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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We won a Nintendo Switch at the arcade!

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- [Angel] Hey guys, look at that.

48,000 for a Switch, some kind of docking kit,

and some stickers. - And some stickers!

- [Angel] We are really close to having 48,000

total tickets so we're going to go and get

enough tickets so we can get it!

So, we're going to start off on Zombie Snatcher

because the pucks are 1,000 points.

- [Crystal] They're so many!

- [Angel] and there are two of 'em.

There's one right there.

That one's pretty far in there.

Oh, you almost got it.

So she got 10 tickets right there.

I think you actually have to go to a different side

because every time you win one here,

you can't even swipe the card.

So yeah, she got 10 points.

Here comes another one.


Oh, that was close again.

Ooh, you didn't win so you can play again on this one.

- [Crystal] Oh, yeah, you're right.

- [Angel] Yeah, if you win tickets, it takes a while

for it to count up.

So she can actually play again on this one.

There goes 1,000 right there.

The next 1,000 is coming, it's actually in the middle.

- [Crystal] Oh man, I'm gonna have to move it forward.

- [Angel] Aw man, you almost got that one

straight from the middle.

There's the one that's on the outside.

So, the other one should be on the outside as well now.

Oh, yeah, there it is.

Here it comes, here it comes.

That's 1,000, yes!

- [Crystal] Yeah, 1,000!

- [Angel] Alright, so that's 1,000, that's 1,010 so far.

This is a good start to the video.

So the other 1,000 is right there.

Oh, you can actually get the zombie bonus, but not right now

because there's no 1,000s besides this one.

Oh, come come come on.

No! - Oh, man!

- [Angel] It actually needs three more letters,

so after you get this one, you'll need two more letters.

- [Crystal] Okay.

- [Angel] So who knows how many more pucks you have to win

before it comes out.

Here it comes.

No, that was way too late!

A little bit too late actually,

it was just a little bit too late.

So there's 100s in here as well.

Oh, there's a 500 right there, I didn't even see that one.

Here comes a 1,000.

Ah, that looks good.

No, how much did you get?

- [Crystal] I don't know!

- [Angel] You got 20.

You got 20.

You gotta go up to the next one.

- [Crystal] Okay.

- [Angel] So, yeah, I think you gotta 1,030 tickets so far.

It's gonna be really hard to keep track of this.

- [Crystal] I know!

- [Angel] Here it comes!

Oh, 500! - 500!

- [Angel] You got the 500!

You got the 500!

- [Crystal] Okay, another one, another one.

- [Angel] Hey, as long as you keep winning the pucks

it's going to load them up you know.

So all you've gotta do is keep winning.

Here it comes.

- [Crystal] Load 'em up!

- [Angel] Ugh, a little bit too late, a little bit too late.

- [Crystal] Maybe, Angel will have better luck at winning it.

- [Angel] I don't know, you probably should've kept on to it

- [Crystal] I don't know.

Oh my God!

First time!


- [Angel] Nope, not first time, for sure.

- [Crystal] Aww, I thought you were gonna get it.

- [Angel] Alright, so where is it now?

- [Crystal] I am just not having any luck with this one.

Yes, yes, yes, no!

- [Angel] Oh, come on, way too late.

- [Crystal] Yeah.

- [Angel] See, this is why you should've kept on to it, Cris

- [Crystal] Oh, you're right, I probably should've!

- [Angel] Cause you already knew the timing.

- Yeah. - There right there!

- [Crystal] Yes, yes, yes, no!

- [Angel] That was close, that was gettin' close.

- [Crystal] That was a lot closer, this time

you're gonna get it, I have a good feeling.

- [Angel] I hope.

- [Crystal] It's coming!

Here it comes, 1,000! - Right there!

- [Crystal] Oh my God, so close!

- [Angel] No, how much did I get?

- [Angel] I'm going to do a section over here.

- [Crystal] That was 20!

- [Angel] That was it?

- [Crystal] Yeah.

