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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Haunted Maze with Liza Koshy

Difficulty: 0

- Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley,

and look who I'm here with today!

- My name is Liza Koshy. - Liza Koshy, my fave.

So, for this episode of Spooktober,

we are doing something that's a little bit scary.

- A little bit spoopy? - A little bit spoopy.

- Ooh, here we go!

(creepy cackling)

(fire crackles)

- We are here at Halloween Horror Nights

at Universal Studios Hollywood,

and we are about to do SAW: Games of Jigsaw maze.

- Yeah. - Are you ready?

- No, I'm not.

- I guess I'm about to get scared.

- We'll have to go through hell,

that's what he's saying.

- But we're gonna do it together.

- Yes, we are.

Let's go down. - We might die,

but we'll be in each other's arms.

- I'll see you in the underworld.

- And if you die, I'm leaving you.

That's all. - Oh fine.

Thanks, Tyler. - 'Kay, let's go.

(Tyler giggles)

- No, stop!

- Come with me!

- You're the scariest thing--

- No, you have to-- - In here.

- You have to kind of know-- - No, no, no.

You have to go first, you have to go first!

I cannot touch you-- - Okay, okay, okay.

- I have a boyfriend. - Okay, okay, okay.

(crash) (both scream)

- (Tyler laughs) Stop it, stop.

Oh no, I forgot-- - I didn't think--

- That happens! - It was going to be scary!

I completely forgot that. - I didn't think

it was gonna be scary!

- Who's there?

- Oh my God, okay, okay, okay. - Stop!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

- We're just gonna go, we're just gonna go.

We're just gonna go, we're just gonna go, we're just--

- No. - I hear him.

I hear you. - No.

- I hear you, I-- - I don't--

(Liza screams) (Tyler squeals)

Okay, we're gonna go. - We're good, we're good.

- Nope.

- Stop. - That's a thing.

- Go, go. - No.

- Go. - These are like people.

- Go, go, go, go talk to him!

- Hi. (Liza squeals)

I'm so scared. - Okay.

We're good, we're good. - I'm so scared.

- We're good.

One room done.

- I think, okay. (Tyler huffs)

We're fine! - We did it!

- We're good, baby.

- Okay, okay, we didn't leave.

Okay, baby, okay. - Let's go, bae.

(Liza giggles)

- You lead the way this time.

- Mechanical boxes! (both laugh)

(Liza claps)

- Don't clap! - No!

- Was that you?!? (Liza cackles)

(Tyler screeches) (Liza claps)

- Ah, stop, don't do that!

- Okay, we're going, we're going.

We're going, we're gonna go.

We're just-- - Don't touch me!

- It's a stick, not-- (Liza screeches)

It's fine, we're fine.

Everything's fine. - Ehh!

- Okay, we're good, we're good.

We're walking, we're walking.

- No, you real!

- I know you real! - I can tell you're real.

- I know you real. - I don't know.

(Both scream)

- I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

- Okay, come on, come on, come on, come on.

We're done with you, no thank you, no thank you.

- Come get me, come get me.

- No too late.

- Go go go.

- Okay, okay.

(Liza screeches)

- Ah stop!

- It's just me, it's just me.

- You're the scariest thing in here.

- Okay, okay.

(Liza screeches)

- Okay we're good, we're good, we're good.

- No, no, no.

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

- Noooooo. I have a boyfriend, I can't look at that.

- Good luck, good luck in all of your endeavors.

- I feel nauseous.

- I don't like that.

(imitates puking)

- Wait, there's a door, there's a door, there's a door.

- I don't like anything.

- I don't like the...

- We're good, we're so good.

(screams and laughs)

- Nooooo.

- You said we're so good.

Go, go, go, go.


- What's up with you? No!

- Go, go, go, go talk to him.

- I appreciate you, I wish you the best.

- Oh.

- Oh, that's fucked up, that's fucked up.

(screams and laughs)

- Okay, you're going.

Nope. We get it, we get it. Nope.

- I'm done. Go back. I'm vegan, I'm vegan.

I keep getting scared by black walls.

- It's just a box.

He's going through it.

I'm so sorry.

- Don't... don't... something scary!

I can't tell... (screams)

- Noooooooo. Don't hit me.

- I'm sorry, it was a reaction... are you okay?

- I'm an ally, I'm an ally.

- Are you going to wake up?

- Through this box... she seems...


- I didn't see you coming... I did not see you coming.


- I thought she wasn't real!

We have to go, we have to go.

- Is this the end, is this the end?

- Good luck, good night.

- Oh, this is scary.

This is a bathroom, this is scary.


- What what what?



This doesn't seem like something I want to do.

- Bye, thanks for watching.

Okay, okay, okay, okay I don't want it.


- Nope, fake, fake news. All fake. All fake.

- This is so Hollywood, everybody fake.

- Ah! Oh, just a saw. Just a saw.

- Are you a real door?

- That's a door, that's a door, that's a door.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh, this bitch. No, no....

- Come for me, come for me.

- Somebody in the garbage, no?

- I like this one, this one's...


- I even saw you, I saw you. No!

Oh my god.

- Look at my face.

- I'm disgusting.

- I'm disgusting.

- We survived. I'm sweating... I'm just drenched in disgust.

- I'm wearing clinical strength and I'm still sweating.

- We survived. You guys... - Did we?

- We did it-ish... I never want to do that again.

Good luck with your life.

- Good luck, see you again, bye.

- Never see you again.

Alright, thank you Liza for making it.

If you don't know Liza, I don't really get it,

but subscribe to Liza... the link will be below.

Okay, that's all we have for you guys today,

let me know who I should go through a maze with next year.

- Nobody's gonna wanna...

- Nobody's gonna wanna do this... it's just too scary.

- I think my eyebrows are on your face.

- (laughs) Is it?

- I mean, I'm surprised mine are still on, yes.

- Oh my god. Okay, bye y'all.

- Bye!

Bye. I hate you, I hate you so much.

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