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(triumphant bagpipe music)

- Welcome to OU Tulsa convocation.

Congratulations class of 2020, you've made it.

And also, welcome to friends and family

who are watching this convocation ceremony

remotely from near and far.

Since we're not able to meet in person

and hear a traditional keynote address,

we reached out to several community leaders,

asking them to send a message directly to you.

I'd like to thank our local Tulsa leaders

for taking time to share this with you today.

- Graduates, on behalf of my family and our foundation team,

I want to join the many others in congratulating you

on reaching this education milestone.

In this time of turmoil, we have to look for silver linings,

so I thought I would do a silver lining

of raising a glass of bubbly to you

that I would not be able to raise were we in person.

So, I want to toast you, and thank you in advance

for the many contributions I know you will make

using in your new degree

to benefit your family and our community.

Wishing you all the best.

- Hi, I'm Mayor G.T Bynum.

To the OU Tulsa class of 2020, congratulations.

Now this moment that we're in right now in our city,

our state, our country, in our world,

is a great reminder of what people look to,

and who they look to, in moments of need and crisis.

They look to the experts,

they look to the people who've taken the time,

who've put in the hard work over years of dedication,

to fill their minds with knowledge and to build up

their critical thinking skills in a particular field

that they can then use to help others.

And you've done that at OU Tulsa.

You've prepared yourselves to serve our community

and other communities all around our country

and around our world.

So on behalf of the citizens of Tulsa,

thank you and congratulations.

And of course, Boomer Sooner!

- Class of 2020, wow!

What a time to be alive.

Congratulations, you guys made it.

To the beginning.

Because we all know it's not the end,

it is just the beginning.

And, man, this world needs some saving,

and it starts with you.

And I just wanna say, you know, times might be different,

but the love and appreciation is still very much the same.

Man, we love you guys.

And congratulations.

- Boomer Sooner all you great OU Tulsa graduates,

very proud of you.

I'm wearing my mask, I'm social distancing,

I'm giving you a virtual hug.

'Cause that is the season, but you guys have toughed it out

and just done a beautiful job.

I got to work at OU Tulsa in it's early days, as president,

and it's just awesome to see the trajectory of the success,

and the impact that people are making.

And the success of the school itself.

You all have bright futures ahead of you.

If I can be of any help as a former OU Tulsa guy,

currently at the George Kaiser Family Foundation,

reach out, you're doing great work.

And you've got a bright future of contribution ahead of you.

And Boomer Sooner.

- Hi I'm chief meteorologist, Travis Meyer, at Channel Six.

I want to say congratulations to all of you graduates

here at OU Tulsa.

I know it's a crazy 2020, but again, it is a special time.

And I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Just like the weather, there's some

weird things that happened but also, it's amazing.

A lot of you have gone through a lot

in order to balance your life and work

and trying to get through school,

and you've done marvelous.

And I just want to say congratulations

on behalf of Channel Six, make it a great 2020.

- Happy graduation, and congratulations.

You have so much to celebrate.

And it's too bad you don't get to walk down the aisle

with all your family members cheering you on

and saying congrats, as well.

But you know what you've accomplished

and how you beat the odds.

I mean, most of you were working full time jobs

while getting this degree.

It is a lot to accomplish.

So I just want to send you warm wishes

for a much brighter future.

And congratulations again, you did it!

- What a remarkable achievement you celebrate today.

But it's only the beginning.

All of us who work in this vibrant and generous community

are excited to see what you'll do

with the knowledge you've gained,

along with your fellow students and professors,

or as you likely call them now, your friends.

Now more than ever, we need your innovation,

your work ethic, and your strong heart

to beat for those in need.

I look forward to working alongside you,

some of the best prepared professionals in the country,

to ensure that all members of our community thrive.

From all of us at the Tulsa area United Way,

congratulations OU Tulsa grads.

- Hello, this is Dr Bruce Dart with Tulsa Health Department.

I want to send my congratulations to all

the OU Tulsa graduates.

You've all accomplished a great deal, I now how hard it is

to get your degree as you're also more than likely

working full time and on a very specific career pathway.

So, great job, remember to give back,

remember you're the OU ambassador

going forward from now on.

