Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE! - YOUTUBER EDITION!!!!

Difficulty: 0

Hey guys, this is Karina. >> It's Ronald and we are from

Sis versus Bro!

>> And today, we are doing Pancake Art Challenge!

But this time, YouTuber Edition.

>> Yay!

So, in this bowl, we have a bunch of papers

which say a bunch of YouTubers names

and we're gonna have to make a pancake

that looks like a Youtuber.

>> First round, let's go.

>> Alright. I'm gonna pick this one.

I'm g onna pick this one.

>> Oow.

I got itsFunneh.

>> Oh, I got Preston! >> What?!

We got our both favorites.

>> I got Ronald's favorite, and Ronald has my favorite.

>> Oh, no. >> It's not fair,

I ripped the page by accident.

>> Don't rip Preston's page.

>> Why not?

>> Or I'm gonna rip Funneh's page.

No. So let's make Preston.

>> And let's make Funneh.

I'm going to start with the eyes.

>> Alright.

>> Oh, no, oh no, I'm messing up.

OK, ok, ok, ok, ok.

Okay that--

That doesn't look great.

Okay, that's one eye.

>> Mine looks horrible, I accidentally did a drop.

>> So now we... >> It looks nothing like him.

>> The blackie.

I need the tongue first.

Ok. >> Oh no, I need the red.

>> But I needed the black.

>> Alright switch.

>> There's a lid.

It looks horrible.



That looks the worst.

>> Alright, I got the face down, sorta.

>> What is that?!

>> I don't know.

>> Let's open this-- Broke it again.

Okay, there's a teeth.

>> Mine look so bad.

>> Mine looks even worse.

Ugh, I need black.

>> Don't worry, I'm finished now.

Alright. There you go, Ronald.

>> Blacky strack.

Oh no, this is gonna go out bad.

You're done?

>> Yep, mine looks horrible. >> I'm not even close.

>> Those are eyebrow?

>> Yep, no judging.

>> I'm going to try and see if I can flip now.

>> So I guess, she's gonna have no teeth.

>> No teeth to bite with.

>> Yep.

>> Wow, that's a big head. >> [inaudible] so much.

Now it's perfect.


>> I love that sound though like [spraying sound]

>> Don't put much, Ronald. Don't put much.

Don't put much.

>> Ronald, if you make it too big, you're not gonna be able to flip it.

>> Oh, I could flip with that.

Once I wait long enough, you know.

Go over here, we do it over here.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.



Drawing Funneh, she has such a big head.

>> You di--

She doesn't even have any hair! She's bald!

>> Yeah, I'm making her hair right now.

>> No, but-- The skin is gonna be showing.

>> Too-doo-too-doo-too-doo.

I just love singing when I'm building or something like that.

>> No!

>> Well.... >> Preston is dead!

>> No, you killed Preston-- >> I killed Preston.

>> You killed Preston. >> And her hair?!

Her hair's like.

Alright, that's it looks good.

Oh, the hand doesn't look that bad.

>> It looks like a blob of blackness.

So, it looks like mine is ready.

So I'm gonna flip it.



That looks nothing...

Like her..

>> What is that?

>> I don't know.

It's a monster.

>> Oh my God.

So this is my Preston and that's Ronald's itsFunneh.

You guys decide who did a better job.

>> Mine looks terrible.

>> Mine is cut in half.

Round two, let's pick the paper.

Alright, I'm gonna pick this one.

>> I think you're gonna get DanTDM.

>> I got Toys and Me.

>> I got Denis!

It's gonna be hard to draw Denis,

cause he has a Roblox character.

>> Alright, mine's gonna be hard because mine's got a lot of colors.

>> I wanna just make his head.

>> Yeah, I'm just gonna make her face.


>> Woop.

Okay, that's his Roblox head.

Okay, we need to draw in the eyes, or this won't work,

and the mouth.

>> Alright, these are the two eyes.

>> Okay, happy face.

And a little squiggle there.

He's sticking out his tongue.

Oh, I think I should draw Sir Meows alongside.

>> Eyebrows.

Eyebrows look so hilarious.

>> Okay... We need to color this in.

>> Oh no, I got a random block dot.

Not the black dots.

>> I need the brown.

Okay. >> That's her mouth!

>> Ooh.

Okay, that's like my mohawk-ish.

>> Alright. This is the hair.

>> This looks actually pretty good.

Not gonna lie.

>> Mine looks terrible.

Not gonna lie.

>> Okay, so now, I need Sir Meowncy poe.

