Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TWICE REALITY "TIME TO TWICE" TDOONG High School EP.03

Difficulty: 0

(1st period: Acrostic poems)

(Class went smoothly despite the concern)

So, now let's see

who did the best job


-JIHYO! -Cheer for the one you're voting for

when I call a name, okay? (New way of voting)


Everybody scream! (YAY!)

(Hooray!!) (Fighting!)


(Satisfied) CHAEYOUNG!


JIHYO! Scream!


(What a strong voice)

(Making my ears bleed!! Give her penalty!)

Ms. KIM, I think it's better if you choose


(Who should I pick?)

(Please pick JIHYO, please!)

(Trying to impress her)

(MOMO did a good job)

(Don't forget Rrrre~~~)

(Great talents here)

"Do you like TWICE or me?"

This is my favorite class

(Hard to pick)

(Miss! Don't forget the sirloin!)

Everyone did a great job

So let me just give...

(Two stickers for each student)

Wow, my first sticker!

(My dream came true!)

I wanna collect 9 of these

-Thank you! -It's your first?!

Alright, so...

my personal favorite was...

the most memorable one

(Wail) (Don't forget me!)

(CHAEYOUNG's here, too!)

Who's your pick?

(CHOU TZUYU (17) / IYELLOW STICKER) Most memorable for me was...

either MOMO or NAYEON

(KIM DAHYUN/ Satisfied with her class) I liked NAYEON's "vibration"

MOMO's "Leggo" was good, too

Very great job!

But I pick NAYEON

(Encore!) Re~~~~~~~~~

(That should have been mine...)

(5 winning stickers for NAYEON)

I wish I got some, too!

(I want stickers...)

Thank you! Woohoo!

So we're done for today's Korean class

How was the first period with me?

-Did you enjoy it? -It was terrific!

The class was so fun and you're gorgeous!

(Another sticker for making a great comment)

It's the only class I wanna take!

- I don't believe you! - It is the best class!!

-Louder! -The best class!!

(I don't want stickers anymore...)

You get one more for being cute

(+1 winning sticker for CHAEYOUNG by being cute)

(KIM DAHYUN/ You were giving out stickers) Nope, I did not

It was well thought-out

(KIM DAHYUN/ Proud of her dilligence) I stay true to my conscience

to decide who should get stickers

I gave them out based on objective rules

Hope you enjoy the rest of the classes

VP, class is over

Atten... Yes!


Salute to the teacher!


Alright (See you next time!)

(The Korean Language teacher was the best!)

(Strict teacher's class is over)

(CHOU TZUYU (17)/ How was the class?) It was hard, but fun

I thought she was scary at first, but it was fun in the end

(KIM DAHYUN/ Very pleased)

I am proud to be their teacher

(Who did this while I was doing the interview?)

Ms. KIM, it's the duty students' job!

SANA, MOMO and CHAEYOUNG from TWICE were here, it says

(KIM DAHYUN/ What's this mess after class?) Who's in charge?

You do it! My turn's over!

I'm in charge for the 1st period(?)

(Break time, again)

(Enjoying the break in their own way)

(Snack lover) (Selfie time) (Students completely adjusted to THS)

(Taking photos for each other.JPG)

(Nom nom) (Click)

(Food and pictures are the only things that last)


(Wow!) Let's crush it and eat it!

(Instant noodles are a popular snack!)

(I want teachers who give lots of stickers) I don't know what class will be next

which makes me curious

(SON CHAEYOUNG (17)/ Baby Beast wants to run wild) I want it to be... a P.E. class!

(The bell for the 2nd period rings)

-What's next? -Art!

(The bell rang already...) Shall I rip this open?

Nope, let's eat it later!

Can you keep it there, MOMO?

I wonder who the teacher is!

It's art class, right?

(Who's the teacher?)

Yes, it's art class

(The art teacher appears in front of the anticipating students)

(Very strong aura)

-Hello -Hello!

(Hi, everyone!)

-Class President? -Yes!

Attention! Salute to the teacher!

ONE IN A MILLION Good morning!

(A cute bunch)

The teacher was so pretty

(SON CHAEYOUNG/ How were the students?) Umm...

Umm umm umm umm umm...

(LIM NAYEON (18)/ Still unsure) Umm...

(LIM NAYEON (18)/ Nothing to say) Umm.....


(MYOI MINA (17) / How should I put it...) Umm...

