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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Permasalahan Driver VGA Nvidia graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows

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Hello, welcome to BelajarBentar

Now we will discuss the problem of Nvidia drivers

Of course this problem can also be applied to other VGA drivers

we will discuss about the Nvidia driver problem

incompatible with this version of Windows

here the problem is twofold from the Driver and Windows versions

now we will first discuss the problem with the driver

of course there is a picture here, and here there is writing that you can certainly read for yourself

but I will still read it, here is that the Nvidia installer cannot continue the installation / installation

here the writing Nvidia installer cannot continue

because Nvidia graphic drivers are incompatible with versions of Windows

precisely Windows 10, here it says "This Nvidia graphic driver is not compatible with the version of Windows"

you need to know here Windows 10 is an OS that is always changing versions

in one year can be twice

where if you don't follow it there will be problems

especially in your VGA driver

especially if you buy a new VGA / GPU

because the driver version is new

here, I will give an example suppose you buy the most recent VGA RTX 2060

or other brands VGA

here the article is RTX 2060

released January 15, 2019

now we see here RTX 2060 was released

in January 2019 and here if you look at

Nvidia's website, the first driver out is November 4th

2019 but what if you use the driver from the CD

the installer that you get when you buy VGA / GPU

of course the version will be different again, now we see here

the version is 398.36 this is an example

of course it will be different from the drivers that you have

now we look at the Nvidia Website. Now we are on the Nvidia website

here we have chosen the driver version for RTX 2060

here the most recent is version 442.19

February 3, 2020, while the latest

or the old one is version 441.12 out 4 November 2019

of course this problem should you pay close attention to what else if your driver has an old or new version

of course it's better for you to use the latest version

now we see the problem from the Windows version you can type run like this

or you press the Windows key + R, after that you press enter here

you type winver

then here you will see

version of your Windows, here the version is 1903

Luckily it hasn't been updated yet so we can try to update Windows 10

or you can go to settings, Start Menu after that go to Settings

from here you go to the system, from here you choose About

of course here you can see the 1903 version which of course if we compare the same version

but if the settings don't have a 1903 version or have a different look

you must update your Windows 10 version

Now we will see how to update your Windows 10

on your search engine write Windows 10 updates like this

from here there will be a windows 10 update page

or from here you can check your Windows 10 update

from here you select the open link

here you can also use Windows update

or here you can use the Windows 10 update assistant

if the previous way can not be

here you have to download the update assistant, now we are on the Windows 10 update page

here you can choose the menu update

which means you will download an application called Windows 10 upgrade

you install it

you choose yes, if you can't see it you just choose yes

We have started to update Windows 10

Windows 10 version 1903 will be updated to version 1909

and from here

all you have to do is use your latest VGA driver version and

you can use your graphics card or GPU

do not forget this method you can use on AMD and Intel graphics cards, we will finish our discussion thank you

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