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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Go-Giver - Pronunciation Pro BOOK CLUB

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hello again in this video I am going to

do a book review of the book the go


now in pronunciation Pro we do a we have

a probe book club meeting that we do

regularly this is actually the 15th book

that we've done in pronunciation Pro

where we choose a book and then we go

ahead and read it separately and then

come together for whoever can come and

discuss the book and we have an open

conversation about the book now I just

finished this conversation and the whole

video is on pronunciation Pro and with

all of the other 14 books that we've

reviewed and and those are all found on

the pronunciation Pro website for all of

our members but I wanted to do a summary

video a shortened summary video of the

things that we discussed because it was

such a powerful and book club meeting

with amazing insight from our students

and I wanted to share this concept of

the go giver with all of you because I

believe that it will have a very

profound impact on your life as you

learn and apply these principles or

yourselves all right so before I get

started I want to explain something

called the compound effect now you might

be familiar with this concept but the

compound effect is when you establish

small daily or regularly regular habits

in your life and they may seem small and

insignificant but as you over time as

you continue to consistently do that

habit or or take that action there's a

compound effect where the end result is

so much bigger than just the individual

and action that you take it's the small

actions over time that leave lead to

amazing results now we've

talk about this a lot in pronunciation

Pro because it's through those small

daily habits of working on our the

sounds of American English and the

rhythm and doing our daily practice with

English that those small habits doing 15

20 30 minutes a day over time create a

wonderful result and amazing result but

it does take that consistency over time

to develop that compound effect alright

so as we're talking through these

concepts I want you to think about this

idea of the compound effect and the

small habits that you can establish of

the principles within this book so that

you can experience that compound effect

in your life another key concepts that I

want to kind of set the foundation for

as we get into this book is the idea of

communication now I'm in a communication

expert and that's what I do for a living

is help others communicate more clearly

and with more confidence now

communication really is just an

expression of who we are okay so that's

why we dive into some of these concepts

from the book club meeting that's why we

dive into a lot of concepts of our

character and just who we are as people

and how we're showing up in the world

because of this idea that communication

in the way that we're communicating is

an inside-out process we are going to

communicate what's in our heart what's

in our mind the way that we see the

world the way that we see ourselves and

the way that we see other people so

communication becomes a much deeper

experience alright then just the way

that I'm pronouncing words okay so we

really like to dive deeper into these

ideas of who you are and because of the

way it affects the way we communicate

who we are with the world okay so the

book the go giver is a narrative about a


Joe and a mentor that he has named

Pindar okay

and I'm not going to go into too much

detail but basically Joe is a little bit

he can be described as a go-getter

someone who is really motivated to make

money and get accounts and and to sell

and and make connections so that he can

make more money and he connects with

Pindar who is going to teach him the

five laws of cat stratospheric success

okay so we're gonna go through these

five laws of stratospheric success and

stratospheric basically just means a

very high extremely high level of

success it's talking about just

extremely high success okay and they you

know if there was going to be a theme of

the book it would be that it's better to

focus on giving more if you wish to

receive more okay and we'll dive into

more of what that means as we go through

this book one thing that I love about

this book is that as Joe is learning

these lessons a promise that he has to

make to Pindar is that he will after

learning each law each of the five laws

he has to go and apply what he's doing

he has to act upon the law that he's

learning so there's definitely a learn

and do format and the author really says

really recommends that you actually try

to do some of these things instead of

just thinking about them we want you to

actually go out and do them and

experience it for yourselves so that you

can have your own understanding a deeper

understanding of these five laws alright

let's go in let's do a overview of what

the five laws are and then we'll go into

each one of them

okay the law of value your true

worth or you know they say your true

worth I like to change that wording to

your potential income because I see

worse your your true worse as it meaning

a different thing but your potential

income is determined by how much more

you give in value than you take in

payment the second law is the law of

compensation your income is determined

by how many people you serve and how

well you serve them the law of influence

your influence is determined by how

abundantly you place other people's

interests first and we'll get into each

one of these the law of authenticity the

most valuable gift you have to offer is

yourself and the law of receptivity the

key to effective giving is to stay open

to receiving so let's dive right end and

the beginning of the book they talk

about mindset I'm kind of the mindset

that you need to be in to really be able

to soak in these five laws so some

quotes from the book are you get what

