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today i'm going to show you my february makes

hi i'm Alex and this is Gingerhead & Co my sewing vlog today i'm going to show you what i made in

February and i thought i didn't make a lot but i think i made quite a few things let's start

with what i'm wearing i'm wearing Tilly and the buttons billy sweatshirt and this one is quite

ordinary apart from the fabric i mean when i say quite ordinary i mean i haven't changed a lot so

it's almost as is apart from the pockets because i added my favourite pockets that i cover stitched

oops sorry i cover stitch here right and you know how to make the pockets because they are

quite a few videos that i've made and you can make your own so i added ribbing ribbing here as well

and ribbing here this time the sleeves are just normal sleeves and so not the puffy sleeves i used

french terry the the french terry is from fabric shop dot pl i don't think they ship to the uk at

the moment i'm not quite sure i will have to send them an email and ask because i'm not entirely

sure i know that for some time they stopped tripping to the uk we'll see how the situation

solves itself but back to the button back to my make my first make first that i'm showing you

i love the fabric and i wanted to show off the fabric because i'm not sure how vivid

my footage is going to be but the fabric is really vivid you can see the golden leaves

and i think i need is something simple i'm not going to make any more billy sweatshirt just yet

because i've got quite a few but i am definitely going to wear this one a lot i have worn it all

the things that we are going to see have been worn and that's the problem with my monthly makes all

of that is usually covered in my cats and my dogs some things are dragged out of the laundry basket

so they're not ironed or anything but i love it it's well nothing to say because i made

a video on billy how to make the billy dress with some changes it is a brilliant make because it

takes you one afternoon to make and you can wear it straight away even with my changes

with some extras even with the pockets it's not going to take you longer than one afternoon

and it's great because you can wear it immediately and i think as always with Tilly and the buttons

patterns the instructions are great everything should be suitable for most people but i think

there is a beauty in simplicity sometimes and this one well it was a great pattern to buy for me

because i have definitely used it quite a lot and it is probably going to be used again hopefully

not this season because that would be too much and the next make the next make is my coat it's

Burda coat it's pattern number 108 from December 2018 and the coat is i'm going to add some photos

the coat is quite simple it hasn't got a collar or anything so it's lined but i used my very ordinary

acetate lining that i had in my stash i didn't want it to be special because i don't really want

my coat if my coat is with patterns and this one well check so i didn't

want the lining to be the hero of the coat and i wanted this coat so much i wanted to

try this coat because i've got some fur that i got from coalville and this fabric is also from

coalville and i needed something simple to make a coat made entirely out of fur i've got purple fur

that's not what i had ordered i just got purple even though i ordered kind of orangey burnt red

colour oh well mistakes happened i didn't want to send it back so i ended up with purple fur

and purple fur needs something simple and i am probably going to make a purple fur coat

but maybe not this season because it's getting nicer and nicer every day back to the pattern

i did size it down because Burda pattern usually start with size 36 with which is about eight

in the uk so i needed to make it smaller and it is a roomy coat so there is a lot of ease

in it and i needed to size it down and i think i could have gone even a bit further

but i'm always worried and well that's the first time i have made this coat so i had to try i love

it it is going to be worn and a lot it is already being worn i'm using the fact that it's still the

mornings are cold and you know i want to get my wear out of it this season very simple my pattern

matching is decent i think i don't really spend a lot of time pattern matching but i spent some time

when cutting so everything is roughly pattern matched but there is no collar or anything so it's

not that difficult it's got pockets and it is shaped so that it is narrower at the hem it didn't

take me very long but i made some changes to the process not the pattern itself as such apart from

sizing down but the process because i like making my coats in a particular way and i hope this is

going to be the last winter coat of this season i was going to make another one but i don't think i

have time coats are time-consuming if you disagree that's absolutely fine for me coats are time

consuming because i can't do everything at once and very often if you make something out of wool

well i pre-prepare my wall so i steam my wool and then i wait usually until it gets totally dry so

i can work with it but it's not only that it's also there is so much pressing making coats is

