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Get ready, because here's a top to bottom look at Ronnie Anne's family tree.

Dang girl, you're so close with your fam. Everyone one of them!

Yup, we're all super tight.

We begin with Ronnie Anne's Abuela and Abuelo.

Rosa is a master cook with an extraordinary ability

to tell when anyone in the house is hungry.

Five, four, three, two...

Are you hungry, mi hijito?

Right on time.

Let me whip you up a snack.

Thanks, Abuela.

She also cares a lot about her family's health,

and is always prepared with a unique remedy

to make them feel better.

Herbs to purify your energy.

I made it extra lumpy for good fortune.

Hector is married to Rosa and is Ronnie Anne's Abuelo.

He owns the Mercado and takes great pride in his work and his family.

When he's not working, you can find Hector gossiping...

I am the gossip king, remember?

Playing guitar or watching his favorite telenovela.


The bad guys want money?

But the family doesn't have any, so they're taking Ana Ronalda.

This is why I make you kids carry a whistle!

Rosa and Hector have a son, Carlos, Ronnie Anne's tío.

Carlos is a professor and loving father,

who believe it or not, used to be a gnarly skateboarder.

A skateboarder? No offense, but how?

It all started in college when I discovered that skateboarding

was the most efficient method of getting around campus.

Que guapo.

See, I told you.

Carlos is married to Frida, Ronnie Anne's tía.

Frida is a talented artist,

who is constantly looking for new ways to express herself.

Hm... something's not right, Lalo.

I know, more light and wind!

She's always up for fun,

is passionate about her painting and photography,

and isn't shy about her emotions.

Oh, I'm so proud of you, mija.

Go pursue your dreams!

But don't leave me.


Sorry, when I see people cry, I start to cry.

Ronnie Anne has four primos,

Carlota, CJ, Carl and Carlitos.

Carlota is the oldest. She's a social media influencer,

who enjoys giving makeovers.

Now I am just spritzing some rose water on my blender brush.

Hey, Carlota. Oops, didn't know you were live.

Uh, just hang on guys.

She's a force to be reckoned with who loves teaching Ronnie Anne about trends.


We're heading the wrong way home.

Just wait, trust me.


Apocalypse subway dance party?

No way!

CJ is the next oldest.

CJ lights up any room with his infectious laugh and smile.

He's BFF's with Bobby and Lincoln and a huge fan of pirates.

We'll never let the bad pirates take our treasure!

Prepare for battle!

Next on the family tree is Carl.

Carl is confident and puts a lot of time and effort into looking good.

Looking fly.

We are looking guapos.

He likes to think of himself as a cool businessman.

Step into my office.

And loves a particular pair of underwear.

[train horn blowing]

My choo-choo chonies!

I gotta get me a pair of those.

Ronnie Anne has one more cousin, Carlitos.

Carlitos loves to copy what everyone is doing,

no matter how silly.

Ooh-ooh, ahh-ahh!


Ooh-ooh, ahh-ahh!

Wow, he's good.

Carlos' sister Maria is Ronnie Anne and Bobby's mom.

As a nurse at the city's hospital, she's hardworking and always on the go,

thanks to the help of some coffee.

Next, we get to Ronnie Anne's dad, Doctor Arturo Santiago.

Maria and Arturo are divorced, but still friends.

For the past couple of years, he has been working as a doctor in Peru.

- Whoa, is that an alpaca? - Si.

I'm already on my way. See you soon!

Now that he's just moved to the city,

he's ready to spend some quality time with the youngsters.

When they were married, Maria and Arturo had two kids,

Bobby and Ronnie Anne.

Bobby is Ronnie Anne's big bro.

Bobby loves his family, his girlfriend Lori and working at the Mercado.

This Mercado ain't big enough for the two of us.

Woo! Hoo-hoo-hoo!




Fastest pricer in town.

Huh? Aw, dang it.

Oh no, can we get a tailor on aisle three please?

And now we've arrived to our favorite skateboarding city girl.

Ronnie Anne. She's fearless and always quick to come up with a plan.

I'm one step ahead of you. I mapped out Abuela's schedule.

She's got cooking from 7 to 8,

building repairs from 10 to 2 and laundry from 3 to 4.

She'll be the most distracted during the repairs.

So that's when we hit the truck.

Nice planning, sweetie. She gets that from me.

When she's not helping out at the Mercado,

you can find her exploring the neighborhood with her best friend Sid.

Or ordering hot dogs with her skater buds.

I'll have the Great Lakes City Special, one dog dragged through the garden.

You want a hot dog with the works at 9 AM?

- Yep. - Wow.

That actually sounds pretty good right now.

Did we forget anyone-- Oh, of course.

The family wouldn't be complete without Lalo and Sergio,

the family pets.

Lalo is a slobbery Bullmastiff who thinks he's a lap dog.

Come back here, Lalo! We're not done with the tutorial!

Sergio is the Casagrande's sassy pet parrot.

Oh sure, blame the bird!

The Casagrandes have to keep a close eye on Sergio,

since he's addicted to online shopping.

Can't find my credit card!

Sergio, get out of here.

And you're not supposed to buy stuff off the TV anymore!

Try to stop me!

Sergio is quite popular in the neighborhood,

and is always up for a good time.

[music playing]


We're busted! Scatter!

There you have it folks, Ronnie Anne's family tree.

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Wow, that was amazing!

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