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the second radio this is a ninety-year-old races so that they are

ninety four ninety five respectively

uh... and this is the twenty thirty european veterans athletics


in spain is sixteen-year

it doesn't take forever

but these are sprinters manager contact us and i think that the love looking at

the star multi-million alcohol because you know i don't know

allison dot even close

not even close to where

welcome you


had looking

managing and not many and that's one thing at the end

come-from-behind win what was that these men are antarctic calls holes one frank

mankiewicz as we said he's going to happen what does a rather wait until

it's sixty

it more like a car's speed walking

out of anything he had to give one put down at all times in the political just

shows you that doesn't matter what level of sports there is

sports fans will literally watch anything like that are no i don't know

how that's gonna turn out

will watch that and they're out of the show

of all people and

that i'll be in people's people olympics the open water traded knows you know

when you told me that you showed eighty eight-year-old people's printing that

you know i don't watch that

there's a diving


maybe get probably best known at the indian or what

and watch it enlisted his diving into it is the only way unless the diving

celebrity shelf

is if the polls and

that's fucked up and i think that superfund i stole a joke from somebody

and you do but it was so it was really good with the video interview he still

sport you follow them on twitter twitter dot com slash p so supporting go to the

website use a sports dot com i continue

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