basically a lot of hand stitching because i mean it depends but i don't think there was loads of

hand stitching apart from the hem the bit at the end of the hem that i do by hand this is one of

my favourite methods apart from that i didn't do interlining so i didn't do pad stitching or

anything but it still took me two evenings so time consuming and because February was really busy

for me really i didn't really think that i would finish this coat in February i'm just looking at

my pattern matching but it's still down here i am not a patent matching snob but it gives you some

pleasure when you can pattern match and it works and it it's fine i am between fabric stingy and

pattern matching snob so if it costs me too much fabric i would probably go off tiny little bit

somewhere but generally if it's important i would pattern match i would recommend making this coat

it is a sporty type of a coat you can wear it with your jeans you can wear it with your

dresses if you go out i wonder where at the moment but i think it is brilliant i feel

very very happy that i made it that i managed to squeeze another coat in well this season

this month and it is going to be worn a little bit at least well to be honest because i didn't add

any interlining or anything it is not extremely warm i've got quite a few coats that are too warm

for now so i suppose i can get away with wearing it into well march maybe even

April we'll see i'm very happy it only has pockets it doesn't have a lot of details or anything and

i've got poo bags in my pockets yes because it's me okay let's go to the next make the next make is

my very simple and solid, I made a lot of solids this month well last month,

dress and it's a dress from one of the Russian partners companies that i made videos about

it's called shkatulka so that's that's the pattern and it's a very very simple design so it's a very

simple dress you can make a top out of that i did pay for this pattern but remember that there are

three sizes that are always free for each pattern in shkatulka so it is worth going to the website

and looking at the pattern because some are brilliant they never have seam allowances and the

instructions are always well on their website so you have to go back to the website and read

the instructions but i didn't i didn't read the instructions i just made the dress because come on

it's very simple pattern my dress is not exactly like they suggest here so it's not straight i

am going to make the straight version as well but for some reason i just wanted to change something

so I changed the skirt part i am going to add some video or something but my skirt part is

is fuller simply because i just wanted it because the fabric is plain the fabric is

from my stash I got it probably about a yeah ago or something from Coalville because it is velvet

and i think i only got velvet from coalville no from as well too but i don't think

this is from miekkie i don't remember honestly i just don't remember i've got loads of fabric

and i'm very happy because i needed a plain solid colours dress to wear with my

multiple cardigans cardigans i'm going to show you cardigans in in a second yeah cardigans again

i always make a lot of cardigans but that took me with kind of redrafting the skirt

but it probably took me i know an hour to make it's very simple i made my blind ham i

don't think i used cover stitch on this one simply because i like the smooth surface i

like the fact that there are no lines here i don't know sometimes i just do something else so i blind

hemmed this one and there is nothing to say about this dress apart from the fact that

i added seam allowances everywhere but not to the sleeves because i wanted this leaves to be

slightly tighter i kind of like this this look and i love the pattern and i think for 75p

or 70p i think i paid for for it in my size it is brilliant yes you do have to add your

own seam allowances but for me this is an advantage because i use various things to

either use one centimetre seam allowance if i sew with my regular sewing machine or i use my

overlocker and then my seam allowances is eight well seven eight millimetres so this case is the

overlocker i made it on the overlocker i'm very happy with it and it is going to be very useful

because sometimes i'm stuck like i want to wear something colourful on top of something equally

colourful and i'm not brave enough to wear a lot of pattern at the same time i'm going to show you

the cardigans because that's probably a good place to show you my cardigan cardigans even

and you might have seen the making of not really the making of but part of the process in my video

i made a video about well cover stitching thick fabric because in here this is juniper

by jennifer lauren handmade and when i make the cardigans i usually add either buttons or snaps i

prefer snaps in my cardigans but it depends and i use interfacing and i use interfacing that is not

stretchy so it makes everything even thicker and the fabric that i used is equally thick so it's

thick in itself because it it's from beyond the pink door and i can definitely recommend it it's

gorgeous it's just beautiful it is orange it is very very very nicely orange i love my cardigans

and i made two because this one the short one the cropped version with three-quarter sleeves