you expect what you focus on is what you

get and ultimately the world treats you

more or less the way you expect to be

treated so whether you call it the

secret the law of attraction and

self-fulfilling prophecies we believe

very strongly here at pronunciation Pro

that our mindset really sets the stage

to how successful we're going to be how

much confidence that we have and and how

we show up in the world and is kind of

the thoughts that we have in our head in

the way that we perceive ourselves and

others so if you're you're open to

receiving or you're open to and getting

good things in the world that's

something that will come back to you

okay so there's lot of value in the book

the example that they give when talking

about this is that they go to a

restaurant where there's a restaurant

owner very successful restaurant very

busy and and the owner's name is Ernesto

I think

um Ernesto started with just a hotdog

stand but the way he treated his

customers was exceptional the service

that he provided and the kind of the

love that he shared with his customers

was unique and it was a very special

experience for those who had hot dogs at

his hotdog stand

so he really remembered people's names

remembered remember people's interests

and he really connected went around and

tried to connect personally with his

customers then what happened is there

are some investors that came some

successful investors that came and ate

at his hotdog stand

and they saw what was happening and that

he had a very popular hotdog stand not

necessarily because I mean his his

hotdogs were really great and there was

quality in that but that also he great

gave an incredible service you know his

he really put his heart into it and you

could tell he loved doing what he was

doing and loved to serve his customers

so it really affected them and they

ended up investing in him you know

building a restaurant and doing more and

so it was this you know Ernesto was

giving more value than he was accepting

in payment and so he was selling hot

dogs that he was giving so much more

than just a hot dog in the experience of

his hot dog stand all right so um let me

read this kind of passage from the book

it says all the great fortunes in the

world have been created by men and women

who had a greater passion for what they

were giving their product service or

idea than for what they were getting and

many of those great fortunes have been

squandered by others who had a greater

passion for what they were getting than

what they were giving okay so it's that

passion to give and to serve and to help

that really encompasses this law of

value all right the second law is a law

of compensation okay that your actual


so the law of value was your potential

income now the law of compensation is

your actual income is determined by how

many people you serve and how well you

serve them so this is interesting

because it really stood out to me that

that it's not necessarily about giving

giving giving because we know plenty of

people for example like teachers here in

the US they give their heart and soul to

teaching and they may have a class of

about 24 students 25 students and they

give and give and give and serve and

serve and serve which is great but they

don't get compensated very well um and

in the in the book there was an example

of a teacher who developed these this

method of teaching that was really

effective she was using it with her

class of 25 students but then decided

that she was going to go ahead and start

another business so that she can she

could help deliver that method of

education and the way the way that she

was teaching to many many others so then

she developed a business around serving

not just 24 of her own students but

hundreds and thousands of other teachers

and students that could use her method

of teaching so it really displayed this

law of compensation that it really has

to do with how much value you're giving

to to more people and the more value can

get to more people the more income that

you will have okay from the book it says

um let's see your your your compensation

is direct directly proportional to how

many lives you touch and there are two

amazing things about this first it means

that you get to determine the level of

competence compensation so if you want

more money you need to provide more

value to more people it's under your

control if you want more success find a

way to serve more people

it's that simple and so there really are

no limitations about how much you can

earn if you have this mindset of okay I

just need to serve and help more people

and find a way to do it on a bigger

scale then that that income will

increase now in the book there was an

example that so Joe had to then go out

and apply what he was learning so with

the law of compensation he went back to

his office and he ended up getting

coffee Pindar's assistant had the

world's best coffee apparently and so he

brought back some of this coffee and and

divided it out to people in his in his

workplace and he felt really strange he

felt very uncomfortable doing it because

it was out of his normal realm of doing

things he wasn't comfortable with going

out and serving in that way and and he

says so it said sometimes you feel

foolish even look foolish but you do the

thing anyway and this is kind of a

lesson for us in service and then giving

that it may feel uncomfortable at first

but we do it anyway we keep doing it and

I've had personal experiences with this

in pronunciation Pro where I have things

that I want to teach or I want to share

or want to give and but I'm now you know

not quite sure how it's going to be

received or if it's something that our

students really need or want so there

have been times that I've kind of put

things out there and there hasn't been a

you know stronger response but I just

keep putting it out there and until we

get the response of just like okay this

is helping this is well this is what we

need you know and what our students need

