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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Россия займется Bitcoin майнингом?! | BitNovosti экстренный выпуск

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Hi all! Here is the very special informal release of BitNovosti Video Version. My name is Andrey Rodivilov and you could see me in the movies "Cryptocurrency - the gold of new age"

where I played the role of bitcoin investor.

Additionally, I took part in Bitcoin tour to Europe

After its first two series were released, they mentioned me and found out I am talented. So here I am. Let's start!

Although Russian authorities keep silence about Bitcoin future in Russia, that might be just a marketing trick.

We have known they began construction of a big mining center near Khanty-Mansiysk.

The contract for building of big mining center was signed with GosHashReserve.

that is related to Arkady Rotenberg, according to unconfirmed source.

They do not disclosure its projected hashing power, but our sources say that projected power feed is up to 100 MW.

The fact that they choose to place mining center in permafrost region will allow significantly save on its cooling.

That opens prospective for Russia to make it the largest mining center in the world.

Perhaps, this might be some insidious plan of our government

Sooner or later, when they ban Bitcoin, they will have to "close" people and then send them to very north

and at this moment they will realize that there are people already at the north!

We must say that bitcoin suits very well to the conditions of far north

Usually people do not think much about such an obvious thing that all things become much smaller when it is VERY cold.

So at very far north it is so cold that plastic cards become that small that they even declined by ATMs.

The same about cash - it gets smaller to such extent that ATMs and payment systems start declining it.

In this regard bitcoin becomes the best currency for use at far north as there is no

any material things that may shrink

your private key is the sequence of digits that will never shrink whatever temperature is outside so

that is why bitcoin is The Gold Of Far North!

In general, very bad weather will make very positive impact on mining of new bitcoins.

You know, anyone will start working with a great enthusiasm when he knows there is a risk he might be eaten by a bear otherwise.

It is well known that bitcoin mining is accompanied with releasing of a lot of heat.

Cooling of mining equipment consumes a lot of power.

Owners of Hotmine startup managed to turn this issue into advantage.

If you look at the device they called Hotmine Smart Heater-Miner, it looks like a water boiler.

The difference with regular boiler is that this very device contains a few mining processors from Bitfury.

Mining processors heat water up to a certain temperature and then it can be used to take a shower or just for heating.

Thus, even if mining on this device will occasionally become unprofitable

its user will still be able to use it for heating at home up to reasonable temperature

Smart Heater-Miner consumes 3.3 kW and it is able to heat up to 50 square meters

The cost of the most inexpensive model is $2000 and the most expensive is $6400.

Although there is no such devices in stock yet, the company has already opened pre-sale at their website.

This is ideal solution for Europe as we will soon cut them off from gas and they will have to use something else for heating

so let them mine bitcoins and use these devices for heating!

I think the next step will be to develop electric ovens on bitcoins

this way it will be possibility to fry eggs, to cook soup and to make tea - all while bitcoin mining!

Bitcoin has been included into gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia.

We knew about that from the leak made by one well-known hackers group.

according to investigations OF the hackers' group

delivered by?

okay, delivered by, not investigations of - my mistake, you know sometimes *t happens.

The hackers group found a track of large systematic bitcoins purchases on several bitcoin exchanges that accept Russian ruble as a fiat currency.

During investigation the hackers found out that the rubles came from reserve accounts of Russian Central Bank.

All bitcoins that were purchased for these rubles accumulate on a single bitcoin-address 3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v

Preliminary estimates and approximation to estimated cost of bitcoin in near future show that there is collected about 1% of overall gold and foreign exchange reserves remaining in Russian Central Bank by now.

Let's remind that overall volume of Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves reduced by 25% in recent years

and now valued at $365 bln.

The investigation shows it might be not just sell-off to support ruble but hidden value transfer into innovative financial assets and particularly Bitcoin.

It is still not certain what happened to the hackers that unravel the secret.

On the other hand, The Ministry of Finance in Russia will put a bill to the State Duma about introducing of criminal liability for rubles exchange to bitcoins.

The Ministry of Finance and General Prosecutor's Office believe that bitcoins exchange into rubles and vice versa must be deemed as illegal currency transactions.

Alexey Moiseyev, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance, said:

If you take a look at this from standpoint of fighting with financial terrorism, that is very dangerous crime,

so of course, we will seriously limit bitcoins exchange to rubles and vice versa.”

Earlier we knew that the project of law supposes either a term of up to 4 years in prison or fine of 500k rubles ($7k) for cryptocurrency emission or use by regular citizens.

Top managers of banks or financial companies can go to prison for up to 7 years.

Now let us remember the first news of this release: they are building new mining center near Khanty-Mansiysk.

It all is not by accident, my friends!

That is the place where the people convicted for bitcoin operations will spend their 7 years in prison

and further they will be producing new bitcoins near Khanty-Mansiysk. Full circle!

We must to say here that seven years is not that long and one can use this term usefully.

One can read a lot of books, or learn new language.

Finally, just imagine how many bitcoins you can mine in these seven years!

So we present you the interview with a man who is in prison right now for economical crimes.

Hello, Sergey!

Sergey, how things are going?

What can I say? It is pretty good here.

Sergey, seven years is that too much or not?

It can be much more than just seven years. My neighbor sat for fifteen.

