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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Hello World" Android Tutorial

Difficulty: 0

either my name is rob this is a walk-through of the Hello World Android Tutorial


have pulled up your clips

and in a previous video i showed how to set up a clips in windows seven

should have a under window

and realistic a manager dvd manager

four dvds

their new moon

like that

this point


over the world tutorial

if you google

hello world and related speak first result


first you have to install a platform that was under the stick a manager

saw all of the parts that were installed i believe it's four point zero point


and creating abt

which we just did

so we should be all set maryland to create a new entrant project

project lead

act to be tutorial

here project means hello android

and a lot of this is just copy paste



right now

create activity it's going to be hello and read activity

we actually want to create activity hello and read

skewed copy paste disorder

but i wanna forget this and purpose catches to show you


speak spanish for that


hundred project

s_r_ sees where we're going to find you chopper files

you're resources which will get to a little bit later

are here

can't doubleclick

pulled up on the right

but to go back to be a little tutorial

just delete open d hellooo andrey dot java file

under hello android as farsi com dot example elantra

like that

his tones


going to copy paste

you revised code

him rom application

before i do that i should probably check one configurations


kind you have one slept here

that's right


and we have a dinner

split the class hello and randy click on the blacks

renamed compile asian unit to hello and red jell-o_ or

renamed type two hello interactivity

rename the type

student easier fixed

and this makes the change back to the original

what it said in the tutorial

car running again

was configured properly exit changes

can now be and you later will be launched

this point and to take a while to load

and i could pose the body

instead we want to show you how long it takes to load up

and reading

messageboards before the people get very frustrated by this it seems like it's

or not

but it actually just takes a while

twenty just let this one

and when it's ready

i'll switch back to devote one signal bronze

i'll switch back to be clips screen

so you can fast forward to find exactly where at the hello


pops up

so again you may fast forward at this point

and just wanted to keep this going because i wanted to show exactly how

long this takes

check-in at this point


needs to be too long

there's elantra

said i would like to do

continue with the tutorial

and move over to an extra millennium

socially what this means is that we're going to take some of these

text out of the java code itself which is


support form

yellow and red here

and instead we're going to be putting it your resources


mathilde x_ amount

quickly experts here

what i copied from


that was actually the wrong

suction explode

appears to be the same intrigued

yes was

luminita modifying the strings dot xom alfono

just under values

can quickly x mailto

each month heidi deliberate class

gi alodietrich java file

socially what this does

to remove the visual user interface

out of the java code and put it in excel files

group back to the original java file


drawbacks as the brain behind the code

maximo iraq's has put the user sees

candid three need them

that's it

we're not going to get into our clocks

the only run this again

too soon

hopefully it will just one on the emulator

that we have

although already

and it worked

so this way you don't have to keep

reloading the emulator over and over again

that is heavy on resources and overall

i disconnected the wireless connections might have more resources to rumble

clips and d kim studio recording

so that's pretty much it and i hope you enjoyed this video tutorial thank you

for watching

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