Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SPEAKING ONLY KOREAN TO MY GF FOR 24HOURS (calling her noona) *She get's too excited* [AMWF]

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You're liking it way too much

Hang on

Are you actually serious?

Do you want me to call you noona?

In bed?

Hello everyone so today

I'm just gonna start off the video in Korean

So what we're doing today is

I honestly haven't decided how I'm gonna title this video


Only in Korean...

To my gf for...

To my gf for a whole day...

As I...

Call her noona (older sister in Korean)...

To see how she reacts

Actually she knows korean pretty well

A lot of you guys actually asked me to do a video

Where I only speak in Korean for a whole day

To be honest

I thought it would be boring

Since she understand Korean about 80%

She even understands my grandad

So I thought

It would just turn out bad

And lose subscribers so that's why I haven't done it

Also some of you guys

Asked me to do a video where I call Josie noona

So I thought

I thought it would be weird to call her noona while speaking english

So I'm gonna go it as I'm

Speaking Korean

So I'm going to mix those 2 ideas up

And do both at once

She's currently in our office room right now

So I'm just gonna walk in

And just

Start speaking in Korean

Why is it so difficult to do intros in Korean

I mean...

I'm going to uh...

Get some water before I start

Why is this so awkward?

Who kept the bathroom light on?


What's up?

You have a headache?

Ah.. head...

You have a headache?

So you have a headache huh?

So you're... you're taking

Taking meds?

So currently my noona

Has a headache right now

So she's about to take some pills

Yeah so

Let's see how she does it

Pill mukbang

Pill mukbang

Babe can you get me some water?


Anything for you noone

I'll be right back noona


What's wrong with you?

Here's your water

Noona uh...

Should we get started with the mukbang?

Since some of our subscribers actually asked us to do a mukbang

Since you're taking a pill right now let's just do a mukbang with that

How is this a mukbang?

Cause you're gonna...

You're gonna eat it

Isn't that what mukbang is?

Eating room

Isn't that what mukbang is?

Eating broadcast!

Not eating room, eating broadcast! So Mukbang

Noona's mukbang. Go!

Why do you keep calling me noona?

Cause you're my noona

Does it taste good?

Aren't you liking it way too much?

Wait why does she like it so much?

What are we filming?

What are we filming today?

Uh noona's

A day with my nooona

So it's like a...


Are you good?

You're liking it way too much

Hang on

Are you actually serious?

Are you okay?

I'm okay

What do you wanna eat?

What do you wanna eat?

c'mon! tell me what you wanna eat!

I don't know

Should we have uh...



Say that in Korean for me


"I want to eat a burger" something like that

"I want to eat a burger!"

But I already said that



Different... uh...


"I would like to have a burger"

That's too similar

So now we're

Going to have some burgers with...

Or do you want pizza?

Or do you want chicken?

Or should we have some ramen?

Whatever you want noona

So are we getting Lotteria?

You want Lotteria?

Look at my make up

Can you even see?

Come here

Dang you be looking fine today baby girl

That's english

Noona can you

Hold the camera for me?


I need to put socks on

So I guess we're gonna go get some food now

I'm actually really hungry

But I had like a quarter of a watermelon earlier today

while he was sleeping

Whoever hold the camera needs to talk in english(??)

I mean... what did I just say?

Whoever's holding the camera needs to talk in Korean


I get to speak english now

Alright so today we are

Going to... have... burgers...

Well done!

I'm starving right now!

You hungry?

Can I speak in english now?

let's go

Alright so.. ah wait mask

Don't forget the masks when you go out guys

It's "MA S K" not "mask"

Say that after me

Mask... wear a mask(impolite way)... wear... mask...

Okay let's go now

What do you think about today's content?

I mean I kind figure what you're doing

What am I doing then?

But you're speaking in english

You're so bad at this

What is it then?





My noona


You like it that much?

Isn't she liking it too much?

Noona and me

(From Josie's "Calling my BF Oppa")

Comment down below how many times I said noona in the whole video

And you will be

Speak Korean!


In this video... how many... times...

We had to go back in because I wanted to wear a long sleeved shirt

It was a little bit colder than I thought outside

What is he doing?