is for my sister so it's almost identical but it's shorter because my sister likes

flared skirts or dresses with flared skirt parts so she is definitely going to get a lot of wear

out of the shorter version and i am like an old teacher and i like my cardigans to be longer i

like all sorts of cardigans i just like cardigans but let me put it on that's that's my cardigan

and i love it and i'm very happy with it and it's difficult to dress myself in front of the camera

but maybe i should move you a bit because you probably can't see me very well but

it's got saddle sleeves and i know that i didn't use the opportunity to colour block

for the first time ever not really i've got colour blocked juniper cardigans because it used to be my

favourite cardigan pattern ever because the instructions from jennifer lauren handmade

are amazing so if you're a beginner yes her instructions are perfect for beginners they're

perfect for any level and i really like the pattern because they are well drafted everything

matches you know it's just really really pleasant to make it is a bit more time consuming than

an ordinary cardigan simply because you've got the saddle sleeve seam here which well you need

to be more careful when you sew you know every millimetre matters or it's not going to look

very pretty but other than that not really a bit time consuming but definitely not difficult and

i'm so in love with my cardigans but yeah the other one is for my sister so it's not really my

cardigans it's my cardigan plus the cardigan for my sister i'm going to show you the three-quarter

lengths sleeves cropped version as well and the fabric the same gorgeous it is so gorgeous

if if you can buy some i would definitely recommend it because i washed it it was just

really nice i know that it will pile a bit after some time it's difficult to avoid things like that

but so far so good i'm very happy and it looks so pretty and that's quite important i have moved

the camera a little bit so i'm not i'm not sure if you can see better now but this is the the shorter

version so it ends here and it is beautiful and when you close it looks like that i do everything

quite quickly so i find it difficult to button up or snap up my cardigans it looks like that

and the sleeves are to be worn like that and it accentuates your beautiful waist if you have a

beautiful waist and if you don't have a beautiful waist you can pretend that you do and nobody will

ever know so i love it i hope my i'm sorry i'm touching my boobs i hope my sister likes it

as well and i think well she needs something plainer something in solids as well because

being my sister she's got a lot of things that i made for her and they are also patterned

i like it i think i should make more and i should go back to the patterns that i used to love so

much a bit more often if you don't have this pattern this is a brilliant cardigan pattern

and really the instructions are perfect i think the sizes now are expanded now to the wider range

of sizes for me the most important thing is that well i can buy a pattern in my size because her

size 6 fits me which doesn't always happen so i'm very happy with that way so the the smaller sizes

are definitely covered but i know that the bigger sizes are also extremely taken care of far more

than in many companies so hopefully everybody is going to be happy i am definitely happy and i can

recommend well the pattern and i can recommend the fabric and i can recommend making it because it's

it was fun it was nice it is one of the things that you make and you feel happy when you make it

or is it just me i just generally feel happy when i can make something well actually before i change

i can show you something else and this is the most unusual section of my makes that you will ever see

i made a lot of plain or solid type colour clothes they're mainly for my husband the Hedgehubby and

uh that well two pairs of jogging bottoms but they're not jogging bottoms for him they are

kind of shed bottoms or whatever bottoms he doesn't do jogging but they're very simple that

i think they're called iron joggers from green style creations and i think they're

very simple to make he didn't want pockets with zips because he doesn't like them so

as as much as i thought they would look cool i do understand that because

i'm not really a fan of zippered pockets in my comfortable clothes we are both not very

padded so when we sit down or something when there is a zip at the back of your bum you can feel it

so me and my husband are not really either super muscular or fluffy so

we don't really have a lot of padding but what i wanted to say about the the joggings

are that i was surprised that i didn't have to lengthen them because Hedgehog is six three six

foot three inches tall and usually i add at least two inches to the length of everything especially

bottoms he likes them which is brilliant and i made them they're very warm i made them in fleece

that i got from coalville and this one is not my favourite but i've got another pair of joggings

or jogging bottoms joggings jeggings or jogging bottoms that are in in this colour and this one

