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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Never Have I Ever... WITH A TWIST! ? ft. Jayden Bartels & Armani Jackson | Nick

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Ew, Armani!

It's like spicy pool water.

I can't do it.

Wait, here it comes, here it comes.

- There you go. - It's disgusting.

- What's up, guys? It's Jayden Bartels. - And Armani Jackson.

And today we're going to be playing never have I ever.

It's a pretty simple game, but this time there's a twist

and that's all we know.

- Wait, what twist? What do you mean? - I have no clue.

Let's do it! I'll go first.

- Are you ready for this? - I'm ready.

Never have I ever won a dance battle.

Yes, I win every dance battle.

Uh, no.

But I don't really compete in a dance battle, so it's not like

I'm gonna lose it, guys. I just don't compete in them.

OK, your turn.

Yeah, I would be winning them if I...

- If you were participating. - Yeah.

Never have I ever cheated on a test.

- Yes. - No.

- I have not. - My dad's in here.

I actually have not, unless I was like really young, but no.

I, um...

Oh, I said no. I meant to say yes.

I was really young, it was kindergarten. I didn't know what I was doing.

Yeah, the test was history.

And that's my worst subject, so I didn't know what to do.

- You had a phone in kindergarten? - No, I just looked at the other person.

It was kindergarten.

Please don't get the wrong idea. I like school.

Never have I ever had a paranormal experience.

- Yes! - I have.

- We both have. - Yeah.

I played with a Ouija board and weird stuff happened.

What we did to make sure like no one was cheating was

I would ask questions that only I knew the answer to,

but I wouldn't be touching the Ouija board like,

what was the name of my goldfish when I was like five?

Like, no one knows that, right? And it would literally say--

It was so weird.

OK so for my birthday last year, I got some friends together--

I wasn't invited, just so you guys know.

Barely knew you, but uh...

I got some friends together to sleep at the Queen Mary.

'Cause it's like a hotel.

The first thing that happened we were walking to our room

at like 10 o'clock at night,

and our doorknob just started shaking while we were walking,

like all of our friends were talking and I was like why is our doorknob shaking?

They were like, oh your dad's probably in the room.

And I was like, you're right he's trying to scare us, 'cause he does that.

We went in, he wasn't in the room at all. Like he was--

He was already in the car.

But then another time when we were actually trying to sleep,

we heard this loud water running sound.

We thought it was next door or something like,

dude we can't sleep, and then I'm like guys, that's...

That's literally in our room and...

The bathtub was running? No, hate that.

Glad I wasn't invited.

- Did you go last? - Yeah, I did.

Never have I ever watched pimple popping videos.

- Yes. - No. What?

You have? That is disgusting.

I cannot stand that.

That's disgusting. Why would you?

You wouldn't know. You wouldn't know.

To the people out there who have watched pimple popping videos,

you know what I'm talking about. She's delusional.

Is that like satisfying to you?

Eh, sometimes.

Why do you think they have millions of views?

- Tens of millions of views. - I'm appalled.

It's disgusting. I've definitely seen them.

And is it disgust-- There are TV shows about it.

No! Whoever likes that stuff, including you.

I don't love it, it's just I have. That is the question.

Hm, let me just...

It's not that it's not disgusting, it's just the fact that you're seeing...

- That's disgusting. - You're seeing like relief.

You know what I mean? You're seeing a problem go away.

I'm going to puke. I'm literally going to puke.



I can't watch! I can't watch!


Watch it, watch it.

I can't, I can't.

I can't look. I can't!

- Watch it. - No, I'm not watching.

I can't. I can't do it.

I don't really like this one, to be honest.

Ew! Guys, why? Why?

- It's great. - Did you know I'd react like this?

Oh my God, guys I can't.

I'm not watching. I cannot, I cannot.

Wait, here it comes, here it comes.


It's disgusting!

Oh, I'm gonna... Guys, I'm shivering.

- My body is shaking. - Good stuff, guys.

Guys, oh my God I feel weak.

That is disgusting, I'm appalled and I'm repulsed.

Moving on.

Never have I ever pretended to be sick when I really wasn't.

- Yes, 100% yes. - No.

- You've never-- - My sister does that all the time.

You've never been like, "Oh, I don't feel good" and then...

Yeah, I might say that, but I've never pretended to be sick.

Never have I ever cracked an egg by squeezing it in one hand.

I've not, but that sounds fun.


That's an interesting one. Is that like a thing?

So apparently, it's impossible, quote-unquote.

Squeeze an egg evenly and have it crack.

