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- [Justine] Say hello to the new iPhone 13.

Like the previous year, we've got the 12 Pro, Pro Max,

the 13, and 13 mini.

With increased battery life, performance, new displays,

colors, improved camera systems, with cinematic mode

and sensor shift on all devices and macro mode

and 3X telephoto on the Pros,

with pro res raw video coming later on.

It did seem initially like this was only a small refresh

from the twelves but I was actually quite surprised

to find out this was more of an upgrade

than I originally thought.

(upbeat music)

So testing out cameras on the new iPhones

is obviously something that I love so much,

so we're gonna start by doing that first.

So the cameras on both Pros

and both thirteens are identical,

so either one that you choose, it's gonna be the same.

With the iPhone 13 Pro you'll have the 3X zoom,

but on the iPhone 13, there is no zoom on this.

So that would be the reason that you would choose the Pro.

So for the sake of this,

we're gonna test it out using the pink iPhone 13

and the Sierra Blue 13 Pro Max.

(upbeat music)

On the iPhone 13, here's the wide angle and the 1X.

So on the iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max,

there was a camera different, so you had to choose,

do you want the sensor shift technology

and the 2 1/2 time zoom?

This time, you don't have to choose.

Thank you Apple for making them consistent across the board.

Let's take some more photos, shall we?

(upbeat music)

So one of the things that I'm so impressed

with is macro mode and this is exclusive to the 13 Pros.

This will basically just auto switch into macro mode

and you can get about two centimeters away.

Like look at this color, look at this detail,

and if you think that this is something

that you could do before, you're absolutely wrong.

Let me show you.

So if I try to do this on my 12, yeah that looks great,

really good content, very clear, crystal clear.


So the fact that we went from this to this,

if that's not a reason to upgrade?

I thought that this was a pretty big one.

I'm super impressed.

This also works with video.

So this is video.

Look how close I am to that.

No freaking way.

(upbeat music)

I'm gonna try to take a picture of my eye.

What do we think, is it focused?

- [Man] It actually locks, yeah, you can go closer,

right there, keep going closer, go closer.

- [Justine] Really?

- [Man] Yes.

Oh my God, it's so -

- [Justine] But it's in my eye.

Eww, it's so disgusting.

Eww, eww, I don't like it, it looks

like there's like a tarantula coming out of my eyelid.

So this is a 13, which it does not have macro mode

so I just want to show you in case you think

that I'm lying about it.

No macro mode, it is not focusing.

(upbeat music)

All right we have found, we found a bug.

Next time we're gonna do macro content,

remind me not to drink like four cups of coffee.

(upbeat music)

One of the cool things about the new iPhone 13s

is there's a new cinematic mode and this is

across all four iPhones, so no matter which phone you get,

this mode will be enabled.

And what's really cool about it

is it kind of emulates the way

that filmmakers create videos.

A lot of films and movies and music videos

and even my own videos are all shot on cameras

with large sensors, with high-end lenses,

and these things can get very, very, very expensive.

So what's amazing is the fact that Apple has been able

to kind of integrate all of these filmmaking techniques

and even get this really cool Boca look.

So the real question that I have though,

do you think A is the iPhone

or do you think B is the iPhone?

I'll leave it up to you guys.

Leave it in the comments below and you can check Instagram

and Twitter for the answer after this video is posted.

The cool thing though about cinematic mode

is you can actually go in post and edit the aperture.

So I can go in and decide if I want more or less Boca.

And to be able to do this

on the iPhone is pretty impressive.

Also using AI, it will decide what should be in focus.

This is a really cool demo that I did in Panera,

where I was talking to Jake super casually,

not planned or scripted at all

and watch how awesome this is.

It started focusing on me,

as soon as I looked back it focused on Jake,

and then back to me when I turned back around.


(upbeat music)

Oh, I did not realize there was

cinematic front-facing camera.

- [Man] What?

Cinematic front?

No way, oh my, I'm freaking out.

- [Man] That's crazy.

I've had this phone for way too long.

At this point I should have noticed this.

This new display looks incredible.

Not only does it go all the way up

to 120 Hertz refresh rate, but it's also much brighter

and in sunny situations, I'm always outside filming,

I've already noticed a huge difference.

(upbeat music)

So I do have both versions of the Pro, this is the Sierra.

This is the new, beautiful blue color and this is the gold.

The gold actually looks a little bit different

than the previous version,

like iridescent kind of gold color on the back

and then obviously around the edge it's super shiny,

but these both look so good.

(upbeat music)

Also, because I'm running IOS 15, I forgot

that they have the live text option, watch this.

Oh, emergency after hours, let me take a picture of that.

And I'm going to copy that phone number

and I'm gonna call them.

Ready, past.

Yeah, so my emergency is that I'm so incredibly impressed

with the new iPhone 13 that I might need some sort

of resuscitation, do you guys offer that kind of a service

or what do you guys do?


I think a lot of people sometimes forget

that the Pro version of the iPhone has the ability

to shoot raw photos.

