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Hey what's going on everybody. Rob here. You are watching man vs. Corinne vs. Pin versus Bob Ross.

"Hello, I'm Bob Ross"

I hope that you know who Bob Ross is.

bob ross is a god

Bob Ross is the godfather of DIY videos

happy trees, little happy rocks, and rivers

So today we are going to be taking the Bob Ross challenge, which is trying to recreate a Bob Ross painting.


Because there's this new trend on the internet

where people are just listening to the voice over (thanks Cristine)

or having their boyfriends (Thanks, Jenna)

re-interpret the directions,


We are going to be listening to a Bob Ross tutorial without seeing or watching it-

only through audio.

It's already hard enough to paint a picture of anything, but we have no idea what he's painting.

So here we go. The audio only.

Bob Ross challenge, so let's get started. Shall we?

All right. Here we go

*Jazzy Opening Theme Music*

It's a slow jam, right here!

Bob Ross-in' it!

"Here we are, we'll take a little touch of phthalo blue"

He said something about blue

"Now we'll start just making little X's"


"and we'll work all the way across the canvas"

Little, little criss-cross strokes

all the way across the canvas

Oh, it's a sky

"Let the canvas work for you. Allow the colors in the paint, everything to work together to make it easy

Let the canvas work for you, Rob. It's easy.

"People who have never painted do this every day."

That doesn't make any sense, Bob Ross!

"I think I'll have some water in this painting today. I love water, pull from the outside in."

Outside in, Outside in. That makes sense! From one side to the other.

"If everything works just right, it looks like a sheen of these of lights just streaking right across your water"


Look what I've got going on over here .You don't have those sheens of light?

"Now then, I want a dark in the corners on this one."

Dark corners, Yas queen.

"These dark corners will help lead the eye toward the center of the painting."

Ohhhh, smart.

I can see the dimension there.

DON'T look at my sh-


overshot the water

Part, like I didn't get enough information about that that comes most fun part of the whole technique and that's washing the brush

This is where I really have a good time

Today let's take maybe use a little bit of phthalo blue sand blizzard crimson little bit of black

Crimson a little bit of black I

Want to make up a little mountain in here. Oh

Yeah right here

When he does the mountain

Do it summit the mouth all right no mouth Bob grab it literally move color

Is he doing don't be afraid of it? Cuz it's dark. We're gonna put a few little highlights on it

But you decide for all the little protrusions on your mountain live

The only rule that we have here visit painting should make you happy you should enjoy it should make you happy it's not

I mean

It looks good from like in the camera looks pretty cool. Actually not giving up and you can do it

You can do it this guy

Right now

It's fun

To take and reflect a mountain right into the water. Sometimes you may find

when you first start it's easier to take the canvas off the easel and turn it upside down and just basically

You don't want to go up and touch the canvas with a wet brush

Canvas and your paint is to confirm is possible

Just want the indication of little things happen what no pressure. Absolutely no pressure

It's really truly up to you you decide what's in your world

On't be afraid of this brush because it's large it'll do wonderful things

Maybe right in here. There's a little little foothill lives right there. Just a little detail

We can go right in here and give annotation of a little reflection of that

What are these I'm a reflection on the water? Yeah the mountains yeah

Good point we'll just cut in a little water

This is sort of a light area that separates the two darks

Learn to take advantage of what happens they call those happy accidents

Maybe in our world we're gonna have a big tree

When you paint you begin to see things let them happen just let them happen

Happy little trees loser right here and watches everything happening

We can put the indication of a little landmass here

Of little stones all in one stroke

Few little highlights here in there just a few little deuter's

Really hope you've enjoyed this and God bless my friend

Can we reveal each other. Yeah, I've gone through many emotions with this painting at first

It's starting out very literal as an actual Mountain State now. It's more of an abstract

Mountainscape, it's really about the color combinations

It's supposed to make you feel emotions



No, no, you know what I mean, but the ambush that's taking me somewhere

So like you can see happy trees, but the trees are like so like well, it's almost like a faded happiness, you know

I mean, they're exactly it's in the background. Yes

Like I'm afraid to show you mine. I would love to see yours. So this is

What we've got higher it is a it's a really it's a perspective. So that's what it's like you're hiding behind a tree

Yes, and then you're looking at the mountain from behind. Yeah

Yeah, like almost like this is like the Bigfoot perspective you see

That's not the big comparison however, that is with Bob Ross's picture, this is a

Finished one but in front the side-by-side. This is yours

You think oh, I see how mine's like a reflection still this is art. It's an abstract

It's abstract beautiful subjective. Maybe only maybe a little too much blending and Bob told me that there's no wrong

Desert, there is out. I think mine looks pretty good

Mine, no yours. It's definitely a much better match to the original painting

But it kind of got a like a mirrored version you definitely win for our I wouldn't say winning

Compared to yours. No way we couldn't see it all

Yeah, so that's really what that turns Expressionism really a mountain scene for sure. So, uh

vote in the comments down below

Which painting you would hang on your wall? Would it be my beautiful take on a mermaid?

Landscape or would it be Rob's?


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Oh my god, you just died in my hair

No, I just washed my hair I just washed it ok

We'll see you around here next time blah blah. Yeah. We have you got a Bob Ross RIP

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