Alright, let's see, here comes the 1,000!

- [Angel] Oh, it's still adding your tickets!

- [Crystal] Oh it's still adding my tickets, okay.

- [Angel] You have to play on that one.

- [Crystal] Okay.

The 1,000 puck just went by.

- [Angel] It's still adding tickets to your card

on every single one.

- [Crystal] Oh my God!

- [Angel] So after we get this 1,000

we can't even play it any more.

- [Crystal] I know!

Here it comes!

Oh, too soon!

- [Angel] Well, I can still play this one though.

There's actually a 500 there.

- [Crystal] There is?

I didn't even see it. - Right by the 1,000.

It's like right by the 1,000.

- [Crystal] Oh wow!

- [Angel] Oh man, how'd the 1,000 get way in there?

- [Crystal] What?

How did that happen?

- [Angel] How'd I push it in there?

- [Crystal] I have no idea.

- [Angel] I don't know if this is going to work out.

- [Crystal] I don't know either.

There goes the 1,000.

- [Angel] Right there!

- [Crystal] Yes, yes, yes.

- [Both] Aw man.

- [Angel] I told you I should've just let you

keep playing it.

This is going to be a very big problem.

- [Crystal] I know!

- [Angel] I'm going to try one more time, Cris.

- [Crystal] There it went, it just went by.

- [Angel] It's right on the edge though.

- [Crystal] Yeah, hopefully you can get it this time.

- [Angel] I don't think so,

I'm not as good as you, apparently.

- [Crystal] Yeah, right,

it took me a while to get the 1,000 puck.

- [Both] Yes!

- [Crystal] You got it, good job!


- [Angel] So right after I won, guys, the two letters came

out and that's all she needs to get that bonus up there.

Oh, she's going, oh, man!

They're right there by each other though,

so there's 1,000, there's the other 1,000.

I mean, we're spending quite a bit here

but we're winning a ton of tickets.

- [Both] Yes!

- [Angel] She got it!

She got another 1,000!

There it is, right there in the middle.

There it is, that's good, that's good.

You actually just got it! - Whoa!

- [Angel] You just got it.

You got the 20.

Then you got the 1,000.

Show us the 1,000, man, show us!

Yes, you got it!


- Yes, it's awesome!

- [Angel] How many tickets did we win on this game?

- I don't know, so many though.

- [Angel] It's like over 5,000!

- [Crystal] Hopefully Angel can get a whole bunch

of tickets here.

The jackpots aren't that high, well, the bonus score that

he has to get, the target scores, they're not that high,

so hopefully, he can get a whole bunch of jackpots here!

Ooh, he got a red streak!

That's good, that's good.

Come on, get those blues!

Oh, no, he got a foul.

Oh no, I don't see any more streaks happening here.

Hurry, Angel!

Oh, game over, you only got one red streak!


- [Angel] Yeah, I did pretty bad.

- [Crystal] Yeah, you did.

- [Angel] What's my final score?

- [Crystal] Let's see.

- [Both] 37,000.

- [Angel] That's gonna be 80 tickets though.

- [Crystal] Angel's going again.

Oof, oh, man, that was so close to being a red streak,

but the last bean bag he threw went into the foul.

Get the blues, blues, blues!

One more blue!

Yes, he got the blue streak!

Keep going for those greens!

Oh, I guess he's not going for the greens,

he's going for the reds now.

Oh no, he got a foul.

Oh my gosh.

Yes, yes, he got a red.

Come on, yes.

Red streak!


Keep going Angel!

Oh, wow!

Did you make it?

- [Angel] No.

- [Crystal] Oh man, it looked like it was a close one.

- [Angel] It was kind of close, but not quite.

All I needed was one more streak and I would've got it.

- [Crystal] Oh man, that was super close!

- [Angel] Oh wait, did I get it?

No, I didn't get it, right?

- [Crystal] No, I don't think so.

Wow, look how close that was!

That's going to be 100 tickets!

