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and though hello this is just impromptu live because I just heard from the Lord

and I'm super excited about it and I want to share this is for people who

have followed my ministry for for a while they're gonna understand this more

than anybody else so I'm just gonna wait for a moment and

see if the Facebook showing that I'm going live I really really really want

to bring you all in on my journey you know a lot of times prophetic people

just kind of let there that they don't hold anything back and and I am no

exception so if you've only been following me for

a while I'll let me give here so me and my husband were promised - well I was

promised two more children way way way back in the day hey Shannon Deidre dawn

you guys this is really cool I got some cool stuff to share here lately so this

might encourage you guys to that's why I'm sharing it and it's just kind of an

exciting thing so I'm gonna get the backstory before I tell the new part

Laura Jackie Tanisha you guys let me know

we're coming on from Andy um Oh Lord this is exciting so I'm I'm actually at

Kingdom live a necklace Ian Academy been here pretty much most of the day I'm

working on like the first semester of classes diligently I'd love to get like

some classes up online before I leave for Africa we'll see how that goes so I

have been working on these classes today and just recorded one of them and I was

thinking I came to a spot where I'm like okay I need to do a class on ancestral

curses you guys wait cuz I'm just kind of give us a backstory rest of people

are hopping on because I got something really cool to share so I think I have a

teaching on ancestral curses that I did last year so why we do the course I'm

gonna go back through my old videos and edit the course because it's probably

like an hour long live that I did to just pose

that is you know part of this class that I'm doing so I went back through my old

morning lives from last year first thing I noticed was I was up with make up on

sitting in a bright room and talking normal not whispering on my couch I'm

practically wearing pajamas like I got to get back on that now that I'm doing

the labs again I got to pull it together put makeup on and sit at the table but

so anyway I I clicked on one little video with my daughter hey Jessica

Sharon and just it was like a minute clip with my daughter on a plane it was

so cute I was like oh that's really cute and then I clicked on another video and

it was in August cuz I heard myself saying it was mine and my husband's

second anniversary and one of the things I noticed was there were several people

that used to be partners that aren't my partners anymore I was like no they're

not they're not partner with me divorce I've prayed for them and released that

to the Lord and then I just clicked on this video like two or three different

places hi Patrice I was looking for your email to email you back I can't find it

anywhere but and so I clicked and I don't know if you guys watched me back

then but I had gotten this was in August of last year not I mean not 2018 2017

and so last year of 2019 was August 2018 this was before I had gotten pregnant

for the second time in my marriage because we have a little two-year-old

daughter and years and years ago I started having dreams about having a

daughter and then a son and then the Lord

I picked the name for the daughter which was having a rose and he and then I

picked then the Lord spoke to me the name of the son was just a sure I know

you guys have promises in your heart believe in the Lord and so this was in

August that November I got pregnant and had a miscarriage and it was the first

episode Destiny's doors vitae which was a vlog

marriage motherhood and ministry blooming with Emily Rose is what I

called it and we met my son and Dubai and I found out I was pregnant and in

the same video in the same trip had a miscarriage which was devastating for me

I was so excited I was so excited and then we got pregnant again I think in

January of 2019 and I had another miscarriage if you guys remembered I

like really believed the Lord to resurrect the dead out of my womb I was

praying for a resurrection of the Dead I was praying for my promise to come back

to life it was really hard this was all you know

I did a lot of it live I did it on Destiny's doors and Justin would talk

about on my Facebook lives and then it was again and I said July I got pregnant

a third time and I actually got on and did a live one night before I got

pregnant and I had a picture of historic did any of you guys see this I had a

magazine came in my mailbox and it had a stork on the front with a little little

baby in its mouth and I don't remember what I don't even know that I read the

article but when that when that magazine came into the mail I heard the Lord

speak to me I want you to try again to get pregnant tonight and I'm pretty sure

I got I've made a post about it or got on here and said something hey Jerry and

so he had also spoken to me before that that I would be pregnant when we went to

to Disneyworld after I did the Orlando conference and so I had told everybody

already I'm supposed to get pregnant tonight I know I was supposed to try and

so we did and it was so that means that I ended up getting pregnant the night

that God had spoken to me to try to get pregnant he had sent that

magazine in the mail was like to the wrong house and and through that the

hidden message of the Lord because I recognize the voice of God was to try

again third time and so and then another thing that happened as I was you know

before I knew I was pregnant and I was getting our tickets for Disney they had

you fill out like to get your Disney bands or whatever like for persons in

the household so I'm like I think we're gonna be pregnant and Disney I think I'm

gonna be pregnant think I'm gonna be pregnant and then it turned out I was I

got pregnant a third time and I had a miscarriage like before it was even

confirmed that I was pregnant I had another miscarriage and I knew that I

was having a miscarriage because I've just had two and it was confirmed a not

through a pregnancy test but I knew that I was pregnant had a very early

miscarriage because I did not have a cycle again for six weeks which is what

happens when you have a miscarriage you six or seven weeks instead of four weeks

