.

I don't know what else we could do. looks cute.

This is Hartwell hall, Brockport, New York

I think its beautiful, I think its beautiful too

Got my ramen noodle compartment over here and we got Draco the fish

We have our table in the back and then the lamp that we share. quality room

we have an artist painting and then on the side we have the

planetarium with all the different planets on there


Who can be that creative? Come on.

it's the dream team here

Yes, you see how were both blue? we didnt even plan that.

You see how we're both the same height? We didn't plan that either.

God planned that.

You saw us get in there put in our hearts and drop it.

in layman's terms. They can't touch this

if I didn't know any better

This looks like a real pool.

ours is the coolest one. So definitely vote for us,

you know, you're gonna vote for us

We don't really got to say that either

like who else are you gonna vote for? Please

You heard him check out Brockport on social media and vote for the team who you thought represented their area best

And also happy holidays from the College at Brockport

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