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Hello! This is Chung Ha!

Byulharang, we are doing a 2nd recruitment

[Recruiting - 2020.06.01(Mon) - Jul. 31 (Fri)] of my official fanclub BYULHARANG!

[Recruiting - 2020.06.01(Mon) - Jul. 31 (Fri)]

[Recruiting - 2020.06.01(Mon) - Jul. 31 (Fri)] I can't believe it's the 2nd recruitment already.

Just like the 1st recruitment, the 2nd will also be done through Fanship,

So please check out the Fanship notification before you join.

And make sure to check the expiration date after the recruitment period is over.

We'll continue providing the exclusive fanclub kit and various contents.

So I hope to see a lot of you.

So our official 2nd BYULHARANG,

See you at Fanship! Bye!

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