Practice English Speaking&Listening with: If You can’t Do THIS You'll Never Become A Fluent English Speaker

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Is the most difficult English language lesson a grammar point, some pronunciation exercise

or a tricky phrase?

Well, a student recently wrote me to say that he was often forgetting words when speaking.

He also said his accent was hard to understand, and that he couldnt express himself without

translating first in his head

But when I told him how to fix these problems, he said my advice wouldnt help because

it was too simple.

Like many learners, this student couldnt improve because he thought he needed a complicated

solution when he only had to do something incredibly basic: practice.

Its not your fault if you dont express yourself correctly and automatically because

most schools, courses and even videos right here on YouTube only tell you to learn MORE

words and grammar.

So most students think that you get fluent by learning MORE.

But the truth is you become a great speaker by practicing FEWER things again and again,

and this is why you can actually become fluent WITHOUT learning any new words!

Bruce Lee illustrates this point perfectly because he didnt become a master martial

artist by doing a little bit of everything. He focused, understanding that the journey

to mastery is short but deep rather than long and shallow.

He famously said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear

the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

He meant that seeing or doing something once is almost useless. Think about the last time

you learned some new vocabulary in an English lesson or YouTube video. How many of those

words or phrases do you remember? And if you DO remember any of them, how many can you

USE correctly and automatically, without thinking or translating, in your conversations?

The man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times can do this movefluently.” And

mastery develops the exact same way with EVERY skill.

This explains why Steph Curry dribbles a basketball so well

And why Yo-Yo Ma is such an excellent cellist

And why Jamie Oliver can make delicious meals without measuring every ingredient.

Understand that this lesson is really only difficult because everyone has taught you

to do MORE

But the good news is you become fluent simply by reviewing what you already know, the right


So if you just want to KNOW a lot of English, keep watching more videos here on YouTube

But if you really want to SPEAK confidently and fluently, let me introduce you to a better

way to practice that makes practice fun and building fluency automatic

Frederick, our new mobile app for iOS and Android devices that you can download for

FREE, lets you practice and review English like a native, but in simple, easy steps.

By starting with simple words and sounds, you quickly see discover any problems with

your pronunciation, grammar and speaking, and see how to correct yourself easily.

Fredericks simple games allow you to review what you know in a fun way, without needing

any boring flashcards.

Learning is natural, and practice is entertaining, so the most difficult English lesson becomes


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Im Drew Badger, the founder of, and thanks so much for learning with me today!

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