Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I am Unisa | Soraya

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I'm starting to write your story while you're napping in your crib,

you're such a cutie

I started writing it a year after the eldest was born,

in December 2014

I suppose that things I saw in my daily routine at work had an influence in me

You think that those things are not going to happen to you,

they only happen to other people

but sometimes things happen to us, things that we would prefer not having to experience

But mostly

because I want to let them know tomorrow how good I feel,

how happy we are together

how my life is with them, how good they make me feel

Initially I started writing to Nahia, the older sister,

and then I got pregnant with the second one

and I also started writing to her, to Ariane

Now the diary helps us to tell us things from our daily life

their first steps, their, first teeth, their time at school

and above all I tell them how they make me feel

Right away, I'm going back to work after many months dedicating myself only to them,

and although I feel sad, I would also like to do things that are only for me

And they always end up telling me at home that I'm asalserilla”,

that I'mstuck in all sauces

My name is Soraya

I'm a mother. I'm a nurse

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