Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Christian & Oliver Part 72 - 28.09.12

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Why was Tristan's wedding called off? I want the dirty details first.

No comment. I don't wash dirty laundry in public. - Is it dirty laundry?

It depends on the perspective but I'm not saying. - Please.

Okay, just this - I havent been able to get hold of Rebecca or Marlene since yesterday.

Then the article in Glamour & Glory is true. With touching and everything?

Hey, Olli. - Hey.

Can I have a beer? - Sure.

For me, too. - Coming right up.

How much longer is he going to ignore me, just because of a tiny escapade?

To be honest, it's a matter of time.

So I totally screwed up again. - I don't know.

Do you want another one? - No, thanks. I feel kinda sick today.

You look pale.

I'm going to bed. Bye. - Feel better soon.

Mind what you're doing!

Say, did Bella call again? - No.

Did you see her again? - No!

It's still weird, though. For a second I really thought I saw her there.



But why did she try to call me if I can't reach her now and she's not calling again?

Probably because she's totally confused.

I mean, you took the first step by going to Tübingen, but for her it is a bit more complicated.


Because she has to decide if she wants all this. She didn't even know that she was adopted.

But she tried to reach me.

Okay, she did, but she blocked her caller ID. I suppose it was a little test and now... she's got cold feet.

I don't get it. - You don't need to, not tonight.

I'll take care of this and you go over there and relax. And stop speculating!

Good morning. Whoever you are. - Good morning. Did you see Tristan?

Ah, I understand. - What do you understand?

I hope you had something to offer after the wedding night didn't happen.


Ah, of course! Tristan still owes you something. You know what? This is on me. We're a family after all.

My God, you're even greasier than your hair.

Hey, Tristan. - Hello, Olli. Bring me a coffee, please.


I just want to say- - What? That you're sorry?

Yes. It must be a nightmare for you.

What exactly? That my fiance left me standing at the altar or that she cheated on me with my sister?

Sorry, I didn't want to- - Or maybe you're sorry that...

I made a fool of myself in front of the whole world,

and that everything that I ever dreamed of turned out to be one big lie?

All of it.

Just make the coffee.

Maybe something for the hangover, too? - Yes, sure! And then stop pitying me.

Anyway, I'll either come to an agreement with the brewery quickly or not at all.


Good, thanks, see you later. And keep an eye on things.

Yes. Bye. - Bye.

Excuse me, I am looking for Oliver Sabel.

Too bad, he just left, but he'll be back in about an hour.

Okay, good. Thanks.

Man, he's in a bad mood. - No wonder, after what happened yesterday.

I hired waitresses, not reporters.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Your disappearance last night wasn't very courtly. - Pardon?

Well, I know that phrase, "he just went to get cigarettes". You went to get something to drink, and that was it.

Yes, and?

I wandered through this big castle, then some disgusting guy with greasy hair tried to give me 100 Euros-

I understand. That was Ansgar. - What do you understand?

Of course that wasn't enough, too bad stealing the car didn't work out.

What's wrong with you?

I listened to you pouring your heart out all night and tried to comfort you, so what is going on now?

Do you want more money?

You were so right - you ARE an idiot. I really don't need other people's problems, I have my own.

Good. Then you can stop bugging me and deal with your own messed up life.

I should've done that sooner.

Jacob. - Hello, Papa!

Bella, did you listen to my message?

Yes, and I would really like to visit Mama's grave today.

But I can only do it in the late afternoon, around five?

That's way too late. - Yeah... I'm not in Tübingen.

Where are you? What is that noise where you are? Are you in a bar?

Papa, please. I need to go. Ill see you at five o'clock, okay?

My God, it was just a question. - I know. It's okay. I love you, Papa. Bye.

I would like to pay. One coffee.

That's 1.80 €. - Keep the change.

Thank you. Have a nice day. - You too.

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