(MYOI MINA (17)/ Penguin gets thoughtful) Umm...

(LIM NAYEON (18)/ Passing on the opinions) I was checking messages from my friends

(MYOI MINA (17)/ Passing on the opinions) I'm an extrovert, so...

-You guys are cute -What's with the glasses?

It's the new trend (So are my snacks)

(Curious) How much were they?

I don't know. They were a gift

(I think I know who) Who gave you those?

Ooh! (Very excited)

(Making me blush)

(Spectator-mode eating breakfast) (Very interesting)

(SON CHAEYOUNG/ A fashionista teacher) No, I didn't study abroad

but I wanted to keep up to the trend

which helps me connect with my students

so I'm doing my best


(SON CHAEYOUNG: THS's Chaengcasso) Hi, I'm your art teacher,


(Welcome!) (Num num with an open mouth)

Did you find the first period boring?

(MVP from 1st period) It was!

I see

It wasn't! (I heard Ms. KIM is the best)

(LOL) Well, Art is a lot more fun

than Korean, English or Math

So let's try and have fun!

Sure! (Eating is important)

I have a question

Do you give stickers, too?

Of course!

(They are mine this time!)

-I heard she's generous with them -I love your outfit today

Ms. SON, I don't know why I have this


Ms. SON! My notebook is gone!

(MINA's notebook disappeared during break)

Sorry, I took a photo with it earlier

(◀◀◀ Break time after 1st period ◀◀◀)

(NAYEON took photos holding the notebook)

(Boo~) (My notebook!)

-Penalty! -Put things back where they belong!

-I panicked! -This is art, though

(Be honest!!!) It is not!

Okay, I get it

What? (I love the art teacher!)

(A hamster is enjoying her breakfast, watching what's going on)


While it's important to draw well in this class,

it's equally important to criticize and evaluate art

(Stickers are more important to me)

I'll show you some artwork

and you can share what you think

(Ambitious) We got it!

I like fresh take on things

-Can I have sky blue? -Do we have one?

- Here! - Sure!

Ms. SON, I personally love strawberries!

(Just what I like)

(Slander) That's a watermelon


She doesn't like strawberries

(So picky about their sketchbooks)

(I like bananas)

I'll take what you like


-Okay! -JIHYO looks like a watermelon!

(What did you just say...?)


She keeps making fun of me saying that I look like a watermelon!

You do look like a watermelon!

-I want a different one -Do you?

(So sad) I'm gonna cry

(No, she looks like our homeroom teacher)

(Let's begin our class) Alright, let's see the 1st photo

-Ta-da! -Who are these beautiful people?

-Aren't they TWICE? -So pretty!

What does this photo make you feel?

Just tell me how you feel

Like... "Wow"?

(Nodding) (That's okay)



(No, it's rugby)

Soccer, too (Very encouraging)

Since they're standing close together,

it looks like my sticker board


(That's the creativity I'm looking for!!!)

(Realized what she likes)

(That's right, I'm LIM NAYEON!)

-I can't... -A sticker!

-Two stickers! -Yay! Thank you!

(I have one!) The photo is chaotic

It's chaotic just like our class

(A sticker?)

(No response)

Next! (Shocked)

How come I don't get one?

Try harder next time

(I'll keep going until I get it)

Me! (Persevering JIHYO)

Just looking at it makes me happy!

(My type) (This is okay)

Come on, miss!

(LOL) (Still no sticker?)

(I will get it next time)

Did you draw it down, SANA?

-Yes! -Perfect for art class!

(So easily?) So you draw, and you get a sticker?

(Proudly) Of course! It's art class

I'll share my opinion now!

Sure (SANA collects stickers diligently)

"The world is as beautiful and bright

as their "hambak" (big) smiles"

(LOL) So I drew a "hamburger" patty

Not bad!

But DAHYUN, are you confusing this...

-...with Korean class? -No, I am not!

I drew beautifully since it's art class

My turn! I want stickers


Give me some feedback that touches my heart

(Stuttering) I... I like your... fashion...

...very much

So I drew what they are wearing

(Come and get it) Thank you!

(I am honored) I appreciate your effort

(PARK JIHYO (17)/ Sticker hunter) It's because...

I heard the prizes here are

really, really good

(Stickers make JIHYO happy)

Alright, next!

-Okay! -Okay!

