Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess That Song Challenge (International Edition)

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- ♪ (singing in foreign language) ♪ - ♪ (singing in foreign language) ♪

- Tagalog! - (FBE) That is correct, it's tagalog.

- It is right? (screams) - (FBE) Yes!

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

Since there's so many different languages

spoken in the world today, it is a perfect opportunity

for us to appreciate this amazing diversity

through the universal language, music.

- Oh yay, okay, cool. - Ooh, okay

- Oh, okay. - That's my speciality!

Y'all don't even know. I'm gonna win this one for sure.

- (FBE) So today we'll be doing a Guess That Language challenge.

- Oh! - Guess That Language, okay cool.

- I feel like I should do good at this,

'cause my dad speaks like five languages, but like...

- That's a lot of pressure. - I know.

- I've been delving a lot more into music in Spanish.

A lot of my favorite artists are like bilingual

and will sing music in English and Spanish, which is really dope.

- (FBE) Here are the rules.

I'm going to play you a few songs for three seconds, 10 seconds,

and 15 seconds at a time.

You'll be aiming to guess just the language the song is in.

Hit the buzzer when you know the answer,

and if you guess it wrong, then your opponent

would have the chance to guess. And then afterwards,

we'll watch a little bit of the music video for you.

- Oh, that's so fun, yay! - Okay, let's do it.

- (FBE) Are you ready for your first song?

- I am super ready.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪ (bell rings)

- Is this English?

This is English, no, what? (buzzer rings)

- That's not English. - That sounded like it.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - Korean?

- (FBE) That is correct!

- Oh, I should've gotten that!

(bell rings) - Is that Korean?

(bell rings) That was really fast.

I was like, it's either like Korean or Japanese.

(bell rings) - Ugh!

Dang it! - I got this!

- Just a second late! - Dude, yes!

It is Korean.

(bell rings) - Korean?

(bell rings) Okay.

That sounded like K-Pop,

I had to think about it for a sec though.

- So I've never heard K-Pop before. - Oh, oh!

- ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪

(bell rings)

- I'm gonna go off the instrumentals here.

I wanna say this is from like India, but I don't know the language.

- Oh nevermind, we were way off on that one.

- Oh, what did you think? (bell rings)

- I was gonna say Portugese. (buzzer rings)

- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ (bell rings)

- Yeah, the only thing I would hear to guess is K-Pop.

Korean. (bell rings)

- What, what? - Is it Korean, ah wow!

- Bro, you're killing me, oh my God! You got lucky!

- Dude, I'm surprised I didn't even get that,

because I feel like on Twitter and on social media,

all you see nowadays is like BTS and all that stuff.

- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Oh, I know this!

- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪

Heads up ♪ - She does speak English right there.

So technically he was right.

- They're so cute! - Right?

- Dude, they're like killing it. They're taking over.

They performed at Coachella. - Yeah!

- And like they sold out all their tour dates and everything.

- (FBE) BLACKPINK is the highest charting female K-Pop girl group

formed by YG Entertainment.

- What? - Wow.

- What? - So we're really uncultured.

- Wow! - Bro!

- (FBE) Fun fact about them is that if we combine

all the languages that the four members are fluent in,

they can communicate in five different languages:

English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai.

- Whoa! - Wow!

- This also exists in Japanese and in Chinese,

and in like seven other languages?

That's really tight.

- ♪ (singing in foreign language) ♪

- I couldn't hear it 'cause of the guitar.

The guitar was way too loud. - I just heard vowels,

I just heard the couple sounds, I don't know.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪ (bell rings)

- That didn't sound like Arabic. - Arabic.

(buzzer rings)

- Ah! - I'm like that doesn't sound like it.

- I was like I got this one. (bell rings)

- Italian. (buzzer rings)

(bell rings) - Vietnamese.

(buzzer rings) What?

- I don't know. (bell rings)

- Turkish? (buzzer rings)

Cool. - Oh, cool. (laughs)

- Need more time, you need more time? - Yeah, I need more time,

I need more time. - Yeah, let's do more time.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - Vietnamese?

(buzzer rings) (bell rings)

- Cantonese. (buzzer rings)

- Thai? (buzzer rings)

(bell rings) - Tagalog?

(bell rings) Really, yay!

(bell rings) - Oh my God, I bet I get it right!

Is it Filipino? Tagalog!

(bell rings) Oh!

- (FBE) That is correct, it's Tagalog. - Is it right?

- (FBE) Yes. - Woo!

- What? - I cheated too, 'cause you know,

I'm half Filipino, you know?

- ♪ (sings in Tagalog) ♪

- I would guess, I would go for Thailand.

It might be Thailand.

(bell rings) - Thai.

(buzzer rings) (bell rings)

- Vietnamese? (buzzer rings)

- It's not Italian, it's not Spanish.

(bell rings) - Hebrew.

(buzzer rings) (bell rings)

- Is it Portuguese? (buzzer rings)

- Oh, oh my God. I just got it!