So carry that proud, do great work,

and we look forward to seeing you in future.

- Thank you again to our local leaders

for their inspirational words.

I've always known that our students at OU Tulsa are special.

And I know that many of you have much more going on

in your life than just school.

Work, families, and community responsibilities

are a large part of what you do and who you are.

And right now, the complexity of these responsibilities

is compounded by the effects of a worldwide pandemic,

and I know that you're doing everything you can

to keep those you love safe and happy.

I commend all of you for your hard work on your graduation,

which is a major accomplishment.

I'm pleased we can celebrate it in this virtual way,

and please know that we're working on plans for doing

something in a live ceremony, later on this year.

Now please join me in recognizing this year's

OU Tulsa graduates.

In this virtual ceremony,

each graduate is individually recognized in an individual

personal achievement slide at the bottom of this website.

Graduates can be searched by name or college.

We are truly proud of each and every one of you.

- Good evening graduates of the OU class of 2020.

I'm thrilled to be joining you to commemorate

this special day, and your many achievements.

I wish that tonight

we could all gather in person to celebrate.

Although this experience is unlike anything

our world has seen in this century,

our pride in what you've achieved,

in spite of the circumstances, couldn't be greater.

None of us could have imagined that we would be learning,

working, and living as we are today.

Many of you graduating tonight are parents

who work full time while also going to school.

It has been a challenging time.

But tonight proves how strongly

you have risen to the occasion.

While your final semester as an OU student was not

how any of us envisioned it,

these extraordinary times have brought forth

the familiar values that define the OU spirit;

Generosity, courage, compassion, and resilience.

Times like these reveal the true character,

and I've never been more proud of our community and of you.

Class of 2020, we celebrate you, your families,

loved ones, classmates, and the entire OU family.

We join together with great pride to congratulate you

on a job well done.

Tonight you become the next in line

to inherit the OU legacy.

You will join the thousands of OU alumni scholars,

innovators, humanitarians, and leaders who came before you

and found purpose and meaning

in the pursuit of excellence and service.

As you set out on this next chapter, recognize that success

and opportunities aren't a given.

It's up to you to seize it.

If you ever doubt the impact that you could have

and the dreams you can achieve,

just look to your fellow classmates for inspiration.

Look at your classmate Beryl Premal, who at 78 years of age

will be earning her master's degree tonight.

Beryl's college journey began 10 years ago,

when she began her undergraduate studies at OU.

Beryl, your achievements are a testament to persistence

and how we should all strive to be lifelong learners.

Your classmate Ashley Rankin,

one of our graduates in occupational therapy,

has demonstrated the power

in harnessing your ingenuity to help others.

Using a 3D printer, Ashley built a prosthetic arm

for a young girl, who can now learn to play the violin.

Barrel and Ashley, along with so many of you,

are shining examples of what possibilities lay before us

and what we can achieve.

Class of 2020, in the year since you began your OU journey

you have transformed yourselves, each other,

and this unique moment in our university's history.

Tonight we celebrate your graduation,

as you move forward as alumni with tremendous responsibility

and boundless opportunity.

Take pride in yourself, and never stop working to better

your communities, and the lives of those around you.

Remember to always love.

And if you can, and you can, make a difference.

We believe in you.

Congratulations class of 2020, you make us proud.

- By recommendation of the faculty,

I now present the graduation candidates

from the Health Sciences Center

and Norman Campus programs at OU Tulsa.

- By the powers vested in me

by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents,

the State Regents for Higher Education,

and laws and statutes of the state of Oklahoma,

I authorized the president to award degrees

at the 2020 commencement.

- To all of those who are authorized to receive degrees

in this year, 2020,

and those who received their degrees in 2019.

By the authority vested in me,

I confer upon all of you, the doctoral master's

and bachelor's degrees, as recommended by the deans,

and admit you to all their rights and responsibilities.


- Class of 2020, on behalf of all the faculty

and staff of OU Tulsa, know this;

We will always be here for you,

we could not be more proud of you,

and you are truly special.

You are going to enhance and lead in our community.

Congratulations, Tulsa Sooners.

(processional orchestra music)

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