I bet I could do it if there's an egg.

- No? OK. - Let's get that twist going!

Oh, yes!

This is the test I like.

- OK, can I do it? - It's not hard-boiled, right?

Yeah OK, here we go.

Yeah, mine cracked...

is that my hand?

I can't do it.




I had to put a lot of pressure into that.


That flew at the camera.

I did not expect it to do that.

Woohoo, a round of applause.

I can't, I don't--

I can't, I literally can't and plus, I don't want that to happen.

You have to be really determined otherwise it's not gonna work.


Take cover!

Wait, should I use this hand then? I'll use the other hand.

This one might not have as much strength.

Please don't!

Yeah, it made a crack noise but it's not...

Again, Armani!

- Again! - Wait, why did it fly again?

It literally was in the bowl.


Never ever...

A Carolina reaper, are you guys tranna kill us?

Never have I ever eaten a Carolina Reaper pepper.

Bye, guys, have a really nice day.

I've eaten one right below that

and I actually can handle spicy food pretty well.

If someone is about to walk out here with some peppers... I'm done!

The hottest pepper.

I bet you I could do it.

I've always wanted to eat a Carolina Reaper.

I won't be able to, guys, I won't be able to!

I will throw up!

Don't tell me-- don't!

Don't you dare!

- Don't you dare! - I know she's not gonna do it.

- Next card! - I'll do it.

I'll do it.

Oh, you understand it's like bad.

- I will just... - Bad, like people do throw up from it.

Then don't do it, Armani.

- That's a pickle. - OK.

I could already tell through the thing, is it my turn?

- Wait... oh, yeah, it is. - I saw it and I was like that's it.

- What is it? - Never have I ever drank pickle juice.

Guys, I hate pickles.

I like pickles but no one likes pickle juice, right?

- Guys, I'm gonna throw up! - Oh, it's in a cup?


- It's in a cup! - That's disgusting!

It's in a cup, oh, it's so delicate too, it looks like nice pool water.

- Oh, gimme that! - Oh, God!

Eww, Armani!

Is it OK?

It's like spicy pool water.

This is pretty much water.

- Spit bucket. - It's spicy water.

Yo, that smells like doodoo!

Don't, don't, don't, don't, Armani, Armani, please don't, please don't!

- It's only the swallow that hurts. - Please don't do that.

Are you gonna do it or not?

- Armani, I need time to prepare myself. - OK, I'll wait.

Yes, my answer's yes now, since I have.

- I swallowed better. - You know what that tastes like?

- Pickle juice. - No.

Like um...

Pickle but in a juice form.

Oh, yeah, that second bit was terrible.

That tastes like, you know when you eat cucumbers

but then you throw a little salt on it?

- Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. - It tastes like that.

Wasn't terrible but now we have checked that off the bucket list.

Never have I ever tasted dog or cat treats.

OK, I was hoping the treats was there.


I don't have a dog or cat so no...

- Bring 'em over! - Let's go, I'll eat the whole thing!

- These are actually dog treats? - They're vegan!

Vegan dog treats.

- Oh, they're cinnamon! - Oh, my god, these smell yummy!

They're like gingerbread... yeah, gingerbread.

I feel bad for these dogs.

It's not bad, it's just chewy.


Eww, can I spit this out?


- Not the greatest. - There's no flavor,

- it's like eating a couch cushion. - Yeah, like eating raw bread.

Un... no, it's a little worse than that.

- I had some really good ones-- - It smells like pickle juice!

I had some really good ones at Pet Co.


That's not good and I am not giving those to my dog, I'd feel so bad.

That's not a treat.

That's like a trick.

It's not good and it doesn't taste like food.

Yeah, not good.

- Yeah. - But yes, now we have.

Never have I ever peed in a pool? Who hasn't?

Yes, I mean, if you haven't, you're not human.

OK, last one.

- That's me. - Oh.

Never have I ever shaved my head?

Get out, run, run, run!

Yo, if y'all are about to make me do this, I'm out.

That's not happening, guys.

No, I have not shaved my head.


- I almost had to. - There's a first time for everything!

- No, so kidding. - Is this a real shaver?

If you're too scared to shave your own head, I can do it for you?

No, I don't think that was part of the...


And that was Never Have I ever!

Have you ever subscribed to Nickelodeon channel--

And that was-- and that was--

- And that was-- - And that was-- and that--

And that was Never Have I ever!

Have you ever subscribed to Nickelodeon's YouTube channel?

- Yes. - You should do it too.

We drank pickle juice.

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