is sort of my favourite i really like it it's very nice very very soft and very fluffy and very sweet

and very lovely i didn't really do much well it's it had a cord but actually it doesn't like

chords so it hasn't got the cord anymore i cover stitched everything so that the pockets are cover

stitched and that's top and bottom cover stitch three needles that's three needles everywhere

else because for some reason i don't really like when there is too much of top and bottom cover

stitching and the thread is all orange you can see a theme and he likes them and i'm shocked that

he likes them because i i don't know actually what i thought i kind of didn't really expect

him to like them but he does and i made him so that was the waistband without the cord and

yes i label my husband so my label means that he's mine who belongs to me and i made him

a matching top and this top is house of akong top she only has one pattern for a top so far that's

a tiger top i call it tiger sweatshirt so again i added pockets the pockets are not originally

in the pattern but i just cover stitched them so the cover stitched lining of the pocket is inside

it is basically and as you can probably see because it's full it's full of fluff and full of

dirt it is his shed top so well not much to say about it the pattern

the house of akong tiger sweatshirt is for women so if you want to use it for men you would

probably need to add some lengths definitely need to add some length but i like it because it is so

simple it is very much like something that you would buy in a high street shop just an ordinary

sweatshirt with nothing so you can play with it you can do loads like i use it for cover stitching

for practicing my cover stitching and i use this pattern a lot because well it's simple it's easy

to make it fits pretty much everyone i think well depending on what size you choose but if

you choose the correct size it should fit everyone also because people are going to ask i did use the

the ribbing in both cases too in the light one as well i used the ribbing that mark sells now and

it's it's okay am i a ribbing snob it is polyester ribbing as you see i am not going to be converted

i will like my ribbing the ribbing that i get from Europe from Poland mainly and from Germany and

from Holland i just i like my ribbing to be cotton based i think nothing equals the quality of the

ribbing that is cotton and spandex and nothing else because it stretches beautifully it's got

excellent recovery this one doesn't really stretch that much it is something that you

would see like in primark or new look or something so kind of high street shops for

for teenagers it doesn't look expensive and it is not meant to look expensive it is brilliant

for what it is and for the price i think well it's a fraction of the price so

i'm not going to ask a lot or i'm perfectly aware that the ribbing that i buy is about three times

more expensive so i'm definitely not going to recommend expensive fabric for something that is

going to be used in the garden or in the shadow as your pyjamas or something so yeah brilliant they

match perfectly so the colour matches perfectly as plenty of times

and it i really like hearing that Hedgehubby said that they look

like from the shop but so much better it is nice i know that he's married to me so he's obliged to

say things like that but still i like it before i change because before i show you the dresses and

stuff i'm going to show you what i also made for him and that was a gift for

valentine's day and i made a top for him and that is jallie nico top with long sleeve because i

wanted to see if i like it with long sleeves then i do and it is at the moment dirty but i used this

quilted fabric from it is 100% cotton as far as i remember

it is extremely good quality and i bought it two years ago so i'm afraid they haven't got it

anymore i had it in two colourways but i've used everything up no no i i have some left but it's

it's for me i'm not sharing well nothing to say about this top i colour blocked just the front

so the back is plain with the quilted fabric at the back and as the sleeves raglan sleeves

well pleasure to make because Nico top takes I don't know and hour tops to make

even with the cover stitching and everything this one hasn't got pockets and the

hem is left as is and the sleeves are hemmed with the cover stitch again left as they are

i added some length to the sleeves but not a lot it is a great pattern and you can have all the

sizes so there are so many sizes that i don't even think they are necessary in the pattern

but it's it's brilliant you've got all the sizes millions of sizes and then one more plain or solid

i made the same top two house of akong tiger sweatshirt for myself and again the only thing

the only feature is the pockets the pockets that i added that are not in the pattern

and it's brilliant i have been wearing it so much because that kind of makes me realise

how much i needed solids but but nothing to say about that i haven't changed anything and

this is probably according to plenty of people it would be the most boring thing i've ever made but

so what i like it ok i hope this is not boring because of the sleeves and this is another

