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Upi Channel

We are Team Upi Upi !!!

MisaMisa: Hi. This is the CONDOR's booth.

There is so many kind of items,

and they have some items are not sold in Japan.

So, I wanna take a closer look.

Recently, I made this CONDOR backpack a new one.

This is very useful !

I thought that backpack is suitable for SHOT SHOW.

So I got this.

Look ! This is the exact same one as mine.

This shape.

I recommend it !!!

Of course, they have some bigger one, but...

This one is good balance I think.

Not too small, not too big.

MisaMMisa: Wow! Amazing!

I think also this color is nice.

It can hold here with this...

They planning to sell it in the fall.

This combat pants also a new item of CONDOR.

Well...What should I say ?

Stretch is working in several places.

It looks easy to wear.

This one is new item, too.

Look ! In spite of this paper is wet...

I can write !


I can get this as a present !

I got this~!!

Wow !

That's interesting !

I was surprised.

What did you say ?

I used a translation app when I was talked by someone.

Actually, I speak Japanese a little bit.

What...? Oh, you speak Japanese?

I met who speaks Japanese, so they translated for me.

I couldn't understand what did he say.

He said that patch is...

Oh, he wants to this patch !!!

Okay ! Here you are.

Exchange the patch !

Frequently it is told that Team UpiUpi patch is cute, right?

This place has a lot of equipment.

This side is equipment...

Also this side is equipment...

I think that the POLICE equipment is popular.

I can see so many POLICE item in here.

You may be can get everything of POLICE item.

This is the catalog of SHOT SHOW!!


For example,

we can get the pass cases of name and so on.

That is we can get a lot of promotional items in SHOT SHOW!!!

The catalog is also spectacular.

M4A1 !!!

It's sooooo heavy !!!

Awesome !

Wow !

There is also the camp items !!!

This is the Tasmanian Tiger's booth !!

Ta-dah !

I didn't know that

they have so many products like this !!!

Thank you so much~!

He gave it to me !


They also have such as rifle cases, right ?

Of course I know that they have any porches,

but I've never seen that their gun cases,

and back pack...

I love this one !!

It seems like that very useful for travel.

Look, look !!!!!

The gun inside the bug !!!

I think this is a good idea.

In addition, it has the MOLLE,

so it can attach some porch.

Oh. This one is good size.

It can be used for Airsoft, Camp and so on.

I think it's so useful !

This one is...

too much for me. lol

Wow~! It's heavy !

OMG, I can't !!!!

The American SHOT SHOW is truly different from the Japanese event !!

Okay. These are the guns for training.

Orange color makes it easy to distinguish from the real one.

It's cool !

It's a lighter than I thought.

I got the new patch !!

Yeah !

Because of the sign saying Patch Swap,

I would like to Swap my DEATH MACHINE Patch !!

I can't make a choice !

Well, I'll give my patch here.

Do you also have it on the other side?

Oh, so cute !!

I decided !

I choose this one !!!!

It seems like collapsible!

It can be compactly

disassembled and carried.

I envy this !!

Actually, I worry about the accuracy because of decomposing.

But it is so compact and so easy to carry like this,

I think this is an ideal product !

Because I always have to bring the long gun like this.

This is it !!

Wow, awesome.

Like this. it's cool, right ?

This gun is Lever action.

Because of women's hand is almost smaller than men's,

well...sometimes hard to grip for women.

But this gun is easy to grip for me.

In spite of this gun can be disassembled,

it is firmly fixed.

Feel so good !!!

I've never seen before !

I didn't know WILD WEST GUNS !

It's so cool !! I love Western equipment !!!

I would like to check from now on !!!

There are also exhibits of vehicles.

They are loading something luggage like that...

Look, everyone !!!

It's so cooooool, and huuuuuuge !!

Huge and...

I've never seen like this custom !!!

Look this !! lol

This vehicle has Minigun !! lol

It's amazing !!

This one is also awesome !!!!

This is definitely a tank.

It's so cool, right ?

Well, I think...

I want to get something.

I found this cute cap. What do you think ?

It's so cute !! I decide it.

This is long-awaited time, so I wanna get some T shirt.

Look this one !!!

This is Pink, V neck type...

I'm looking for my size now.

What should I do ?

This is S size, isn't it ?

Too big ?

I can't find XS.

Maybe S is smallest size.

I wanna get these !

This is a memorial.

Because I don't know when I can come back here.

So, this is my memorial.

This is the SHOT SHOW map.

There are too many shops. lol

I think impossible to look around for all shop in one day.

We can search for the shop by shop name and their number.

I'm not sure

how many shops are there.

What should I do ?

I don't know if I can go to all the booths only this time.

Continue to next...


It's a commodity that has attracted great attention now, DAS !!!

Wow !!!

The colorful magazine is cute !


I bought this BROWNING's X-Bolt of rifle.

I didn't know that X-Bolt has so many kind.

Awesome !!

I got a lot of goods ! lol

I enjoying it.

I think I can't see everything !

Is it a Cerakote ?


This is an eye-catching item of this year's new Cerakote...


After all, the real gun is good.

It's so hard !!!

Hey guys !

Channel registration please !!!!!!

Thank you so much for watching !!!

Give us a big like !!!

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