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Hey guys, welcome back to another Sims 4 video.

This is just a quick one for you today.

This is a cinematic video for a house I built in Sulani.

I believe I built this way back when Island Paradise was released

but this is one of my favorites so, I thought 'why not showcase it?'

It has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, so is ideal for 2 Sims. But now that Tiny Living has released -

- I suppose you can cram a sofa bed somewhere in there and cram a few more Sims in if you really want to.

I'm thinking about making more of these cinematic videos because they're alot more fun to make compared to the speedbuilds I've done before.

I just realised that I called it Island Paradise, but it's actually Island Living.

I always get in confused with The Sims 3 pack that is called "Island Paradise"

Anyway, let me know what you think of this video format

And let me know if you prefer the speedbuild version or if you prefer the cinematic videos.

I believe we are coming up to the screenshots now, so i am going to leave you to enjoy that

And as always, thank for watching. Bye!

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