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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【美翻】心機富家女設計欺壓灰姑娘,反被灰姑娘搶進風頭,灰姑娘出場的瞬間,美到不能呼吸!

Difficulty: 0

This is the work of the Heart Series.

I am looking forward

Please have the mosaic group below

Showcase core products

Heart series

Show model

It is the excellent chief designer of our mosaic group, Gao Wei.


Then when she turned around

Chen Pinzhen

What are you doing?

What are you rushing at me?

Why don't you ask Gao Song?

What did she do?

She bought a model agent

Let Gao Jie's main show model

Get the jewelry and disappear

I said less than total

You keep saying that you like Gao Jie, love Gao Jie.

But you know what the number of sorghum is.

Repeatedly condone her to use the next three methods to oppress Gao Jie

Is this what you said really?

Its no wonder that Gao Gaojie will hesitate to you.

Compared to her care

You care more

You are less than the total name.

Is this not the background of your custom group?

I do not know either

Originally informed of the time of playing

Repeated delay

Completely messed up


Please help me a favor.

What is busy

Gao Hao let me play the finale

I guess she will definitely time out.

Intentional delay

She won't give a custom group at all

Leave enough time for the show


Once this is scheduled,

It is difficult to change

Even the prime group can compress time

I think it is very difficult to help you.

On the contrary

I hope that the Sujin team can delay for ten minutes.



May be a problem in the background

But in fact, no matter who is first

As long as our customers are satisfied

Whether it is Gao Jie or Gao Wei

How about them

They are all honoring for us.

is not it

Gao Jie Gao Jie

This is not

The girl in the afternoon?

This is just

Impromptu entertainment

The highlight is the show of Gao Song

That she showed these

Is it also an exhibit of the Heart Series?


Play with me

I am going to dismantle his hypocritical face now.


Don't be impulsive to listen to me.

The Huasheng Festival is very important to the company.

All of our suppliers also have celebrities in the jewelry industry.

All here

You are going to have a fight with Gao Jie now.

No benefit to us

Will only be lower ourselves

And will be looked down by the chairman

I can't swallow this breath.

you listen to me

Not to the end

We still have a chance

As long as the final exhibition is a jewel of heart

We can turn the plate

Is there anything that can be done now?

what do you mean

How do you do it?

I am not saying to let the model take the high jewelry?

just now

I want jewelry with her.

Who knows that she has to go back after giving it to me.

Suddenly said that I debut

I can't always rush to grab it.


Don't talk about these meaningless things.


The groom you want to play as a model

Bring this to the stage

Then let him use the ring of heart

Proposing marriage with Gao Jie

Let her say the slogan


You give me something serious.

You have heard it.

Can you beat the Sujin group?

Just look at it tonight.

Such a crucial moment

You should not be facing them.

The Description of 【美翻】心機富家女設計欺壓灰姑娘,反被灰姑娘搶進風頭,灰姑娘出場的瞬間,美到不能呼吸!