Russian company Russian pattern making or pattern drafting company that i recommended in the first

video about Russian patterns it is laforme it is one of my favourite

pattern companies like ever and i know that yes you do need to translate the instructions but

i think it's worth it i think this one was about three pounds or something i don't remember the

pattern but that's that's the pattern so i well i kind of made this one to be honest i'm going to

explain in a second to be honest i made the view which with the high colour but it was suffocating

me it's not really about the size it's about the feeling i think i picked the right size because

i think it fits me everywhere else but and it's not that i've got well i've got an exceptionally

narrow neck so it's not that my neck is generally wider so it doesn't really go with the size

of the rest of my body quite the opposite it wasn't in reality it wasn't too tight i just

i felt like somebody was kind of grabbing my throat and i hated that so desperately i tried

to change the neckline this changed sort of post production so i made it and then i changed it now

i think i would change something in the pattern so it would probably feel better look better you know

it would be more professional whatever that means but all in all i love the dress and the

dress is spectacular and i thought i was going to hate it because i thought i'm not very trendy i

don't really follow trends because very often i feel too exposed i feel that people think

looking at me that i am supposed to be trendy if i wear something that is fashionable at the moment

which is a really weird twisted way of thinking or twisted logic but i don't often want to have

things that are extremely fashionable because a week later i look at myself in a photo or whatever

and i think i looked horrible and maybe i do but i have fun wearing the sleeves that are like that

the sleeves are not difficult to make the raglan sleeves but they are when you cut the pattern out

and they're sort of gianormous because you've got all the gathering here all of it is good

at see so they are very very full very full it's like the power sleeves in the 80s and i feel

i don't know if i feel like an american football player the big shoulders but it was easy to make

i don't think there is anything tricky in the pattern i mean the instructions i did translate

them normally i don't really translate the instructions i do understand Russian so and

i think that reading the instructions in Russian probably makes it easier for me to understand not

that i generally understand the instructions i'm one of the people who switches off after like five

seconds of reading instructions but i did read the ins the instructions the English version is

a bit muddled when you are to attach it or to to gather the sleeves i think it's not i don't

remember what word they used but i remember that that is just gathering that it's not like whatever

pulling or something it's just gathering but i suppose everybody can guess what to do with

the sleeves you've got a lot of the surface of the sleeve and you've got not a lot of the

surface of of the sleeve opening of the armhole so you have to ease it in you have to gather it

but that easy really apart from the fact that you have to spend some time gathering

your sleeves because there is a lot of gathering it's gathered at the back as well so

see that is a lot of gathering but from that there is nothing else there are darts in the front two

dots in the front going through all of the dress and two dots of the back again the same thing

you've got the zip at the back and that's it and there is nothing nothing extra and i think the

well the result is spectacular even if you hate it it is still spectacular i like it

the fabric is from the textile centre and i had it in my stash for again about two years

or something so it needed using and i used it and when i went to work wearing this dress

i did a lot a lot of compliments and a lot of funny looks from the

the partners i don't know maybe it's not perfect for work but i wear it to work maybe they can see

me at the moment so i can do whatever i want but that's the Russian dress i've got another

Russian dress and i totally forgot about it but i made it at the beginning of February

i think and i made it because of Sian from kittenish behaviour i'll show you i'll change

to show you now my hair goes everywhere so this is the lekala pattern that Sian recommended Sian from

kittenish behaviour she's got as you probably know she's got a channel so you can watch her

and she's brilliant because i think that the dress that's that's the dress that's the drawings and

lekala patterns got numbers so it's lekala 184 although i call it my Sian dress and you can

colour block and you can colour block well in various ways but i decided that too much colour

blocking for my dress would probably be too much so i colour blocked only the the front panel here

i've got the belt that is colour blocked i mean that is the solid

and i've got the parts of the sleeves that are before the the cuffs that are in the same

colour what colour is it purplish something i'm not great at describing colours am i

but i love it it's super comfortable i'm not sure if i like the fact that it's got eyelets

as suggested inserted here and there is no tunnel inside it doesn't really bother me