so I definitely connected with that one

that it can be uncomfortable but we just

keep giving and serving and helping

anyway all right so

that was kind of the example of the

coffee in the in the book is applying

this this principle now the next law we

have is the law of influence now

influence we talk they talk a lot about

network or network and how your

influence is determined how abundantly

you place other people's interests first

okay so as we're talking about this

we ended up end up talking about

networking in our network and networking

tends to have a bad reputation where we

show up to events or we meet people and

the focus tends to be more of what can I

get mentality but when we go into

networking with a giver mentality and

think of it as what can I give or how

can I help or serve those that I am

connecting with who I'm meeting then it

takes on a whole whole different

experience okay

in the book it says now by a network I

don't necessarily mean your customers or

clients I mean a network of people who

know you like you and trust you they

might not they might never buy a thing

from you but they've always got you in

the back of their minds they're people

who are personally invested in seeing

you succeed and of course that's because

you're the same way about them okay and

that's the key is that you are just as

interested in their success as they are

in yours or sometimes even more so you

might be more invested in their success

than they are to yours and that's okay

says their army of personal walking

ambassadors when you when you've got

your own army of personal walking

ambassadors you'll have referrals coming

your way faster than you can handle them

okay so this has a lot to do about how

we're building relationship

with each other you know how are we

connecting with other people and is it

in a giving mentality or in a what can I

get out of this relationship mentality

and the more you can watch out for the

other person and watch out for their


um the better he says forget about 50/50

meaning like you put 50 in I'll put 50

in 50 50 is a losing proposition the

only winning proposition is 100 percent

make your win about the other person go

after what he wants forget win win focus

on the other person's win all right so

that's you know that's a very powerful

law as we really focus on other people's

interests we will you know eventually be

able to reap that and reap that reward

of what we're doing for others and we're

not going out with the intention of

getting back but it always seems to kind

of come full circle as the more you give

the more you tend to get in in response

and it says you know some people call it

enlightened self-interest watch out for

what other people's need watch out for

what other people need with the faith

that when you do you'll get what you

need the fourth law is the law of

authenticity so this means the most

valuable gift you have to offer is

yourself now in the book it gives an

example of a woman who was had been

divorced and she was a real estate agent

or in the real estate business and she

was very successful and she was speaking

on stage and she was telling about her

experience of getting divorced and

having to provide for her selves herself

and her children and how that she jumped

into real estate and she learned all of

the tech the selling techniques

all of the different strategies to sell

real estate and to be able to have a

successful real estate business and she

would try all these sales tactics and

she was doing it over and over again

trying to get her sales and she wasn't

selling anything

and finally she decided she was gonna

give up and she went out but she had

this one last sales call so she went out

to it to show a customer a house and she

just she didn't use any of the sales

tactics she was really disengaged in the

whole sales process and just showed up

as herself and was very authentic and

she ended up getting that sale and that

was kind of the start of her profession

is being able to understand that it's in

how she shows up as her true authentic

self that our customers are going to

relate best to in the book it says what

I'm here to sell you on is you people

remember this no matter what your

training no matter what your skills no

matter what your air what area you're in

you are your most important commodity

the most valuable gift you have to offer

is you reaching any goal you set takes

10% specific knowledge or technical

skills 10% max the other 90 plus percent

is people skills and what's the

foundation of all people skills

is it liking people caring about people

being a good listener those are all

helpful but they're not the core of it

the core of it is who you are it starts

with you okay so it really becomes more

about who you are your true authentic

self and being able to show up as your

true self and so the most important part

is showing up as your true authentic

self so who you are is the most

important and the way that you are able

to communicate that

that's it why here at pronunciation Pro

we really work hard on being able to

improve our communication skills our

pronunciation and the way we speak

English so that we can communicate

better our true authentic self because

it is probably easier for you to do that

in your native language than it is to do

in English and we want to make sure that

your English and you are able to improve

your English to a point where you can be

true to yourself and your true authentic

self and a personal example that I have

of this is that at the beginning of

pronunciation Pro when I first started

it I had developed the program of the

video training modules and the whole

structure of the website and we were

wanting to get it out to all of you and

I had hired a marketing company to kind

of help me we had very much a corporate

feel and to the website stock

photography and there was no sign of me

whatsoever on the front end of the

website and let us kind of sales eNOS to