(bell rings) Tagalog?

(bell rings) Oh my God!

- How did you guess that? - I don't know!

- I think I'm gonna have to give this one in.

- I give up, I'm so sorry. - (FBE) This is Tagalog.

- Tagalog, damn it! - Oh my God!

Ah, I'm sorry to all my Philliapino friends!

Oh my God!

- ♪ (sings in Tagalog) ♪

- (speaks in Tagalog)

- Makes sense now, oh my God.

- This is like so cute. - I know.

- Wow, you have such a good ear.

- 'Cause I grew up in apartment, all my neighbors,

literally all my neighbors were Filipino.

- (FBE) This is Kung 'Di Rin Lang Ikaw by December Avenue,

which is translated to If It Wasn't You,

it's basically a sad love song, talking about being friendzoned.

- Oh, poor guy.

- (FBE) December Avenue is an indie rock band

known to touch their fans' hearts with their lyrics.

Their band name has a story behind it. So according to the lead vocalist,

Zel Bautista, December Avenue represents the meaning of their songs

which mostly talk about life and moving on,

and December is the last month of the year

so it's an avenue towards the new year,

and it leads to new life.

- Wow, that's so deep.

- Yeah, I was gonna say, that's really deep.

- I like totally agree with that, 'cause like December,

there's so many events that happen in my life of the month of December,

so sometimes I wish I could just like skip over and start,

you know, into the next year. I really like that.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪ (bell rings)

- Portuguese. (buzzer rings)

- Japanese? (bell rings)

- Oh, not even close! (laughs)

- ♪ (sings in Japanese) ♪

- What? (bell rings)

Oh, Japanese? - (FBE) That's correct!

- Really, oh no, I didn't get that. I was gonna say Italian,

like for what reason, I don't know.

(bell rings) - Japanese.

(bell rings) Yeah, okay.

- I recognize for a little bit.

(bell rings) - Is it Japanese?

(bell rings) - Is this Japanese?

(bell rings) I watch way too much anime.

That's what it is.

- It just sounded like an opening for like an anime.

- ♪ (sings in Japanese) ♪

- This sounds depressing.

- Oh, I mean, this is a way this could go, I guess.

- I like the piano.

Everybody needs a band to be selling, so I like this.

- That one was beautiful. - Yeah.

- The like music to it was really nice.

- It was nice, it was like a calming, like a chill song.

- That could definitely be an anime outro though.

I could see that being the outro for sure.

- Oh yeah, when they reflect on all the characters.

- (FBE) This song is called Lemon by Yonezu Kenshi,

and he is a very versatile artist, because he's not only

a singer/songwriter, but also he's an illustrator

and producer of his own songs.

- That's so cool when you have someone who's like multi-talented in art.

- (FBE) He has also written many theme songs

for animes and movies. - Oh!

- (FBE) And this song specifically is written for a hit Japanese TV drama

called Unnatural. - Whoa, nice.

- So he's very like multipurpose.

- (FBE) How do you guys think you're doing so far?

- I think this is it.

I think the rest, I'm just like not getting any.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - Turkish?

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - This is very obvious.

- Punjabi, oh. - What'd you say?

- Nothing, I don't know, what did I say, I don't remember?

(bell rings) - I know the country.

- Yeah. - This is from India.

I don't know the language call, I don't know what it's called.

(bell rings) - Was it Arabic?

(buzzer rings) - No.

Hindi? (bell rings)

- (FBE) That is correct. - That, nice!

(bell rings) - It's Hindi!

(bell rings) - Is it Hindi?

(bell rings) Oh [bleep]!

- I need to hear more.

- (FBE) So no guesses for this round? - No.

- ♪ (sings in Hindi) ♪

- Hin, Hin, Hin, it's Hindi! (bell rings)

Oh! - Ah, you're...

(bell rings) - Hindi.

(bell rings) There we go, yeah.

- ♪ (sings in Hindi) ♪

- Hell yeah! - Yeah!

- Got the hair flip. - That's so cool.

- Damn, her moves though.

- Whoa! - Oh, how'd she do that?

- I like that so much! - I liked it, yeah it was good.

- Is this from a film, or from a music video?

- (FBE) This is O SAKI SAKI,

by Neha Kakkar, Tulsi Kumar and B Praak,

and this amazing performer on screen is Nora Fatehi,

who also plays an important character in this Bollywood film, Batla House.

- Oh nice. - Alright.

- (FBE) Neha Kakkar was never formally trained in music,

but she managed to create her own success story.

She has become one of the top listed singers of Bollywood,

and is among one of the most followed Indian celebrities

on social media today. - Impressive.

- Wow, I mean, I see it. Like, she is a working woman,

she is a boss.

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - Ah, you go.

- Is it Chinese, no, is it? (buzzer rings)

Okay. - Italian?

(buzzer rings)

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - Oh wait.

- Is that Portuguese? (buzzer rings)

- ♪ (sings in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - Oh, I know what that is.

