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let's get back to it what I'm reviewing today is one of the greatest so bad it's

good movies like every the room the room is the baby of genius eccentric and

possibly vampire Tommy Wise oh this is his baby if you

don't know who Tommy Wiseau is you're missing out the man should be a national

treasure Tommy should be the one of those those eggies commercials because

he might just be the most interesting man in the world this dude will trip you

up from within the film and out as well Tommy Wiseau didn't only star in this

film he wrote it he produced it he directed it co-produced it executive for

executive produced it and more so the room was filled in 2003 in the San

Francisco Bay Area and it stars Tommy Wiseau Greg Sestero and Juliet Daniel

among others and it doesn't have comedic scenes that make you laugh because

they're clever or anything like that nah they make you laugh because there's so

damned terrible in addition there are scenes that are not even supposed to be

funny that make you laugh because you're just saying they're thinking like way

VTF this movie is a complete hodgepodge of scenes that make no sense it's a 1

hour and 40 minute romantic drama about Jonnie a successful banker who's about

to marry his live-in fiancee Lisa but Lisa doesn't love him and is having an

affair with Johnny's best friend mark but after you watch this movie you

wondered how the hell was Johnny a successful anything

the man has he absolutely Wars social skills in the history of mankind don't

believe me okay who asked this question in the middle of a conversation it's

confidential oh come on why not no I can anyway how

is your sex life not only is everything in this he completely pointless but the

question I get it they're best friends I mean then will you beat that over my

head Johnny's my best friend Chinese my best friend he's your best friend come

on Johnny's my best friend Mark's his best friend I'm so happy I have you as

my best friend any other person would just manipulate the conversation where

it either goes there naturally or doesn't sound like such a creep ask

question but besides that this scene has absolutely nothing we get no new

information nor do any of the characters check this one out

all that shopping wore me out hey Lisa hey Danny Danny this is my mom

mom this is Danny how many people come in and out of this apartment every day

this is worse than Grand Central Station I just need to borrow some sugar help

yourself I also need a cup of flour and a half stick of butter doesn't your home

have a kitchen it's like awesome screenwriting what's the excuse for this

scene yeah that's idea

then for some weird reason there's a football which they throw around

throughout the film why what's the reason is there some like hidden inside

meaning for the football no there isn't there's absolutely no reason what about

the dialogue hi babe I have something for you

this Bill's dialogue is so painfully awkward in them natural it sounds like

they're reading a script that's meant to guide the dialogue where the actors then

are supposed to add a live their own dialogue using scripted dialogue as kind

of a guide instead of reading directly from it check this out I did not hit her

it's not true it's bullshit I did not hit her I did not oh hi mark

and look at this clip nothing man do you do you have some spaghetti why

don't you try forget it dude is this some secret don't forget I'll talk to

you later well look how they just blow up it's like okay I am now supposed to

blow up so I will like this is what you get if like an alien came to earth and

started kind of like studying human dynamic getting only a vague

understanding of human interaction without getting other subtleties and

nuances of it all like for instance Lisa throws Tommy a

party where Tommy confronts mark and Lisa for having an affair and they fight

and insult each other and just here watch whose baby is it is it mine no of

course not how can you be sure come on Lisa stop asking me stupid questions the

hell do you think you are shut up who acts like that and so what's probably

really going on is that Tommy Wiseau himself is a damn alien after he film

this he swore this was oscar-worthy acting

and that's not even including the sex scenes

check this out you gotta be asking yourself what am i watching right now

don't worry I asked myself the same thing is this dude having sex with

Lisa's breasts does he think he's opposed to aim for the bellybutton what

is it so I've talked about the weird meaningless dialogue right I don't even

have to tell you it's all pointless wanna know why cuz the movie or the

creator of a himself didn't think much of the dialogue was important not one

bit how do I know well what same director

would write dialogue that ends with look we'll talk about it later I can just

talk to you later you don't want to talk to me look I don't want to talk about I

don't want to talk about it I can't talk right now I can't talk about it

look I don't want to talk about it I don't want to talk about it you were

alone and she doesn't want to talk to you anyway how is your sex life or not

don't care anymore and there's even weird dialogue where

you get certain stories and the responses just out of this world don't

believe me check out this scene where mark tells Johnny a sad cautionary tale

I just know a girl should a dozen guys one of them found out about it beat her

up so bad she ended up in a hospital in Guerrero Street we get this response

from Johnny what a story mark yeah you can say that again

yeah I'd have the exact same look bro oh when Lisa's mom tells her that then I'm

going you're not dying mom I got the results of the test back I definitely

have breast cancer should definitely be like a showstopper right not in Tommy

wise old world this merits a don't worry about it the entire movie could have

been like 10 minutes long here's a plot ten minutes longer Johnny

is a weird successful banker who has a live-in girlfriend named Lisa who he's

marrying in a few days Lisa doesn't love Johnny and she's cheating on him with

marks best friend Johnny finds out confronts them during this birthday

party where if I brings out the finance because Johnny's just decides and fights

over all right okay folks everything is fine fight this over this part I'm sorry

so everyone is kind of like okay cool everything's resolved but then come on

of course mark can't allow to be called a chicken just a chicken chip chip chip

chip chip it's the most mature insult in the history of mankind you cannot allow

that no way so the fight is broken up this time John tells everyone to piss up

Johnny goes upstairs locked himself in the bathroom Lisa asked him to come out

and he gives her the best damn line in the entire movie in a few minutes bitch

then every throws a tantrum and destroys things for no reason he fucks the shit

out of Lisa's red dress and then he kills himself

the room really is one of a kind should definitely be in film school to teach

aspiring directors how not to direct till writers help not to write and

actors how not to act it's definitely one of them so bad it's hilarious what

rating do I give it I have no clue I don't know what to say to this movie I

just don't think it needs a bad rating it's something all in its own class what

I will say is if you want to move either laugh at look no further than to the

room well geeks I hope you enjoyed this video

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