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Hello friends and welcome to my channel and new video.

Today I will tell you about the new episode of the innocent series.

then let's move on to our video immediately There

were incredible events happening in our series

Harun and Beril had met

we learned that Harun was there the night the incident occurred

We learned why Beril collaborated and Harun

Beril would take Ismail to Riva's house the night of the event.

He would see that Ilker and Ela were together

later he would cancel lker's wedding to rem He

will help Hale get divorced from smail in Harun

but things didn't go the way they wanted

Harun said to cooperate again but Beril refused.

Beril had gone home, but the police were waiting for him at home.

They were informed that Beril was hiding documents about the case.

and they found the documents at home

Beril was in the eye now, who do you think reported Beril? Could it be Harun?

Meanwhile, Bahar had gone to Hale.

He said that Ela was with lker and that now they are both in the company.

but Hale didn't believe they

both went to the company.

There were traces of blood on Ela's face.

Hale and Bahar thought that lker was being subjected to violence.

But when he entered, everything was understood. lker cut off his hand.

Bahar was trying to keep her daughter away from lker

but was unable to turn around.

He asked Ela why she didn't stay away from lker.

Ela said she was still in love with lker

lker said she wanted to marry Ela with Haleye

Hale had let this happen

Because if lker married Ela, everyone would agree that smail and Umut were really guilty.

But before lker should have divorced rem

in her, Hale helped her son

He told her head that rem had committed suicide under false pretenses.

everyone knew that now

Hale called Ela and told her about lker.

He told Ela about what lker went through in the past and what conditions he grew up in.

Ela understood that it was lker's family that made her sick.

Actually, Hale's goal is to have Ela vica against Ilker and he succeeded.

Ela will now be connected to lker even more

rem was crazy when she saw the news

because she knew lker was going to blow him up

and so

rem resisted not divorcing lker, but lker didn't even look at rem's tears.

Meanwhile, Harun came and saw this state of his daughter and became very sad.

Harun wasn't the only one who was upset about Irem's situation.

He was very sorry in Cenk, he still loved rem.

Now rem and lker were divorced. He

was with Ela in lker.

Meanwhile, smail and Umut would face off.

Ismail stabbed himself on purpose and blamed Umut it

was all a plan for smail's release.

But the halo no longer wanted to be married to smail.

He filed for divorce with him

Then he went to Harun

our two were talking about the past

Harun's late wife knew that Harun and Hale were in love.

Perhaps his death was caused by Harun and Hale.

Yes guys, this was all I had to say.

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