Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crochet Vegetable Hats Ft. Chili Philly | Mandala

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- [Alice] Please welcome my friend Phil

(children saying HIYEE)

He's an international crochet artist and he's crocheted

these vegetable hats.

- [Maddy] They're so cute

- [Alice] I reckon you should put the pea on Phil

- [Phil] Oh yeah I'll put it on.


- [Maddy] It looks like what's his name, Yoda

- [Phil] Yeah it really does I know

- [Alice] What's your favourite thing about crochet Phil?

- [Phil] I think it's making something and then having an

end result that you can kind of enjoy and wear and have

fun with I guess.

- [Alice] What other vegetables would you crochet?

- [Phil] I think I've made a broccoli, tomatoes...

- [Alice] How good!

- [Lily] Do you start with a pattern like on a piece of

paper or something or do you just -

- [Phil] It's all in my head, so I just have an idea

and I make it straight away, I don't really think about it.

It's just like Lego, you put it all next to each other; you

already know how to make a house, you already know how to

make a car, so I just already know how to crochet shapes so

I just make them straight away.

- [Lily] How did you start becoming a specialist crocheter

- [Phil] Well I studied art and then I just taught myself

from YouTube how to crochet, and I kind of just took it

and ran with it and decided I wanted to make hats and

I wanted to make hats that looked like food so that's how

it started and I've never stopped.

- [Alice] Why did you choose crochet Phil?

- [Phil] Because crochet is kind of an easy way to make

shapes as opposed to knitting where everything is

kind of flat.

- [Alice] Look at Billy's hat!


- [Phil] You look like a little Yoda

- [Maddy] You look like you're Gandalf or something

- [Lucy] How old were you when you started crochet?

- [Phil] Like 19, 20; it wasn't that long ago.

- [Billy] Thank you for coming

- [Phil] It's alright thank you

- [Lucy] We liked you

- [Alice] Give Phil a big round of applause

- [Phil] Thank you guys, thank you for the

spontaneous interview


(peaceful music)

- [Lucy] Hi Anne! I brought some beautiful vegetables from

the market!

- [Anne] Oh great!

I've been working on the idea we talked about.

- [Lucy] Oh yeah, do you like the idea?

- [Anne] I thought it was fantastic.

And it got me thinking, I really thought about this

fantastic artist called Arcimboldo, and I thought I'm

gonna tell you about him.

So you might have seen some of these pictures I was just

going to show you.

This one's called 'Summer', and see how he's used all these

vegetables and things in his portrait?

So I thought, why don't we use vegetables and make a

portrait of Alice.

She has got a real sort of spirituality about her, and

vibrance, so I thought why don't we do a mandala on

her apron because I had drawn up this apron idea -

- [Lucy] Can you tell me what a mandala is?

- [Anne] Oh sure, a mandala is a thing from an old

ancient Tibetan language, and it means circle.

So that's why I've drawn a circle down the bottom, okay.

And in the circle you have a centre, and that's where the

inner peace is, it's all about the Buddhists think it's like

a thing they can meditate to.

And I thought for Alice, because she's so vibrant, if we

made it with all reds and yellows and really happy, strong

colours it would be fantastic.

Do you think that's pretty good? - [Lucy] Yeah

(cheerful music)

- I might need some more beetroot

- [Anne] Okay coming up

How's that looking?

- [Lucy] It's looking good, hopefully Alice will like it.

- [Anne] So we're going to use the mint, and we are going

to just make the mint as all the apron.

And that'll really make it smell good.

- [Lucy] That's actually looking really good!

- [Anne] Yeah it's looking fantastic!

(cheerful music)

Okay, what do you reckon?

- [Lucy] Is this gonna be her earring?

- [Anne] I reckon that's fantastic for an earring, do you?

What do you think?

- [Lucy] Wow Anne it looks wonderful I can't wait to

show Alice!

- [Anne] Oh great!

(phone rings)

- [Lucy] Hi Alice I have something to show you

- [Alice] Hi Lucy I can't wait to see it


- [Alice] Wow! That's amazing!

- [Lucy] It is amazing, thank you so much for liking it.

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