Angel moved over, I guess that jackpot over there

is a little too high for him.


So hopefully he can get the jackpot on this one!

He only has to score 46,800.

Come on, Angel, yes!

Red streak!

Ooh, I think.

One more streak and I think he has it.

- [Angel] Do I have it?

- [Crystal] I think so, yes, I think you have it.

- [Angel] I'm going to stop there because I don't want

the score to go too high.

- [Crystal] It'll go too high.

- [Angel] Yeah.

So, that should be 50,250, right?

And that should be enough to get 500.

We're gonna make sure.

- [Crystal] Yeah, we're gonna check.

- [Angel] That should be the first of many jackpots.

- [Crystal] Oh, I hope so.

You did well on this one, Angel.

- [Angel] I think I could've gotten this one,

because I still had time, you know?

- [Crystal] Yeah, I know.

- [Angel] I think I'm all warmed up now.

Third game's the warm up game.

- [Crystal] Oh, he's warmed up now!

Yes, look at it!

That's a 500 tickets!

- [Angel] Gold Fishin', Gold Fishin'

She's usually really good getting 500 tickets off this game,

so let's see if Cris can do it.

- [Crystal] I hope so.

- [Angel] Oh man, you've gotta get some of those balls.

Yes, yellow!

So she's at 250 and she has nine balls left.

Oh, you really need to get a blue.

- [Crystal] I know.

- [Angel] Get a blue.

Get a blue, oh man, that's not good.

I hate when they bounce back.

- [Crystal] Me too!

- [Angel] Nope, not even a pink, not even a pink.

- [Crystal] That was supposed to be a pink.

- [Angel] Oh no, you only have five balls left.

- [Crystal] Oh man, it's not looking good.

And you only have 400 points, you need 1,010.

- [Crystal] Ah, I need a body!

- [Angel] Oh no, last ball.


- [Crystal] That's it!

- [Angel] Oh man, she only got 475, that's only 15 tickets.

Space Invaders never lets us down.

All you have to get is 30,500 points.

You should be able to get that, Cris.

There's also another one right here, so we actually

play both of them, then maybe we get more than one jackpot!

Assuming we can get this one.

You got it, Cris!

Just don't worry about those bombs.

Don't get that thing either, that thing's deadly.

Oh, she's, come on, Cris.

Okay, she's a third of the way there.

Oh no no no no, bombs, look at those bombs.

It's okay though, it's okay, you're doing fine.

You're already at 25,000.

Get that ship that's flying around.

Get that ship that's flying around.

Okay, get that one, okay, you only need three more thousand.

Get that one.

Okay, 600.

Oh, 1,000 actually, 1,000.

Just one more flying ship, get that one more flying ship.

You got it!

She got it!

She got 500!

That is awesome.

So, whew.

We're sweating bullets here because that was

a pretty high score for us, anyway.

30,000, that's really high for us.

She's still going!

She's just going crazy though.

She got 34,000, wow!

She got 59 tickets plus the 500!

500 tickets, awesome!

She's moving on over to the other one.

Oh, and this one's even lower, 29,500!

It's probably going to be doing that over there

the whole time Crystal's playing this,

so hopefully that doesn't bother anyone.

Alright, Crystal, you have to get another jackpot.

So far she's at 3,000.

Not that bad.

You don't really start getting the high points

until later on.

Man, she's actually flying through it.

That one's a good one, you can actually get that one.

She's trying to, oh, that's good, that's good.

She's doing good, she's doing good.

She's a tenth of the way there.

Okay, she's about halfway there, almost, now.

I bet that over there is distracting her, the flashing.

You still have two bombs, that's really good.

Don't use the bombs,

I'm just saying you still have two bombs.

Okay, you're you getting close to the end.

Oh, get the bomb, get the, okay.

Oh, come on, only 5,000 left, you can do it.

Flying ship, flying, okay,

one more flying ship should have it, I think.

Where's it at, where's the flying ship?

There it is!

Get the flying ship, flying ship, flying ship.