Ta-da~ (Second artwork)


The person in the center with the cake

outshines everyone, I see no one else

I don't know who she is

(Embarrassed) (Uh-oh)

Buttering up doesn't work with her

She looks a lot like you

(Ooh, good point)

Are you her mom?

(LOL) ("Mom" LOL)

No, I am not

I have something (So into it)

"Whose birthday is it today?"

Everyday is a birthday ♪ (OMG...)

"Congratulations, SON CHAENG!"

(Speechless) I drew a cake, too

That wasn't creative enough, DAHYUN

(One more time!) "Congratulations, SONCHAENG!"

I don't know her

(She is not easy)

-Ms. SON! -Yes?

(Dum di dum)


(Do you like it?) What is it?

Is that a mouse?

(Truth hurts)

No, it's my feedback on that photo


Look closely! She has a halo in the back

(Not going for it) Nope


(I know how you feel...)

(I'll be bad from now on) I'm not gonna try anymore

(Third art work)

(The. sticker. is. mine)

"Mirror, mirror"

(So obvious) "Who's the fairest of all?"

(Come on...)


I feel bad for you, JIHYO So I'm gonna give you one

(Oh, yeah, I did it!)


Me, Ms. SON

That photo looks like...

(Get away from my drink!!!) ...a CANDY BONG that resembles

TWICE's yearning for ONCE

(No way...?)

(Very satisfied) This is how you do it, girls

Your evaluation standards are confusing


(I totally agree) Can you explain a little?

(MC Chirp) There is no circle on the floor,

but they are making a perfect circle and truly look like one!

(Thank you for that)

(Not falling for mine)

(I appreciate your effort, so half a sticker for you)

(SANA acquires sticker +0.5)

(0.5 is not bad...)

(Half a sticker is still a sticker)

(My turn!) Hold on!

(So into herself) "What is their limit?"


"No matter how much I look up, I can't see it"


"Spread your wings, flowers of my youth"

(Confused with Korean class) It was good, but...

Give her a quarter!

(Rip) (There, 1/4)

No, give me a whole one

(Just take 1/4)

Please, Ms. SON!

(I want that 1/4...)

DAHYUN acquires sticker +1/4)

(4th artwork)

(Now is the time...!)

Me! Ms. SON!

(Didn't see TZUYU)

(Hand raised) It looks our future!

(I raised my hand) Ms. CHAEYOUNG?

It looks like a really pretty strawberry

-She doesn't like that -It's true


It's hard...

(MINA's going to have a go!)

Yes, MINA?

It looks like us 5 years from now

Our unchanging...

(Stuttering) friend.... friendship

(MINA... are you.... nervous?) (LOL)

"Friend... friendship!"

(Best Friends Forever)

(Sneaking into it) "Cold students need scarves"

(That's not good enough)

Nope, try harder

Okay (Quickly agrees)

(Art critique session finished)

Let's now proceed to the drawing session

I'll give you a word one by one

(Do we have to be speedy?) You will draw something based on the word

and finish it within a minute (1 minute...??!!)

Have fun!

(Observant) (Scribbling) Hey!

(Competitive) You can't draw yet!

(Unashamed) I did not!

(Should I use tricks, too...?)

-I didn't draw yet -Yes, you did. On the previous page!

(Hush (keep quiet))

(Drawing based on a word)

(First word) "Strawberry?"






(So hard already)

(YOO JEONGYEON...?) (Swish) (Swish)

Be creative! (Strict standards)

(Art class in silence)

Ms. SON, I'm done!

(Is she really?)

(Sticker will be mine)

Time's up! (1 minute is over)

(Oh... No!!)

Who wants to present first?

She didn't draw anything!

-I will! -Okay! SANA?

This is "Jeongvely", TWICE's official character


(What is that? LOL)

(Paying attention)

(Looking up close) It's a little scary

It looks like a Pokemon


(Next is DAHYUN) I drew...

(What could that be?)

I could only think of this when I heard the name

-What is it? -I think you'll love it


What is it?

(Tada!) Kaonashi!

You drew it well! (Nod)

She and I didn't go to the same school,

but I knew who she was

I stumbled upon her graduation photo

(Graduation photos are always wacky LOL)

(JIHYO reveals her drawing)


(Easy to guess what she looks like)

I think I know

The Cheongdamdong SHINee haircut, you know?

(Yes, Yes)

(Can't wait to meet JEONGYEON)

Alright, next! (Next student)

So, I drew...

a bag JEONGYEON always carries

An artist named SON CHAEYOUNG... (I love her, too!)

