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My name is Jordan Thole.

I work with Bolton & Menk Engineering.

I am Water Resources Design Engineer here at our firm.

The time savings with GeoHECRAS have been pretty incredible for me to be honest.

If I am running a steady state 1D model that I have in GeoHECRAS, it easily cuts

my time down by half.

The brilliance of GeoHECRAS is that all of the editing functionality and software and

model manipulation and output are all in one contained package.

I can do everything in one software and if you ever want to add or change anything

it's as simple as just drawing another line and it automatically puts it in for you.

We're probably spending half the time building these

models as we did before.

The ability to just cut cross sections and modify your geometry on the fly and have everything

projected correctly.

The user interface that they've developed at CivilGEO for GeoHECRAS is probably

the greatest development that I have seen.

We ran into a very unique situation where we really needed to do an unsteady flood model

and it's not a model that's done super commonly and so

we were starting to build it from the ground up.

Out of whim, I emailed the IT at CivilGEO

and I said, is there any way that you guys can help us.

They had a team working on it immediately and within a week we had a solution to a problem

that we had never been able to solve before.

It's pretty awesome, it's a very powerful tool.

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