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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Solo: A Star Wars Story - HISHE Review (SPOILERS & THEORIES)

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Enjoy your guy pretending to be Han Solo movie!

I enjoyed the guy pertending to me Han Solo movie.

We just finished how black panther should have ended and I just saw the new

Star Wars Story: Solo, so it's another good time for another HISHE review!

Thats right I said hizzy!

Thats right I said hizzy!

So what do you say? You want to talk some solo?

Then Lets Get TO IT!

He's gonna be in star wars

Gonna be a pilot

Gonna meet Chewbacca

Gonna Fly the Falcon

In Solo

Han Solo

Han Solo

Han Solo


ah man I wish that song wasn't a real thing and I just made that up

I apologize

Solo! The second Star Wars story to cram somewhere in between those

prequels and original trilogy that sprinkles a few more details that you

may or may not have been interested in knowing on characters and stories you alredy knew about!

Where rogue one focuses on how the rebels got them Death Star Plans...

Solo focuses on you guessed it the origins of Han Solo and company

where do they all meet who's that new girl and who the Millennium Falcon is


it's a very light film it doesn't have too much depth but I thought it was

still a good fun adventure that totally sets up new paths to keep these new Star

Wars stories going which is where I think the line in the sand is drawn for

a lot of people some might call that milking the franchise to death where

other fans might think, "I've been waiting my whole life for more Star Wars"

So bring on the stories!

Personally I think it's a little bit of both.

Originally directed by the lego movie guys

and then something went weird and in suddenly Ron Howard has the job!

The news made everyone overly skeptical and like most established movies rooted in

our childhood the internet did not think this movie was a good idea.

myself included, but I'm not too proud to say that I was pleasantly converted I

thought the film was good I had a good time I have plenty of questions and some

annoyances which we can get you later but for the most part I really enjoyed

the movie. I say go check it out! It's not gonna wreck your childhood.

It does add some new layers to the memory of Han

but they aren't complete deal-breakers so

you want to dive in and let's talk spoilers

I can't believe they showed Boba Fett with a Mace Windu tattoo on his neck

I'm kidding that's that's not a thing

and Boba Fett isn't really seen in the

movie as far as I know he's probably like hidden in the shadows but anyway

I didn't see him

What did I like about the movie?

I loved the cinematography

I like the style of these Star Wars stories so far

they don't feel like green screen studio production they feel like real

get your hands dirty film making

they're actually outside!

look at the... wind!

Bradford Young's cinematography in Solo is very much like a classic Western

everything is backlit making a lot of high contrast images it just looks cool

I don't really like that there isn't a

constant opening style for the Star Wars story yet I suppose I prefer this blue

text style anyway you guys don't care about text what did you think about Han?!

if you watched my Rogue One Review, you know I was not a fan of this Han Solo casting.

whatever reason the powers that be at Star Wars

didn't want Anthony Ingruber to be Han Solo

so when they released that short list of actors I just thought...

then after I saw a baby driver with

Ansel Elgort I thought "Well you guys certainly chose

wrong shortlist that kid is totally a young Han Solo" but after a while I got

tired of having my arms crossed about the whole issue and I watched the movie

with pretty low expectations

and I found myself thinking this Alden guy has some charm.

He's got that tough-guy kind of look he's pointing his blaster the same

way you expect Han to do. It's not perfect but you can tell they're trying

to do Han justice. This this might actually work. I think I like this

version of Han Solo! Yeah for a young Han Solo series I support this guy.

If they're intending to make more movies with young Han Solo which I think they are.

then I can accept this version of him.

overall I thought the story was kind of EH.

but only because the story feels a

little incomplete. It ends right when specific questions are brought to the table

they're supposed to be cliffhangers but

they're also why the film his little unsatisfying. The story with Qi'ra

and Han feels really unresolved which I'll touch more on later so in a way the

movie felt like a show pilot where they just bring up some possibilities to get

you excited about the show but if it doesn't really get picked up at least

they sold you a pretty good story for the one time through so it's good but

it's pretty much just a launchpad.

Man, Chewbacca sucked! he's in the mud and

they're like taking a shower together... it's like what's with this?

I'm just kidding. Chewie is so much the heart of Star Wars it's impossible not to love

him every time he's on screen just feel like

if you don't like Chewbacca then I feel

bad for your grumpy gills soul

I thought Donald Glover was so good!

He is an awesome Lando so three cheers to that!

And three cheers for making him say "Han" that

little detail bugged me so much as a kid when Lando would call Han Han and others

were clearly saying it differently I look why is he doing it like that so

to see them put that in this movie just felt so right. Lando was great so of

course I want another episode with him.

I did she's got a

lot of great moments the droids are kind of stealing the show and Star Wars

lately like K2SO and bb-8 all have their spotlight I guess they have to top

that 3PO and r2d2 screen presence. Which also.. No C-3PO and R2D2 in this

movie! Isn't that like Star Wars sacrilege? Or did I miss them I guess

another shoehorned segment like in rogue one would have felt kind of silly to do

that twice but they were a Star Wars constant until now it's kind of sad

they're not there this time I thought l3 37 was cool I don't know how I feel

about her being uploaded into the Falcon like the Falcon is now part droid

revolutio. Even the Millennium Falcon has to have like a rebel spirit at heart

I guess but it adds a new layer to when you think about r2d2 talking to the

Falcon and old movies now there's an actual voice that you can imagine

which makes sense

my biggest complaint was that I didn't like the Empire named

Han Solo. That whole concept felt weird to me like Han would just take any last

name from the empire and then keep it as his name

this is either a giant set up for something years to come down the road or

it's just sloppy character development so I didn't really like that about his name

I didn't like that the Kessel run wasn't

really like an important thing it wasn't really witnessed by anyone

Han's fame is just him dropping lines like "I made the Kessel run 12 parsecs"

and nobody is like "Well put this guy's name on the board cuz that's never

happened before!"