- This is French. (bell rings)

Oh yeah, oui oui. - Aw man!

(bell rings) (laughs) Oh my God!

(bell rings) - Is it French?

(bell rings)

- That's French, yeah. (bell rings)

- Ah! - Can I hear a little bit more?

- ♪ (sings in French) ♪

- French? (bell rings)

Ah, let's go! - Really?

- Oh, I know, I know. (bell rings)

I know, it's French. (bell rings)

Yeah. - Really?

- Yeah, it's French.

- ♪ (sings in French) ♪

- Wow! - Oh, I've seen this guy.

I've seen him!

- ♪ (sings in French) ♪

(Alberto laughs)

- Whoa, he works out.

- ♪ (sings in French) ♪

- Yeah. - Such a pretty language!

- It's so smooth, it just kinda rolls out.

- He's like the French Khaled.

- (FBE) The is La Meme by Maitre Gims featuring Vianney.

Maitre Gims comes from a musical family background

and is a singer/rapper known for his powerful vocals.

- Oh, cool. Top 10 in the world?

- And he's a rapper? - That's awesome.

- We love duality.

- (laughs) We love multi-talented artists.

- Yeah! (laughs)

- ♪ (raps in foreign language) ♪

(bell rings) - She, I only clicked it,

'cause you were about to, dang it.

I'm just gonna go with the Taiwanese.

(buzzer rings)

- ♪ (raps in foreign language) ♪ (bell rings)

- Wait a minute, hold on a second. I heard him say the word designer.

I'm gonna say it's English.

(buzzer rings) No?

(bell rings) - Is this Russian?

(buzzer rings)

- ♪ (raps in foreign language) ♪

- Is that Vietnamese? (buzzer rings)

- Is it Russian? (buzzer rings)

(bell rings) - No.

- Is that German? (bell rings)

- No! (bell rings)

- [bleep] I don't know, Thai? (buzzer rings)

- I'm gonna pass on that one.

- If a French guy was rapping that fast,

I wouldn't be able to tell it was French necessarily.

- We're gonna need a little more time.

- ♪ (raps in German) ♪

(bell rings) - Is it Italian?

(buzzer rings) - No, it has to be Asian.

(bell rings) - Farsi?

(buzzer rings) (bell rings)

- Oh, you go. - Russian?

(buzzer rings) (bell rings)

- Is this German? (bell rings)

- Yes, I, ah, damn it, again bro.

- ♪ (raps in German) ♪

- It's not Hebrew? (buzzer rings)

I honestly can't guess, they speak so fast.

(bell rings)

- Is it like Hebrew? (buzzer rings)

- Greek, I don't know. (buzzer rings)

- Oh. (bell rings)

No, that sounded way... - (FBE) Jasser.

- Arabic? (buzzer rings)

Yeah, no way, terrible. - You know what's weird?

At the end of that, it sounded like Swedish.

So that's my guess, Swedish. (buzzer rings)

- I feel like you're closer.

- (FBE) That was German.

- (both) Oh!

- Oh my God, I hear it now. - Damn it!

- What? - Eh, damn.

- That's kinda why I said Swedish. - Ah, you were super close.

That was the hot, like the closest answer.

- But I think we like threw ourselves off with that huh.

- Yeah the huh, for sure. Do they even have a huh?

- I don't think so.

- Huh, by the way for those of you

who don't know what the heck we're saying

is a letter in the Arabic alphabet.

- ♪ (raps in German) ♪

- Whoa.

- That looks like something we would see here, no?

- I don't know if I would've guessed from this, though.

- That's really fast. - Yeah.

- Dang. - He was going off.

- German goes with hip-hop beats really well,

because there's so many consonants, and having consonants

in hip-hop songs that are high, upbeat like that,

that flows really well, I like that.

- (FBE) Well this is Baller Los by Mero.

He is a 19 year old German rapper that rose to fame on Instagram.

He began posting videos of himself rapping on Instagram in 2017,

and was later signed, which led him to his debut,

which is this song, Baller Los, making him the first German rapper

to reach the top of the German and Austrian single charts.

- Nice, yeah, it's a good, first of all,

he has like really nice flow.

I think out of everything I listened to,

it's probably my favorite.

- I feel like it's so common now to kinda be popular based off of

like, social media, rather than a label finding you,

so it's cool that he like put himself out there.

Like look what it got him.

- (FBE) Kenneth you are our winner!

- Yay! - Good job, congrats.

- This is so bad. - (laughs) Dude, I love how before,

how I like said nothing about winning

'cause I was like I know I'm gonna lose this,

'cause I suck at music.

And you're like "Oh, I got this!"

- It was close. (bell rings)

- I got some help.

- I think I was just distracted by the tune,

instead of listening to the words?

- Yeah, I hear you, the music definitely makes it

a little bit more challenging, right?

Especially the German one, like they're going so fast.

- Language might be different, but the meaning behind the music

is all similar, and that's really what's important.

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- (both speak in foreign language)

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(speaks in foreign language)


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