it and we weren't getting anywhere with

that no one was signing up and really

didn't have any success with that and I

finally realized that I was going to

need to to show up and you know show my

authentic self because I had a passion

behind what I was doing I really

genuinely cared about my students and

the wit and their their personal

development and their ability to

communicate more clearly and with

confidence and so what I did is I was

about 8 months pregnant and and had some

extra weight I was little insecure about

getting in front of the camera but I

knew that I needed to show up and I

needed to show who I was behind the

scenes and how invested I was in their

success so I created a video that really

shared the vision that I had for

pronunciation Pro and why

I was doing what I what I was doing and

why I was offering this program and

that's really truly to be able to help

non-native English speakers be able to

find their true voice to be able to show

up and to be able to be confident be

clear in their English communication and

be confident to be able to share their

voice and share their expertise to the

world and this is something I felt very

passionate about and still do is wanting

to help all of you and be able to do

that so I put this video up on we've

kind of created more a different home

page to our website put this video up

front and center with just some

headlines talking about pronunciation

Pro and be understood be confident and

then kind of here's how you how you join

with this video of me talking to our

audience and it was interesting because

the first day that we launched this new

website and I actually was going into

the hospital to have my third child and

by the time I left the hospital with

that new baby

and we were getting sign ups and people

were connecting with that video because

they could see that there was somebody

on the other end there was somebody

there and when I showed up as my true

authentic self there was a connection

there they could feel that I cared they

could feel that I wanted the best for

them and that they were willing to get

vulnerable themselves in working on

their accent and their communication

skills with me and so from that day

forward it was a lesson to me that I

needed to show up and I needed to be my

true authentic self if I wanted to

connect with my audience if I wanted to

give and serve and and have that

experience with all of you okay so

that's the law of authenticity

the final law is the law of receptivity

all right so receptivity is the key to

effective giving is to stay open to

receiving okay says it's not better to

give than receive it's insane to try to

give and not receive trying not to

receive as not only foolish it's

arrogant when someone gives you a gift

what gives you the right to refuse it to

deny their right to give receiving is

the natural result of giving every

giving can happen only because it is

also receiving and if you really think

about that the example they give was

when we breathe in verses and breathe

out there's a cycle there is when we

breathe out

they represent giving and that service

that we can provide others when we

breathe in it's receiving and without

that cycle of giving and receiving you

know it this cycle just doesn't work

without both sides of it and so as we

open ourselves up to receiving and then

that will come so we're giving and we're

receiving and it's this cycle that

continues on and on and it says all the

giving in the world won't bring success

won't create the results you want unless

you are also also make yourself willing

and able to receive it in like measure

okay so just thinking about that just it

is an important part of the process and

as someone is offering you a gift don't

deny that there

don't deny their their gift of giving

because you know who are we to deny

their ability to give to us as well

allowing others to give freely and for

us to give freely and having this

symbiotic relationship with the world

around us really creates a better

atmosphere for everyone okay so as we

wrap this up those were the five laws of

stratospheric success and so let's kind

of bring this full circle I like this

quote from the book

says you can't measure your success by

whether or not you get the account

that's not the point the point is not

what you do not what you accomplish it's

who you are so as we're talking kind of

bringing it full circle back to our two

key points here is communication is a

reflection of who we are okay and as

you're developing who you are it's those

daily consistent you know habits over

time that create that compound effect

that we were talking about at the

beginning and and so the kindness that

you give the generosity that you give

the acts of service the acts of love not

only in your business or in your

profession but especially but in the

world around you to anyone you encounter

to your your spouse to your children to

your neighbors anyone that you are

willing to give and provide that service

to those are those daily habits is that

those tiny habits of kindness over time

it has such a compound effect not only

for yourself and who you become because

of it but those around us and just think

of the compound effect that that those

small acts of kindness and in the small

acts of giving would have on the world

if we're all working on on those little

daily habits or those consistent habits

over time okay so just like the author

in the book I encourage you to go and do

okay go and apply these principles in

your life and look for ways to to grow

daily to build that character daily to

give daily in in different ways and it

may be uncomfortable at first but the

more you do it the more it will be feel

comfortable and in the more good you can

put out in the world and the more good

you'll receive in the world so I

encourage you to do that thank you so

much for joining me here and in this

book review and I hope

see you again soon bye-bye now

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