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I'm not taking away from anyone doing their shit in Canada, but I feel like there's not

enough eyes on all of Canada.

It's more focused on like Toronto and shit, which is cool, but there's way more to Canada

than just Toronto.

You know?

We were actually on like a little tour.

And we were in like the sprinter and shit.

We were driving to Detroit or some shit.

Someone sent me the beat, and I just got the inspiration to write those lyrics.

And I just started writing.

There's a generalization.

Like I don't really trust people period, but the irony in it is kind of like I don't trust myself.

I just find it hard to kind of let people into my life and shit.

You know what I mean?

So I guess that kind of stems from having trust issues.

If someone were to switch up on you, that just shows they weren't a real friend in the

first place.

Sometimes I'll drink just to forget about all the fees, or like the things that I gotta

do and shit, like responsibilities and stuff.

In my city there's not many people doing shit.

So there's a lot of jealousy and stuff.

It's like exaggerated 'cause it's a smaller city and you kind of see everyone.

I'm from a place called Ottawa.

It's like four hours from Toronto.

The winter, specifically gets really fuckin' cold.

So that's usually when all of my dark thoughts come out because no one goes outside when

it's like minus 30 degrees Celsius.

You know what I mean?

It's kind of like not depressing, but dark time and I just use it

for writing.

I didn't know what Kama Sutra was I put the word there and then I like figured

out what Kama Sutra is, and it's basically like a book with a whole bunch of sex

positions and shit.

A panorama goes around all the time.

So I said, “Around the world like I'm a panorama.”

I just call like OttawaO gangsometimes.

So, yeah I made the changes in OT.

The city's changing as a whole.

So, I'm just talking about more people are making music and shit.

More people are getting into it.

Everyone's kinda comfortable to step out of their comfort zone and all that.

I'd probably go to Tokyo, Japan to be honest.

I've always wanted to go there since I was like a kid.

Maybe somewhere in Africa or some shit.

Black seas refer to like the darkest, the end of everything type of shit.

Like Ive seen people do coke.

I've had friends that do that shit, and then it just changes them forever.

They never like come back to like reality and shit so they're kind of in the black seas, per se.

It can be a dark place and some people aren't ready for it, and they don't want to be in

that place.

So, just talking about how people beg and they're on their knees begging and shit.

They don't want to be in there.

So, just saying please.

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