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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KNG PRECISA CIRURGIA!

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What was that?

What's going on, guys? What the f*ck was that?

Kng: We need a bit more of teamplay here. Fer: Not only teamplay, you need way more stuff.

Fer: We have to schedule a surgery for you guys.

A brain surgery.

What's up guys, this is Kng.

It's me and Nacho (Meyern) against Fer and Taco.

We'll play a wingman, let's see who will win.

Kng: Okay? let's do this. Taco: Let's use TeamSpeak?

Fer: You guys ready? Kng: We're ready.

Fer: Can I start? Kng: Yes.

Kng: Let's go Nip (long), Nacho. Meyern: Let's go.

Weak! You guys are weak!

Meyern is the king of pugs.

Fer: He's the king of pugs? Taco: I'll cover long now.

He went through.

C'mon, king of pugs!

Fer: There's no one A short, watch apartments. Meyern: Watch the fake!

I think there's one short. Short!

He smoked the site, He can be short or apartments.

On top of truck.

kng: Want another one?

What a clutch, go cry!

Taco: I'll go pit now. Fer: Okay.

I'm going long, again.

Kng: Wait a second, Nacho. Taco: do you want me to smoke long?

He's short, I can't do anything.

He's molotoving the site.

Check out the ''Lion'' smoke.

They smoked lion.

Fer: He's sandbags. Kng: Calm down.

Only sick tactics in here, old friend.

If you want I can flashbang.

Kng: Got it? Meyern: Yeah, I did.

He's peeking.

Taco: They threw a smoke. Kng: Push the smoke. Nevermind.

You think he's aiming long?

Kng: Boost me here, Nacho.

He's hurt at pit.

Fer: He's short, coming up truck.

Meyern: One is long.

Kng: I think it's one pit and one site. Meyern: Pit, pit!

Fer: I'm advancing.

Taco: He's hurt, 10 HP! Meyern: One dinked truck.

Taco: 10 HP, for real.

Check out this gap left right here.

You're a smartass.

Fer: Weak! You're weak, f*cking noob!

Kng: How was you life?

I like that we don't need to buy a defuse kit.

They're not planting anyway.

There's one short, going back to the site.

I'll flash.

They're coming up short, he has my AWP.

You're sneaking on short, Fer?

Kng: That was luck! Fer: What is this right here?

What was that, baby? Wheres the defuse?

You want to do that play on me? No way.

Kng: You got shot at the leg through the wall? Fer: Weak.

I'll flank them apartments, they'll never expect it.

Kng: I'm smoking archway.

Fer: Do you have a flash?

Taco: There is one apartments. Fer: I can flash for you.

Fer: I'm watching A short. Kng: C'mon, what was that?

Kng: I almost faked you!

Fer: He's trying to mislead us with his voice.

Taco: Victory is what matters.

Kng: We need to make 5. Meyern: I'll change my style.

Kng: Yeah, we have to change it, it's not working.

What was that?

What's going on, guys? What the f*ck was that?

Kng: We need a bit more of teamplay here. Fer: Not only teamplay, you need way more stuff.

Fer: We have to schedule a surgery for you guys.

A brain surgery.

I think A short is easier.

One at site.

He's coming by archway.

There will be one bomb-site.

He's at graveyard.

Short, short.

He's dinked!

He'll go back to short.

He's coming up short, I have A long.

He's hurt.

You can run!

The C4 is ours.

Dammit, he has 8 HP.

Fer: Holy sh*t!

Kng: Son of a b*tch, what a clutch. Fer: you're such a noob.

Nice one Taco, you played well.

Kng: They're spying on our screen.

Fer: Can I start spinning? Taco: Yeah, I'll aim short.

Archway, they've smoked.

Fer: Coming up short. Kng: Nice one, middle.

Fer: What's that? What a f*cking joke.

He's been shot!

Fer: What's going on, guys? Taco: Can you stop fooling around?

Fer: Let's schedule surgery for you.

Taco: I've dropped a Galil. Kng: Let's make a come backp, Nacho, we believe.

This rush is not very good.

A long is hurt, he's backing up to archway.

Smoked arch.

I'm aiming short.

I think he's getting out of A long.

I know the specimen.

Taco: Was that you at short? Fer: It was me.

It's clear, I'm going long.

Meyern: He's coming through Kng: Got it.

Let them make the mistake.

Fer: One is short, he's planted there. Kng: The bomb is A short.

You think so?

Kng: Archway. Meyern: Look at him!

Meyern: He molotoved me.

Kng: Beatiful play Nacho, we believe!

Taco: He was so lucky. It's 9 to win? Fer: Yeah, one more will do it.

Taco: I'll smoke library. Fer: I'm flashing already.

The smoke will be messy.

They're rushing!

Fer: I'll flash one pit. Taco: He dropped, you can flash.

He dropped down.

Kng: Come and get me! Taco: I think there were 2 at pit.

Force buy or eco?

Lets buy only an Eagle.

Thank god you won 2 clutches, otherwise we would be f*cked.

Fer: One peeking got shot with the Eagle. Taco: One is short with a AWP, now bomb-site.

Taco: On top of the default boxes. Meyern: Last one middle.

Kng: Nice one! Let's get them, Nacho. Taco: He got lucky.

Meyern: Are you sleeping?

Taco: He still has an AWP.

Kng: Go, go, do it.

I'll pierce him short.

I think he's apartments.

You can flash now.

Kng: Nice protection, team. Meyern: We were ready.

Taco: On top of balcony dropped down. Kng; He's going short.

Yes, keep going, keep going.

Keep coming! You fell for it, thought I was going to fall back.

The next one win be $3200, I'll buy an Eagle.

I'll be playing A long now.

Kng: What was that? Fer: He's peeking!

Meyern: Let's f*cking go! Kng: That's f*cking it, let's go!

Fer: They're such noobs. Taco: I knew he was going to do this.

I don't have a plan, brother.

Let's take aim battles, f*ck it.

I'm going archway. I heard one short.

Check this smoke that they've done.

Kng: That smoke did not work!

Fer: Yeah right, it didn't. Meyern: It did not!

Fer: Bomb-site. Kng: Dear lord.

Site and pit, maybe?

How much did that HE took?

Kng: Calm down, Nacho, concentrate Meyern: Concentrate.

Pit, pit and bomb-site.

They're entering.

You can come in!

Kng: Passing the bomb-site. Fer: In the center.

Meyern: One more in the smoke!

Kng: In the smoke! Meyern: He took a headshot.

F*ck yeah, we came back!

Fer: He got so lucky, hell no.

6 in a row.

6 in a row.

FalleN: Was that a tie? Kng: Tie game.

Fer: What do we do now, change maps? Kng: It was 8x2 to them.

Kng: What? Fer: What do we do?

Kng: We tied, let's do anoterh map. Fer; Which map?

Let's do Overpass.

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