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(Bank Alarm)


Let's go, let's go!

You paid $6,000 for a car, you didn't get third seat?

Oh, shut up!

It's not work'en... spent all our money for noth'en!

You just wait. This baby is about to pay for itself.

(Police sirens)

(Engine Roaring)

Floor it!

(Epic uncopy-righted Marvel-Ish music)


Hey, it's Pete.

Hey how did everything go?

(Police sirens rushing by)

Uh yeah went swell, got the hats...

got the table cloth, plates,

and the balloons are currently smothering me.

Wonderful! And what about the cake?


Aren't you getting the cake?


Uh yeah? Yeah. Yeah from Lorraine's! Just picked it up actually.

Cutting it a little close, huh Pete?

Yeah just...hum.

Cutting it close, you know me.

Alright, see you soon Tiger.

Goodbye my Ti- tigress... Ti- (hangs up)


Lorraine's Bakery here I come.


(2 balloons pop) No no no no, ugh.

Ugh not a yellow one!

(Another pop) No! Dammit!

Ugh jeez.

Stay here. Wait, don't go anywhere.

(Car crashing)

Oh what now?

Always the worst time with these guys.

It's okay, it's okay. The police, they got this.

They have squad cars, they got all the police men on it...

And look, they even got the Chopper on it.


Hey wait a sec don't leave without me!


Come on, come on, come on,

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Come On. COME ON!!!!!

Yeah, Whao!

New-York's finest getting me the heck out of here.

Radio: NYPD Air 1-A2, how's eye in the sky, over?

We're tailing behind about a quarter mile. Looks like they're heading for that tunnel now.

Traffic in that directio-



Holy hell.


Radio: Affirming the traffic looks like "holy hell", over.

No no, I wasn't talking I was talking to Spider-Man.

Switch to the loud speaker.

Radio: Air 1-A2, did you say you were talking to Spider-Man, over?

D'oh, H O L D O N!

I'm on here good inside officers.

Spider-Man, I need you down closer to the action.

Great! Can you, uh, drop me near Midtown?

You're not gonna help us catch these crooks?

I'm sure New-York's finest can do without me for one day.

...And you had to pick today!?

What time is it?

It's 1:57.

Give me five minutes.

In five minutes those goons could be gone.

So could the cake!

The- cake.

Ha, I get it.

It's a Superhero secret phrase: "The Cake".

Holy hell!

Come on.



WHA-HO!!!! (laughs)

Are we lose'n them?

Looks more like they're losing us.

Up ahead.

Gentlemen, this is what I like to call, "return on investment".

(Machine Gun Noises


Hi. Hello. Uh, Pickup for Mary Jane Watson.

Check out that costume!

Oh! Uh yeah thanks.

So yeah anyway, pick up for a Mary Jane?

Oh, yeah.

Is it one of these ones

Cashier: Here you go. Spider-Man: Looks great! How much?


And you know I might have a Spider-Man figurine to put on-

Oh no, that's okay I-

Can't be late...

(Gun Fire)

My God.

Fancy Daniel, Works my man!

Yabba Dabba Doo! Yeah baby.

What's going on?

I don't know.

Oh you gotta be kidding me.

Stay back everyone, I got this!

Helicopter: The suspects are almost to the Lincoln Tunnel. We are all out of units!

They are going to get away!


Hey fellas.

Go ahead go ahead, grab your gun.

Goons: Use the gun or something?!

Cowboy: No, that's autopilot. I can't move the wheel!

Cars are bad, guys, stop the car!

Goon: Its on autopilot. Fancy Dan: Well then turn it off!

Goon: I don't know how. Cowboy: What do you mean you don't know how?

Spider-Man: Ah come on.



My baby!


This is your last chance to surrender.

I'm about to get my second wind...

Kill him.

...right now.

Look. It's been a long day, and I got a lot of pint up aggression.

Lets GOO!!!

Whoa! You missed.

Look out.

See Ya!

Nice bolo tuxs.

Are you the Subway Mascot?

Cowboy: Shut Up!

Spider-Man: Howdy.


Hang in there Montana

Cowboy: Shut up.

How ya doin' over here champ? Yeah you're good. And you?

Agh, perfect.

Alright guess its time to join Fancy Dan.

Cashier: Wait!

Hey, hey I thought you might need this.

What is this?

You think I'm gonna let Spider-Man walk away empty-handed after you saved my life?

You deserve this!

Thank you!

Hey well, you go on now.

Thanks, thank you!

Happy Birthday MJ!

(Balloon Pop)


Thank you been waiting for these pictures of spider-man all week paid good money for them.

The hell?

This is an advertisement for the Corridor Digital merchandise store.

Look at this they brought back the Black Floral Long Sleeve, and the Windsor Beanie.

No, if you order now you'll get everything in the store 15% off and it'll arrive in time for Christmas!

You know come to think of it, I haven't bought my Christmas gifts this year and

my son's been really asking for one of these.

Maybe I can get it for him.

No, no way there's no pictures of Spider-Man in here.

Get out of here, you're fired.

You're fired again!

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