This was his video

Noona and I are on our way to Lotteria

Lotteria has been so good lately

I know

The weather's really nice too right?

We love weathers like this

Since we never go out

Seeing bad weather makes us feel better because

When the weather's bad people tend to stay inside more

So that makes us feel a sense of belonging

Something like that

Alright we're back with food

it's Lotteria today


We've been eating burgers way too much

Lately we've been

Eating too much fast food

We really need to take care of our bodies right?

Our favorite used to be Mom's Touch

What's wrong with the lights in this room?

Lately we've been having Lotteria a lot

Lotteria is really good

I remember I used to think that Lotteria was the worst burger chain

I don't know what it is but they changed alot

Maybe they got a new executive?

Woh what is that?

Show them

This one's for noona

Why do you never call me noona?

You like when I call you noona?

I don't hate it

It's really good

This on'es spice and this one's not

I went for a spicy one

And noona got a none spicy one

Alright let's eat first

Is that fun?

What's you say?

Is that fun?

What's wrong?

What are you even doing?

I thought we were filming a video

Babe this right here

is very important

After this okay?

Just 10 minutes

I don't think it's gonna be 10 minutes

This came out today

When are we doing this then?

Guys this game

Came out today so I'm just...

10 minutes of testing and...

Wait what is this?

2 Hours 10 minutes later

Let's go see what noona's up to


What are you doing?

Drinking water?


Someone put an empty bottle back in the fridge

Who did that?

Yeah I wonder who that was

Why are you looking at me?



Noona let me have a sip



Why? What's the problem?

Why do you never do this otherwise?

Do you want me to?

In bed?...

Noona seems to be in a good mood today

Don't you think


You're messig up


Way too much?

What do you mean mess up?

You keep speaking english

How about you speak Korean with me as well

From now on


You like it when I call you noona

See? look at you

You like it when...

You like it when I call you noona right?


When noona calls me oppa I don't like it

I know you like it secretly


You guys don't know

You guys do know actually

Can I speak English now?

Can I speak english now?


I don't want to make mistakes

C'mon your Korean is very good

Not properly

Not properly?

Ah my arm hurts


You're a YouTuber


You're a YouTuber, What do you mean your arm hurts?

YouTubers feel pain too

But if you vlog alot

You will.. muscles

Won't you get some muscles on your shoulders?

Gaining muscles?


Yeah I need to get back in the gym

Okay so Jake left his camera in this room

So I just thought that this is an opportunity for me to

Take over this video and start calling him oppa again

So this is gonna be calling my boyfriend oppa, season 2

He's currently i the bathroom so I'm gonna start the second he comes out

Let's do it

What are you dong?





This is my video

Did you have fun today?

Speaking only in Korean?

"Speaking only in Korean"


Oppa you wanna kiss?


You wanna kiss?

Why do you speak like that?

Where are you going oppa?

Oppa come here



Seriously if you keep doing this I can't keep this up

I'm supposed to be annoying you

What does that mean?

What does that mean?

Annoying someone

You're annoying me?


But I'm more annoying?

No like

If I call you oppa?



For the content


Stop calling me oppa


People say that...

Why do you keep getting close to me



Noona's been lately...

struggling to fix her turtleneck

All of a sudden?

Because of her turtleneck syndrome she's been

Let's see

We saw this on youtube

Just lika that

Oppa help me

Okay i'm leaving

Noona's putting up a ponytail right now

No doubt the best way to end a day is by


Brushing teeth and washing your face


Say it after me "cleanly"



How was it

Speaking only in Korean?

How was it? was it nice noona?


Was it nice to only speak in Korean for a whole day?

What was that voice?

What did you say?

What was that voice?

Was it hot?


Don't you think you're liking being called noona a bit too much?

You like that?

Should I keep calling you noona?

I mean I didn't know that I liked it this much

Alright that's it for the video guys

Thank you so much for watching

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What happened to speaking Korean?

It's just a bit awkward

isn't this a challende to only speak in Korean for 24 hours?

You're right

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Was it good?

Yeah my oppa is the best

You got anything to say?

To our subscribers?

Our small family...


Shall be with us(?)

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