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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Koi Toy Light-up Bathtub Fish Toy

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Your child's face is sure to light up

when you introduce the illuminating, color-changing

Koi toy to their bath.

The Koi toy is made of squeezable, flexible plastic

that's durable exterior ensures that it won't fall apart,

if your young one plays rough.

Like any quality pool or bath toy,

the Koi toy floats, allowing your child

to continuously observe all of its awesome features.

The first of those features is its ability

to light up immediately upon coming into contact with water.

Your child will adore the brilliant glow emanating

from within the Koi toy.

The other neat feature of this fun fish

is its color-changing ability.

It cycles through a rainbow of hues

so long as it's touching the surface of the water.

This is sure to grab the attention of even the hard

to impress child.

The Koi toy is totally safe.

The LED bulbs and the battery are securely

stored inside the belly of the fish.

The battery has a life of approximately 40 hours.

The Koi toy, available now from, creators of award-winning DVDs

and purveyors of curiously awesome products.

The Description of Koi Toy Light-up Bathtub Fish Toy