Get it!

You got it, you got it!

Oh my gosh.

I was stressing out here, for Crystal.

And look, she still has a lot of time.

Look at that, 33,000.

That's 48 tickets.

Plus, show us the flashiness!


Double 500s.

- [Crystal] (laughs) Super easy!

- I haven't played this in a while,

I'm not sure if I'm any good.

- [Crystal] Angel, you better get this 500 tickets.

- Are these the fists of awesomeness?

- [Crystal] Yes they are, definitely.

- I think so, I think they are.

- [Crystal] Oh my gosh, come on.

- [Angel] As long as it's under 33, I think I can get it.

- [Crystal] Yeah, definitely.

Come on, punch that watermelon.

They need to have a bacon and a pork chop pop up.


Maybe I would finally get the jackpot on this game.

- [Angel] This has a pig pop up, you know.

- [Crystal] Yeah.

- [Angel] And once you hit it, it turns into a pork chop.

- [Crystal] Yeah!

- So, you hit it, and it turns into a pork chop!

- [Crystal] Oh my gosh.

Alright, this is the one that matters.

Third round, don't be 33, oh, man that's--

- [Angel] That's okay, that's okay.

- [Crystal] Okay, as long as you think you can do it, Angel.

- [Angel] I gotta get in my position.

- [Crystal] Yeah, get your little stance going.


Get those dumplings, get those dumplings.

They're coming out fast, guys.

Come on, punch 'em, punch those dumplings.


Oh no, four seconds?

Come on, they need to pop up faster!

One more, one more, yes, you got it, you got it!

- 0.1 second left, point one second.

- [Crystal] I did not think you were gonna get it,

I was getting really nervous.



- [Angel] Now it's Monster Drop Extreme, Crystal's favorite.

She's trying to put a third credit on there,

but I don't think it's gonna work,

you might have to just stick with two.

- [Crystal] Okay.

- [Angel] So this one, the jackpot is actually 649.

She wants the jackpot, there it is right there.

You could actually get the bonus balls as well,

that'd be pretty cool, but it could just roll into that one.

So definitely try for that jackpot.

Here it comes.

Is that it?

Is that it?

Aww, that bounced right off of it.

- Oh that was crazy close.

- [Angel] Oh, oh, oh, yes.

Aww, 20, that's terrible. - I know.

- [Angel] Alright, here's the last ball, is that?

No, that was actually kind of far.

- Where's it going? - Bonus balls!

Where did it go?

That's not the worst I guess, it could've been like 20.

1047 tickets, that's my kind of jackpot.

Oh nevermind, it went up to 48.

Come on.

- [Crystal] Oh, I think that was too hard.

- [Angel] Yeah, that was a little bit too hard.

A little bit too hard.

Crystal has been known to get this jackpot.

So right there I think she got,

oh yeah, you only got five tickets for that.

- [Crystal] Oh, yeah?

That's not bad.

- [Angel] That's not, that's actually the worst possible,

but it's not that bad.

That one's good, that one's, one more, no!

All it needed was a little bit more.

- Oh my God. - All it needed to do

was to get right over this little hump.

- [Crystal] I'm never going to get that.

- [Angel] Well, you got 50, not bad.

Good luck.

That one's too hard I think.

No, it slowed down!

It slowed down!


It barely went over, it barely went over.

This is the one, come on Cris.

It looked like it hit something down here,

and it really slows it down.

Aw man, still a little bit too hard.

- [Crystal] Okay, last try.

- [Angel] Last try for Cris.

- [Crystal] I don't know how much I can--

- [Angel] It's at 1,051, she was just trying to

get a little higher for her to get the jackpot.

That one looks pretty good!

That one looks good!

That one looks good, no!

Same thing, it barely goes over!

- [Crystal] Gridiron Blitz!

The jackpot is 500 tickets!

As you can see, he's warming up.


Holy moly!

It's pitter-patter-ing so fast!


Oh my gosh, you went pretty fast.