my skin is not very sensitive but i think maybe i should add a tunnel just to make sure that nothing

that there is no steel against my body but but other than that perfect i love it and i am going

to use this button again the the thing that they did that i shouldn't have done was that i added a

few centimetres to my measurements when i ordered the pattern so it's not as small as it should be

i don't know why i did that but yeah so it's basically not quite my size but that is my

fault because i thought that it is probably going to be better if i add a few centimetres

because you never know we are not going out anywhere somebody said that

i don't remember who that was sorry but somebody said covid 19 means that we put on 19

pounds was it or something yeah that's brilliant so maybe i was just thinking that in case

that was the lockdown weight of some or something the fabric is again from the textile centre and

i don't know what it is it looks like Liverpool crepe for me because it is slightly stretchy not

a lot of stretch but it is slightly stretchy i'm not sure if it's going to last because

when you stretch it it hasn't got the greatest recovery in the world so when you stretch it

you can see the white and i don't like it but it's not stretched or it's not it's not a tight

fitting dress so it's not stretched anywhere on my body so i'm not worried that it is going to be

showing the white spots as i wear it but i'm not sure if the fabric is going to last forever

probably not but i like it and it is really vivid i think i need to do something about

the light because the light is changing and i need to probably close the shutters or something

and my next dress and i'm not sure why i change because you can't see it anyway i i will probably

take a photo video or whatever but my next dress is self-drafted because well the last two or even

three months they've been really difficult for me i have been working really really hard and a lot

which i don't mind but i have been extremely tired and i've been tired physically emotionally and

and i thought that i needed a reward so i bought myself a few one-to-one classes with a designer

who's kind of going to teach me a bit more about pattern drafting i did some online courses in

pattern drafting but i'm not good at it i'm just i know more or less how to do it but that's pretty

much it so i decided that i needed a bit more and i bought myself a few more lessons because

i have absolutely no time i am exhausted so that is my reward for being tired to

make myself even more tired but the dress is self-drafted i made a few mistakes but it fits me

it does fit me it fits me perfectly it is a simple dress and it's got a belt that i

made too long for some reason and because i thought that i would add some designer

detail the only designer detail that i can add at the moment is a flounce so a ruffle so i added the

ruffle to the the hem it works and i like it it's by no means perfect there are plenty of places

where i think now i think i should have done things better and when you draft your own partners

you as you sew you don't have instructions so you don't actually you have to think about what you do

you don't have any guide and i forgot about one thing like i forgot to make well any any sort of

loop or whatever for my belt so i just opened the seam and that made the hole you can't see it but

there is a hole here so this is probably not the best idea i mean I overlocked it and

yeah it is it's not perfect but i love it it's an experiment but i love it because

it really fits me it is drafted for me so it fits me and the sleeves well at first i thought that i

would have them open but you know me i need some elastic or or something some kind of cuffing

my cats are helping and yeah i think it's great there is nothing super exciting for you

because it's not the pattern that you can commercially buy i made this pattern

but still i'm very proud of myself silly and well and the pattern was free because i made it

and i made the dress and the fabric was from my stash i had loads of this fabric i think i

got it from coalville again i have no idea but every time when i find fabric that i've

got a lot of i think it's from coalville because why do i have that much i think

my cats i think i have five meters of this fabric let me just sort my cats out this is Charlie

and this is my new clapper Charlie and clapper shouldn't be together should they

which reminds me Hedgehubby made me a clapper and this one is like really heavy

really hard wood and it had my name on but maybe you can still see it

but it doesn't anymore because Hedgehubby sanded it with whatever is done to finish the wood he did

that and it disappeared so you can only see a bit of it but but still i love the clapper it's the

second clapper he made for me and this one is definitely about i don't know what wood it is

something some sort of nut i love it and it's a present for me for valentine's for the valentine's

day i like homemade presents for me they're better than anything else so yeah i am very happy i'm

very happy and very proud of my husband who is just so talented he never watches my videos so

i can say whatever i want but i do think he's talented i made so many things

okay and a few more makes and you can go i'm not going to change because you would spend

your lifetime in front of the tv or computer whatever i made some beanie hats as well

and some for my sister some for me and i made this snood that i'm going to wear together and

you can make this beanie hat and somebody asked if they could be reversible they are

reversible so you have to stitch them invisibly by hand but you would do that anyway unless you

really hate it but i hate hand stitching and even i do that so they are reversible so see

one and now look magic magic magic happens turn it upside down inside out and the other i just

never really make them into different colours but yes they are reversible and they are perfect

because they are from the knit that i got again from coalville i get a lot of fabric from from