"Hey Johnny, did you hear the news!?"

"This guy did the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!"

"He's gonna be a legend!"

I wouldn't really want that dialogue necessarily but I really

expected the Kessel Run to be something totally different I was also expecting

that it to be the reason Han won the Millennium Falcon but so much for that

so Paul Bettany plays the new crime lord

Dryden Vos who leads the crimson dawn and I don't know if it's just because

he's not this gross slimy fat slug creature but I thought he was the first

Star Wars crime boss character that actually felt intimidating maybe just

because he's human I'm kind of seen the emotion his face but I was really good

Spoiler Alert! She's a GIRL!


Isn't that Sooo Unbelievable???

no I'm actually completely fine with girls being strong in real life and in

movies so if this was supposed to be a shock reveal

What? She's a Girl?

It didn't really stick for me

they sort of make you think that Enfys Nest

could be the daughter of Beckett and Val but it goes nowhere

and then the twist is she's actually helping the supplies for the rebellion

so she was bad but plot twist she's really the good guy after all

kind of like Han.

I thought Beckett was fine

I mean he's giving Han everything like the gun and he's teaching him along the

way but it didn't really have a deep impact on me however his entire purpose

of the film is my favorite thing about movies so

My favorite part about this film is that it one giant reason to show where Han learned

to always shoot first

if that doesn't speak volumes to the

whole special-edition decisions from years back I don't know what does

George Lucas gives up Star Wars and they're like "We need to make a Star Wars

movie about Han Solo learning to blast some fool like it does to Greedo in 1977

nobody's gonna shoot at the same, there's not gonna be a weird head jolt

He's gonna blast someone right in the chest BLAM!

I love it that's Han Solo

that's a scoundrel

that's the dude

to make Han shoot first I said that duh

I tried to look for a deeper message in this story at one point Lando says something along the lines of

I felt like this was kind of the source of most people's motivation in the movie

Beckett's lesson was don't trust anyone and you'll never be disappointed but Han

and Chewie totally trust one another so I don't think that rule works for everyone

I think the point of story is the

question can bad guys be good

I'm joking

if you look at the love story in this movie it reflects this idea.

you see Han asking Qi'ra to go with him after all they've

been through but she resists, but not cuz she doesn't want to, it's from a trapped stance.

saying it's too late for me I've done things you wouldn't agree with she

was good but now she has serious baggage and she's a part of something she can't

get away from and then it's revealed it's surprise that things you can't get

away from is Darth Maul you guys!

He's not dead and he's got new Lieutenant Dan Legs!

Just like from the Rebels and or Clone Wars or one of those series

and these new twists make you go Whaaaat?

and then that's when the movie actually

finally gets intriguing everything else was like safe and like I kind of knew

what to expect you know? But now I feel like something

bigger is going on here with the whole George Lucas it's like poetry see they rhyme...

kind of thing. If this is important it means that Qi'ra could be

drifting to the dark side but they're still good in her yet she

feels it's too late for her does that sound familiar

It is too late for me.

if this is what's happening I think

this is kind of cool because I want to believe we are seeing the beginning of a

bigger story linked to Han.

so new Star Wars Theory Time!

Because nobody get their hopes up with those and ends up being

totally wrong! Right???

yay new theory

I'm sure nobody else is thinking this is a possibility but now because of this movie

I think Qi'ra is actually going to be Rey's mother

which will be revealed in a future Star Wars story or in episode 9

Emilia Clarke is easily a good choice for being a mother of a strong powerful

character and I can totally see a plot where Han gets involved on Tatooine and

tries to get Kira back but she ditches him for good once and for all in this sad...

kind of scene which would make all of

those future force awakens scenes we've had with Rey and Han even more

meaningful when you watch them a second time

and Han Solo...

You feel like he's the father you never had

he would have disappointed you

I hope that's what's going on but who knows maybe it's all just a bait and switch

to launch that obi-wan movie and Rey is just a nobody with dead drunk

parents because...

Rey Kenobi Y'all.

I'm just saying...

The name sounds Awesome.

But anyway back Solo.

Han shot first, Him and Chewie won the Falcon fair and square,

Darth Maul's got new legs

and Lando is probably off to find a city in the clouds...

pretty easy Star Wars film.

I thought we where in trouble there for a second but it's fine.

we're fine.

so those are my loose thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story

I hope you enjoyed them let me know what

you thought about the movie in the comments below

Did anything impress you? Did it disappoint you? What are your theories

about the new plot twists? I'd love to hear them

that's all for now thank you again for watching!

it is infinity war time so we are going to be busy busy for a while

but I just wanted to let you know that we are working on that at the moment.

until then be sure to LIKE and subscribe follow us on Instagram watch

how black panther should have ended again and hopefully we'll see you next time!



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