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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lin-Manuel Miranda Explains Trio of Documentaries at 2020 Oscars | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

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-Lin Manuel Miranda presenting tonight and his wife, Vanessa.

Both of you look stunning. Nice to see you.

-Thank you. Nice to see you, Ryan.

-You know, Lin, you were the topic of I think, what, three different documentaries at Sundance.

How did you do that? -I was -- I just know interesting people.

-Wow. You really are connected, Lin. -[ Laughs ]

-Because I'm really not the subject of any of them. -Right.

-I'm -- the one is about my dad... -Right.

-...who works harder than I ever will in my life.

-What kind of example has your father set for you?

-Well, listen, by being the laziest member of my family, I still get a lot done.

And I think the -- -You're the laziest member of your family?

-Yeah. -That's depressing for the rest of us.

-Yeah. And I think once people see the doc, they'll see me, and they'll go, "Oh, I understand everything now.

That guy is a lot." -Uh-huh. [ Laughs ]

We have -- We counted. We did our research -- 138 days until "In the Heights" hits theaters.

Vanessa's smiling big about that. -I know.

-Are you excited about it? And what has to happen between now and then?

-Well, we want the world to see this movie.

You know, this time 20 years ago, I was writing the first draft.

-You were 19. 19 years old. -I was 19, going on 20 when I wrote --

My sophomore year of college.

And the fact that we are gonna get to celebrate it -- you're gonna see Anthony Ramos later.

He is a movie star. He's amazing in the movie. -Yeah.

And we couldn't be more proud.

-How much of the original is in what we'll see on the screen?

-A lot of the songs, a lot of the story.

Quiara, who wrote the show with me, wrote the screenplay, so she's the one who's updated it.

And we're really proud of it. -That's exciting.

Well, have fun tonight. -Yeah. Thank you very much.

-Alright? You going out after?

-Uh, yeah. I'm gonna -- -Yeah.

-I mean, look at my wife. I'm gonna take her everywhere.

-[ Laughing ] -So it's amazing.

-Alright. Well, you should.

Have fun. Alright, good to see you.

Bye-bye, Vanessa. Take care.

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