This is actually incredible because you're able

to shoot photos, you can edit them however you like.

The iPhone automatically already takes really great photos,

but sometimes they do have a little bit more

of an over-processed look, so with raw,

you can make them look however you want.

Another really cool new feature

that I'm gonna show you guys is how you can now swipe

to customize the looks on your camera.

And this is amazing because if you have a certain look

that you like, I love super vivid, contrasty,

saturation all the way up if you haven't noticed.

So with this, I can actually set that as a custom preset

and all of the photos

that I take will automatically be taken like that.

(upbeat music)

I've been having so much fun testing out these phones,

and now it's time to make my little iPhone rig.

I'm gonna be testing out a couple of different things,

but doing this allows me to kind of get the same shot

and the same angle at the same time.

so we can really assess what's going on.

(upbeat music)

For this test I'm gonna try the 13 Pro Max

against the 12 Pro Regular.

And the difference here is in the 12 Pro,

this one did not have censorship technology,

so I want to kind of see what the difference is

as far as stabilization

and I'll show you guys the difference in the zoom as well.

Let's take it to the streets or sidewalk.

Oh, I did not see you there.

(beep, upbeat music)

Okay, I want to test out the ultra wide now.

The 12 has a fixed focus so the 13,

this closeup little leaf right there, that's all in focus

and you'll see over here on the 12,

even if I tap to try to focus, it can not.

Like all this stuff is in focus on the 13.

That's impressive.

(upbeat music)

This is a video that's also shot on the mini,

but also shot on the Pro Max.

Look at you cool truck.

Okay, 1X zoom, man that 3X really gets us that detail.

Now let's see what it looks like

if we do a digital zoom all the way into 3X on the mini.

So you'll be able to really see the difference

of optical versus digital zoom here.

Let's zoom in even more on that 13 Pro Max.

So that's 9X digital versus 3X digital on the mini.

Should we get some ice cream?

Probably, I have Apple pay hooked up now,

so, I wonder what else I can buy with Apple pay?

So the new wallet actually has find my integration,

and this is pretty much very similar

to the previous version.

It looks the same, feels the same, except for this.

I haven't set it up yet

so you guys are witnessing this for the first time.

There's my wallet, it is connected to the back of my phone,

and when I unlock, I can add it in

so that I'll be able to find my wallet,

which is really convenient since my last wallet got stolen.

This is cool.

Let's see if I lose it, if I'll be able to find it.

I'm gonna go give my wallet to this nice gentleman

over here.

Could you hold my wallet?

- Sure.

- [Justine] Just, just, I'm gonna come back for it,

I'm gonna find it, and act like it was missing.

- [Woman] Is there money in it?

Can we get ice cream?

- Do you want some ice cream?

- [Woman] Oh no, my kids are in there.

- Okay.

The thing is I just ate lunch

and I don't really want ice cream,

so maybe I can buy somebody else's ice cream.

Look, I just got a notification

that said Justine's wallet was detached.

My wallet was left near here.

(upbeat music)

Look at that, there it is, it just got drizzled.

It's so cool.

Can I buy their ice cream for them?

Get whatever you want.

Oh my god, I'm so happy, I got to buy her ice cream.

Okay, here you go.

Now I got to go find my wallet

that I gave this man over here.

Yes, back on.

Cool, wallet test, complete.

You know what else, we can do cinematic vertical.

It's a thing.

I think the best thing about cinematic is being able

to adjust the aperture afterwards

since giving an all new meeting to fix it in post,

which I hate to say and I also hate to hear it.

(upbeat music)

I can't believe how impressed I am with this macro mode.

Like it's honestly so incredible.

The other thing that I've noticed is it does feel like

with HDR 4, the colors and everything are

so much more vibrant, I'm able to really be back lit.

The iPhone 13 is making me so angelic.

(upbeat music)

Hey listen up, I've tried to tell you this a hundred times

Not getting better by lying there, pretending to cry

You all you listen but you're missing what it's all about

Rise up now, if you never fall, you don't change at all.

Rise up now, have you given up, I will never stop there.

I've tried to help you

But you keep reading between the lines.

There's nothing there for you to complicate

Where'd I'd align

You say you listen by guessing there's just another side.

- [Justine] It's on, yes.

When do I have to go?

How much time do I have?



I think I got the shot.

You don't change at all.

Rise up now, have you given up

I will never stop there.

- [Justine] We have zoom.

It really is something.

Setting up for a time lapse.

So I'm gonna do a time lapse with the 13 and the 13 Pro Max.

(upbeat music)

Thank you guys so as you're watching.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

I had the best time ever,

of course as always, reviewing these phones.

There will be more videos to come

so make sure you subscribe, hit the bell to be notified

when I post a new video and be sure

to leave me some comments below

if you guys have any questions or anything

that you would like to see me test out in the next video.

And now cue the sunset time lapse.

("Pr Hagstrm - Doesn't Matter What Is Real")

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