Coalville they're cheap that's the knit that i got from Coalville that I absolutely love i bought all

the colourways and i use them for for everything i've gotten that yeah i use them for everything

and i've got another cardigan two cardigans that i made out of this net do you want to see

and i also made them in February there is no way i will ever in my life show you all the makes

from one month first of all because i don't remember second of all because they are getting

worn immediately third of all because why should you care for everything i mean i'm not the best

youtuber am i i don't really like when things are me centered so i can't really i'm not very

good at making videos like that because i always think like why should you care about what i made

but i know that i like watching videos like that i like watching what people's makes

and still i don't understand why people watch my videos i generally don't understand why people

watch my videos i'm shocked well thank you very much for watching if you are don't forget to like

the video because i always forget to say that another reason why i'm not a great youtuber

and i don't even try to be but like the video like the video like the video

make me smile i made two cardigans out of this knit and this one this one is

harper that's harper cardigan that's probably the last one that i'm going to make for a while

and i mainly made it because i wanted to cover stitch i just felt like cover stitching why not

make a cardigan to a cover stitch to everything there is a lot of cover stitching that is almost

invisible because i i picked the thread that is almost the same but i swear it is cover stitched

so it is cover stitch see everywhere but that's the harper and that is the

the kind of mid weight the mid length version i like harper cardigans i wear them a lot looks

like that but you've seen my harper cardigans and everybody else's harper cardigans everywhere

yeah i'm very happy with it and i don't think i've worn it yet this one i don't think i have

but i like it because it's melange colour see so it doesn't look very orange in my

camera it is more orange more rusty orange than it looks at least for me at least now

but i suppose that depends on the light and another one i made i made another one out of that

fabric what am i doing am i undressing or not but that was again because i wanted to cover stitch

and i wanted to use orange thread and i don't think it worked i don't know what you think

because i wanted the the kind of flashes of orange inside so i used orange thread in

in the looper and in my needles so everywhere so i used orange but i think it's maybe two orange

but you never know until you've tried and i used better easy pattern but i don't remember which

one the one from birthday is a magazine i don't remember which one it's a very simple cardigan

and yeah yeah but i will wear it i will wear all my cardigans

i need to finish or you're going to die of hunger have a snack right i'm just going to quickly show

you one more thing that is Burda top that i added pockets to and by the top that's burda 121-121

from December 2020 and it is supposed to look like that

right but i changed it so i made the sleeves much much shorter i sized it down i added pockets

and the pockets are different this time and oh i don't know um i just like my pockets but see the

pockets aren't just straight here right so it's like welt pockets in uh knits the fabric is from

fabric it is french terry it is cotton based french Terry super soft

super lovely i did colour block it and it's the same whales that Hedgehubby's front of his

jalie pattern is made out of doesn't make sense so i use the same fabric for himself and for

moi so we will match and it's it's okay i think i made it too long because that is probably not the

best length for me but other than that i'm very very happy i just wanted to see if the pattern

was going to work because if i see a raglan top button and it is a raglan top pattern i want a

raglan top pattern i know that this is insane because i've got so many raglan sleeve patterns

that i definitely don't need to buy any more but it's just something i like raglan sleeves

it's just something that always attracts me to the pattern right i hope you are well that

you are still alive thank you very much for watching if i forgot about something which is

quite probable i'll show you next month thank you and see you soon bye

The Description of February Makes - Sewing Vlog with The Last Winter Coat (and me being accidentally trendy)