(I know that artist!) ...designed it!

(Deeply satisfied)

I finished mine, too

I wanted to show how much we're waiting

for JEONGYEON to join us

So I drew all of us together

-It's very genuine -Yes

But they're all clenching fists

(Ms. SON has an eye for detail)

(How should I answer this...)

JEONGYEON won rock-scissors-paper!

(The best student of the 2nd period?)

-I choose two -SHINEE haircut...

(First pick: NAYEON) YAY!!!!

(Please) (Don't forget JIHYO)

(Second pick: PARK JIHYO)

(I did it!) Thank you!

(+3 stickers for the two MVPs of 2nd period)

Wow, so many stickers!

(Delirious) (So happy, I can't keep still!)

(I can't take it anymore)

I did a great job, too

(Second word) Next is...

Boo? (BOO♥)

(Hurriedly) Should we start?

(60 seconds start) BOO the puppy!

(It's really mine this time!)

(Focused) (The sticker belongs to me)

The teacher is supposed to roam around like this

(I can do this!!)

(Hard at work more than ever) (Screwed up...) (Do-over!)

(JIHYO already finished hers)

(Very happy)

Incredible effort!

(Stickers sparked so much passion among students)

(60 seconds over)

-That went by so fast -Wow, that's quick!

Who wants to go first?

Let me share a little story with Boo

-Boo once came over to my place -Okay

However, he wanted to go potty

And he wasn't potty-trained yet

He searched for the bathroom and ended up peeing on the hallway... this. One dallop (LOL)

(A huge dallop) I have the photo, remember?

-Yes -You know that, Mrs. HIRAI?

(How dare you disclose Boo's embarrassing mistake...)

There's a follow-up story, too

I cleaned up his poop, and it clogged my toilet



(Speaking only the truth) We worked hard to fix it

MOMO brought her plunger from her place to unclog it

(What a story)

That's the story behind my drawing

My turn!

It's something that happened recently

Here's the drawing! I stepped on Boo's...

...poop in the kitchen


Good job

(I should've gone first!) Next?

Boo reminds me of

his owner, MOMO, walking him

So I drew them

-I wanna see! -I like the leash color

That's a dog?

(Maybe an MVP?) I like it!

(My turn now) Me!

(Curious) Okay

-So this is... -Isn't that a wolf?

(How is this a wolf?)

-You sure it's Boo? -He's wagging his tail

(Strict teacher) I drew him

(Good luck, TZUYU!) She expressed Boo's facial expression

The highlight of her drawing is his eyes

That innocent look!

-I see it -I know that expression

I also focused on Boo's facial expression

Isn't that a bear?

His iconic posture (Stomach upwards)

(SON CHAEYOUNG / Who's lagging behind?) DAHYUN is...

(SON CHAEYOUNG / Where's DAHYUN?) ...struggling a little

She said you were struggling

(KIM DAHYUN (17) / TOFUcasso of THS) She doesn't have an eye for art

She lacks artistic sense!

(KIM DAHYUN (17) / Has 1 and 1/4 stickers) Honestly, I don't care

because the drawing came from my heart(?)

That's what matters most

(SON CHAEYOUNG/ You can do it, TOFU) Her passion, though... remarkable. That's what's important

(Lastly, MINA) I drew Boo with his mom


(Lifelike) It's amazing!

(Looks exactly like my Boo!)

(Very proud) She drew Boo's laugh lines, too!

Very observant!

(I want it) (Looks exactly like Boo)

(SON CHAEYOUNG/ Evaluating the MVP) MINA is...

...very sharp-eyed

She has talent in that aspect

(MYOI MINA (17) / Unknowing art prodigy) I didn't know...

I had such talent in me

I surprised myself


(Who will take the sticker) I will give it to...

(Pounding heart)

-MINA, great job! -Yay!!

(3rd sticker: MYOI MINA) Observation is very important

What about me?

Ceativity? (Art is all about creativity)

For the sake of my toilet!

I just loved this drawing style

(4th sticker: MINATOZAKI SANA) (My toilet...)

Art is about creativity!

(The classroom is bursting with artistic passion)

(It's not over until it's over)

(More words and stickers to come!)

(Who will take the remaining stickers?)

(To be continued next week!)

The Description of TWICE REALITY "TIME TO TWICE" TDOONG High School EP.03