Practice English Speaking&Listening with: vlog 18 - Aku nubis bekarya sekali jumpa Kapchai Super Touring Mode

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Ride N Joys Presents

In This Life Such As A journey

Adventure to destination

make it and color it Meaning Of Life

Freedom Experience

Drawing of Adventure

Keep the Past

Make it still in the memory

How much beautiful the past day

The Sail in the sea life

obstacles we pass by

only us the one who understand

meaning sweetness a piece of memoryh

sincerely Ride N Joys


Assalamulaikum n peace upon of us all

we meet again in the Ride N Joys Youtube Channel


nothing special i wanna talk about

stilll in more practice again till i get there

process editing

ok why? i keep posting this video



from content aspect one thing

it jut ok we just keep practicing to be more nice

to be more motivation


if you just edited the video

and have a finishing

what people says

just keep it only Inside your computer

day after day

what your motivation for yourself!

example after you done with your video

inside your computer

you will leave it there

was it rite?

if you just keep uploading into youtube

you will try

repair the quality from time to other times

in mean time to get yourself into get used to

with routine

what kind of routine?

routine for

to do vlog

bcoz vlog

if you already made up the content

specialize in something

must be looking for the content

keep maintain

unless like me starting from zero

truly noobies here

so will try to improve from time to the time


i found out what

my identity

so this moment

just edited


and make some improvement


Traffic a lot

made me

cannot go through

in the middle

you see

their attitude

left to right right to left

hi rider!

that was small bike in super touring mode!


we follow him

The Description of vlog 18 - Aku nubis bekarya sekali jumpa Kapchai Super Touring Mode