But if we take it from universe prospective, seven years is about nothing.

Sergey, which goals you managed to accomplish while you are there for seven years?

Oh, that is the separate question.

Before I went here I was not able to do any hand work at all.

Now I can perfectly sew mittens.

Probably I have already sewed more than one thousand pairs, so this might be my new profession when I am free.

Sergey, thank you so much and I wish you to get free as soon as possible!

My friends, from the interview it is seen that seven years in prison is not that much

and you can always deem spending of this time in Russian prison as a great benefit for you. You are welcome!

So do not afraid of anything, they are already building new mining center near Khanty-Mansiysk!

Actually, my friends, I found out great way out:

If you want people do not go for seven years in prison for bitcoins, it need to imagine some other word that will work for "bitcoin"

for example, that can be the word "licorice"

and then all our releases will look somehow like that:

Our film crew visited a regular licorice meet up

that took place in a cult place of all licorice activists

in a Berlin burger-cafe Room77.

The people who love licorice constantly meet here for a chat

As a payment the cafe accepts the only licorice.

The owner Jeorg Platzer first time tried licorice in 2011 and since that time

he continues to using it on his own but actively offer to all others

There are also licorice-sceptics can be met on these meet ups, however, even they finally accept that licorice is good for their business too.

They say that these met ups in Berlin work as a very good indicator of interest to licorice.

If we see lots of people here, that shows great interest to licorice. The fact that there's a lot of people on current meet up means that it is all going well with licorice.

While on the tour to Europe, there was only one man of our group who admitted he tried licorice before.

Yes, my friends - do not be surprised, we discussed licorice in the car while traveling

So one of us said he tasted licorice before and it tastes like sh*t.

Well, I do not know, he knows it better.

Here I will add couple of words about licorice... I.e. about bitcoins... Hey, do not look like you don't get what I'm talking about!

Andre Wächter, Head of the Munich arm of Germanys Alliance for Progress and Renewal (ALFA) party suggested to use bitcoin as a valid payment method for municipal payments.

Andre made the proposal in direct opposition to the policies of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The misguided politics of trying to preserve the euro and the ECBs monetary policy in general will sooner rather than later lead to a huge loss of trust in the euro itself,” Wächter said.

"In such a scenario its important that Munich as the regional capital is unequivocally on the side of residents and, as part of that, helps raise awareness of alternatives to the euro system." - he added.

Wächter suggests to allow citizens to pay utility bills, taxes and any other payments to local authorities in bitcoins.

By the way, as everyone probably knows, before Wächter came up with his suggestion, Munich's local currency was beer.

So bitcoin won beer in this fight!

Now a few more words about interesting bitcoin start-ups.

Dutch programmers developed piggy bank for bitcoins.

Electronic pig will store kid's savings in bitcoins and fiat currency.

The pig connects to Ernit application that allows the kid to set a goal for saving, or a few goals.

Using built-in lapms the application will indicate how close the kid to achieving the goals.

Ernit developers think that pig banks learn kids how to save money, and electronic pig banks learn them additionally how to save in cryptocurrencies.

They can connect bitcoin wallet or bank account to Ernit account.

Each time when money arrive, the pig is highlighting and making a sound.

Then the kid can withdraw his money by pressing the pig's nose.

Anyone at any point in the world can drop some coins to kid's accounts.

The only thing you need to know for that is kid's account ID.

Earnit developers think that their product will make it easier for grandparents to make gifts to their grandsons who are often living far away.

And btw, in Ukrainian version of Ernit there will be a feature to collect pig fat, so when one think he saved enough and crush it, there will be just lots of fat at the moment.

Here remains one question - how to take bitcoins from this pig bank?

For that they will probably need to create very special bitcoin-hammer, so that you could this pig bank and take your bitcoins.

For trendy people there are offered socks on the market with bitcoin logo.

The socks have been offered by Jason V. Holmes. Jason is founder and owner of Kimchi Socks LLC

The fists socks with original new design have already been available in stores.

The socks are designed in two colors: round orange bitcoin logos on black and white background.

The socks creator thinks that a pair of bitcoin socks could be original gift to colleagues and partners in professional environment.

And by the way, the socks never smell! And if one wears them long enough, they start mining new bitcoins!

As Belarus philologists think, and also according to the people who are serving in Belarus branch of KGB

correct pronunciation of Bitcoin is Bitco-In.

I do not know why they think so and hence I propose to discuss it in comments to this video.

Dear friends, pleas write down your opinion in comments on what will be right to use - Bitcoin ot bitco-In?

After all, we can make stress on first syllable - then it will be beet-coin. That will be great!

And probably you have thought - what the sh*t I've just seen?

Where is Natalya Turina? Who is that guy? Where are BitNovosti Video Version I get used to?

Dear friends, this is absolutely normal release of BitNovosti on April fool's day.

In this release the only two news were fake ones.

Those one who will write in comments which ones two news of the release were fake ones

will get such gifts as t-shirt and, of course, the mug with BitNovosti logo.

And btw, if you had more fun with me rather than with Natalya Turina, please also mention about that in comments.

I desperately need some work so I will be glad to intrigue Natalya.

So now I say good buy. Oleg Radivilov was here with you. I hope we will meet again. Or maybe not. Bye-bye!

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