I think I need to make the bow first.

Okay, there's the tie.


Okay, here comes Sir Meows a lot.

And here comes his head.

No, no.

We're gonna make his head bigger.

As big as Denises.



I didn't make the eyes first,

or the mouth.

>> It's okay, It's gonna be a faceless

>> I'm gonna restart Sir Meows alot.

That sir meows a lot is going to the trash.

>> Alright, I think I did a good job?

>> Dot, dot, mouth.

And then we need to make a cirlcle.

Oh yeah, this is going out.

This is going out well.

Okay, so we need a

We need to finish the bow tie because I didn't quite finish it.


There we go.

There we go!

Now, we're rocking and rolling.

Not really.

Okay, so maybe we could get some brown cat ears.

>> I'm doing good.

Alright, now I'm going to do

the rainbow what she has in the background.

>> I think my Denis looks good.

I guess I should the red to add more details.

Because he plays Roblox.

Okay, Robloxia.

>> All right.

>> Huge R.

There we go, now, I'm finished.

Now, we just gotta wait.

Hmm, alright.

Let's make some more colors um, here in the background.

So it looks a little better.

>> Chilling here is cooking.

>> I need the orange.

>> Sweating.

My Denis looks pretty good.

>> Alright, I think I'm done, now I just need to wait.

Okay, so it looks like the pancakes are ready to be flipped.

>> Let's flip them.

First the R.

>> Whoa! Mine looks--

good, I guess?

Not really, though.

Well yours is looking pretty good.

>> Wow.

>> Yours looks good. I like the Denis.

This is my Toys and Me, that's Ronald's Denis.

You guys decide in the comment section down below

who did a better job.

>> So, I have Denis, Sir Meows-a-Lot and the Roblox sign.

>> And I have just Tiana but with a rainbow.

Alright, round three. Let's pick the paper.

>> I will pick this one, and I think I have Guava Juice?

>> No, I have Guava.

>> No!

>> Yay, he's so easy to make.

>> Alright.

>> When I look at him, it kinda does look hard, actually.

But not too hard.

>> DanTDM looks harder.

>> Yeah. >> I'm gonna just make his face.

Okay. There is DanTDM's head.

Okay, let's make his eyes.

Okay, and his mouth.

Okay, we're making progress.

And his goggles.

His goggles go up here, right?


And then...

We need some more black.

>> Alright, I'm gonna make his like, green tongue.

>> I kinda like this one-- Where it's going.

Oh, this is--

I think that looks good.

>> Yeah, I guess it doesn't look too bad.

Can I use the black? Thank you.

>> We can put a bit up here and black, brown.

>> The mouth looks hilarious.

>> And then, we an build up

some skin actually in here.

>> Alright, I still need to make the leaf with like

on top of his head.

>> Oh, look at that. Oh, yeah.


A bit of a shirt.


Okay, first of all we need to make a square.

>> Mine's gonna look hilarious, I'm telling you.

>> Oh, and second of all, we need to make...


There we go.

[deep sigh]

Add a red line cause in the picture there's a red line.

Red line.

And some brown to outline.

Ooh, it's actually looking good.

>> I'm done my guava juice.

I'm just gonna make it look better

and put a black outline around it.

>> I need the black.

>> Alright, there you go.

>> Perfect. Are you done?

>> Yeah, I'm done. Mine looks hilarious.

I don't think it's gonna look even like Guava Juice in the end.

>> Look at mine!

Look it's DanTDM. >> Your looks good.

Looks better than mine. >> Hold on, I'm not finished.

I need to add a little bit like this.

Yeah, we just need to wait until it cools down.

You know-- >> No, not cool down, heats up.

>> Heats up. >> Yeah,

so it can become a pancake.

>> Okay, so now it looks like it's ready to be flipped.

Let's flip it.

>> Alright.

Whoa! Mine looks ugly.

>> Whoa! Look at mine!

>> Yours looks way better and you just...


>> To top it off.

Ah, it smells so good.

So, my DanTDM looks...

pretty good, you know?

>> Mine looks ugly.

>> As good as new.

>> It looks nothing like Guava Juice.

So this is my Guava Juice and that is Ronald's DanTDM.

You guys vote in the comment section down below,

whose is better. >> I think mine is better.

>> I think mine is creepier.

It has this little dot here, this random dot there.

>> Where?

>> Right there. >> Oh.

>> What tops it all off.

>> So guys, we hope you liked this video.

If you did, smash that like button

and we'll see you all next time.

Good bye.