That was so fast.

- I'm tired.

- [Crystal] You're tired already?

- So tired already.


That's okay because I have 20 tickets so far.

- [Crystal] Oh, that's not bad.

We want the 500 though.

- [Angel] I wonder what the third level of the high score is

- [Crystal] I wonder too!

- It doesn't really matter, you have to beat the high score.

- [Crystal] Yeah.

Alright, level two, Angel.

Get ready.

Start warming up with your little pitter-patters.


Oh my gosh.

Be careful with those eagles!

Be careful with those ambulances too

because those things come out of nowhere.

I actually didn't even see any ambulances.

- Yeah, the ambulances are only in the third level.

- [Crystal] Oh yeah, I forgot!

We haven't played this in a while.

Oh, 40 tickets!

- Yes, it's 50 tickets if I complete the third level.

- [Crystal] Okay.

- So that'll be 90.

- [Crystal] 90!

- [Angel] But we have to get the 500.

- [Crystal] We want the 500!

Alright, here is the level that matters.

There's the ambulances.

Ready, set, go!

Jump, jump, go, go, go, faster, faster, faster!



Faster, Angel, faster.


Okay, oh my gosh, let's see if you got it.

- [Angel] I'm pretty sure I got that.

- [Crystal] I hope you did, I hope you did.

- [Angel] First place?

- [Both] Yes!

- [Crystal] Look at you go!

- [Angel] It should be 590.

- [Crystal] Yes, oh, that was awesome, Angel.

I feel bad for you.

You are so winded.

Yes, oh my gosh 603.

- [Angel] Let's see if Crystal can whack and win 815 tickets

Whoa, that's super bright.

Oh, just a little bit off.

It's actually 820 right there, but it's 815 over here.

Wait, this one's 820 and this one 815.

I'm not sure what's going on there.

So you got 20 tickets off the first try, let's see.

Game of skill, not strength.

Aww, think that's a little too hard, not hard enough I mean.

Hey, you got double what you did over here!

- [Crystal] We almost have enough!

We're so close!

Oh wow, one out!

(laughs) Come on, Angel!

That's really bad.

- [Angel] Hoo-yah!

- [Crystal] Yes!

I thought that was gonna be a home run, but nope.


- [Angel] I'm trying to get the 1,000 up there.

- [Crystal] Yeah, 1,000 tickets.

Yes that's good!


I know, did you see that?

Oh no, no!

- [Angel] It said that was a home run!

I'll take it!

- [Crystal] We'll take it, thank you!

- [Angel] I want to get a 12.

- [Crystal] Don't get an out.


Two outs!

- [Angel] It's your fault, you jinxed it.

- [Crystal] No, okay, you can't get an out here, Angel,

unless you really really messed up.


- [Angel] That was close!

- [Crystal] That was a good one.

- [Angel] Nine tickets per--

- [Crystal] Oh, three outs!

- [Angel] So, I get nine tickets per each run,

so that's only 27 tickets.

We got it!

- Yeah, we got it!

- [Angel] That is super awesome.

- I am so excited.

- [Angel] That is definitely the most expensive prize.

- It is!

It is the most expensive prize!

- [Angel] We didn't really win it in this one video

but we collected the tickets and got it.

We also got some stickers over here,

- Yeah, we got a whole bunch of extras!

- [Angel] Yeah, we got some stickers, where they,

I don't know if we're going to use those,

it's a skin that go on to the controllers.

But I think the controllers are like the cool part!

- Yeah I know, I do too!

- [Angel] Because they're blue and red as it is,

then we got some sort of charging station or something.

- Yeah, a charging station.

- [Angel] But this is all that matters.

That is really awesome.

We can use that for our flights in the future.

- Yes, we should Angel, that would be really awesome.

- [Angel] Yes, this is the best best prize we've ever won.

Crystal's ready to have fun with it already.

- I am!

- [Angel] Alright guys, we hope you enjoy this video.

Thanks for watching, everyone!

- Bye!

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