just begin biological here so this is the back story to say I had gotten an

email from a girl who used to work in the prison I'm who you used to be a

prisoner and this organization I worked at I've worked with female felons and it

was like a transitional program and I have kept in touch with a lot of those

ladies that have since gotten out of prison and she had a prophetic dream

about me and and so hi I was looking at the calendar stuff because I have not

been ready to try again to have another you know pregnancy yeah

like I don't know about this you know you three miscarriages I'm like I need a

break and so I've been very we have very very

carefully avoided that as I said maybe when we get back from Africa that's the

time to try you guys I'm 43 I'll be 44 June 23rd and so I was we were gonna

wait till after I got back from Africa because I'm like I don't need to be

nauseous everything get morning sickness or I have in my

last two pregnancies so anyway long story short just if you just if you're

just topping on you've missed the first part I went back through old videos just

now here at the Academy working on these things that I'm gonna release these

classes to find an old video and just clicked on who's the second video I

clicked on from over a year ago in August and somebody had sent me two

pictures and they were giraffes and it's too hard to explain go back like this

prophetic stuff for people who haven't been followed me a long time but God had

been confirming through baby giraffes that I was gonna be having this this son

Asher and there was a lot of signs and wonders I talked about at the time I

don't remember what they were that connected that that was a sign for me

these giraffes that were coming up everywhere I was gonna have another baby

but so she had heard that because she had watched my lives a lot and she sent

me two pictures for the baby's wall one that said Abigail raised and one that

said Asher and so I'm holding those up in this video that I clicked on an item

Michael well that's so cute and then I said you know God's been send us all

around he's he said he's gonna start you know that's not the ministry to where

it's more international I'm gonna be going other places and I know God's

gonna be sending us places and I've gotten some messages from people from

Kenya I got an invitation but it's for next week it's not the time and then I

picked up a sticker that somebody had sent me and there was different

countries on the sticker and I've just shown that the giraffe pictures and so I

look and I'm like there is Kenya God is sending us to Kenya this is confirmation

I'm going we're gonna go to Kenya it's not now like the the thought of going to

Kenya was financially so far out of our ballpark

you know and even though I had had the

invitations in the emails God will plant things in your heart way before they

happen y'all and so this is not just me blabbing about what God's doing in my

life and how he's speaking to me this is also for you guys because it encourages

your faith hear other people's testimony and so I'm testifying how over a year

ago God was speaking to us we were gonna go to Kenya and we're leaving for Kenya

on Friday on the 10th and so I said oh I looked at the sticker I held it up and I

was like there is Kenya and I got the Kenya sticker cuz each country had a

different picture on it the Kenya sticker had a giraffe on it and so right

when I saw that look I keep track of stuff because our birth control method

method right now is we avoid the days of possible if there's any possibility if

we're in the days of possible fertile days we avoid avoid them

so get pregnant and so I know when I start my cycle and I started on

Christmas and my very most fertile day is today and so anyway and here God is

speaking this I knew it wasn't till I called my husband and I'm like oh this

is cool I didn't even put two and two together that God is saying I don't want

you to wait til you get back from Africa because that little dress is on the

Kenya sticker and we're leaving for Kenya and I know that God is saying

tonight I want you to try tonight last time he said this I got pregnant and

here is the cool thing the first time I got pregnant it's like full circle after

Abigail Rose I found out when we met my son in Dubai and I counted it up and if

I were to get pregnant tonight the first day that I would actually be able to

test positive the first day of my mama's period would be the day that we are

meeting my son Forrest in England so I will once again I'm starting back the

destinies do I'm not gonna like I'm like God okay I'm

gonna share this I feel like I'm supposed to share this with with the my

followers but I'm not going to unravel it you're gonna have to watch Destiny's

doors to see how this unfolds because I'm going to put it in in one of the

vlogs I'm gonna be tested I'm just you just watch bet you anything I'm gonna

get pregnant tonight and then I'm gonna find out that I'm pregnant when I meet

with my son in England and I'm not even the least bit scared about having

another miscarriage I'm not even the least bit scared about

it no you know what I can almost honestly say this is sound strange but

even if I have another miscarriage I'm not going to lose my enthusiasm because

God is speaking through signs and wonder he's leading me by his spirit he has put

a promise in my heart and and it doesn't matter how many times up to me I have

followed the Lord for a long time and I think people get discouraged and people

give up on what God has put in their heart because it didn't turn out when

they thought how they thought with who they thought it would I have had three

miscarriages mean three babies that I was like it's not a sure it's not a sure

I had three other babies that are in heaven that are not a sure and so you

know I'm sharing this enthusiastically and I don't have the ending to it but I

will share as it unfolds because I believe that I'm supposed to and I know

a lot of people don't do not email me I don't want to hear your opinions and it

will cause me stress please please please keep your opinions to yourself

about me sharing this before three months has passed I've had so many up

I've had several rather just say people say you shouldn't tell people that

you're pregnant before you're three months along and if you don't want to do

that that's fine but it is absolutely ridiculous to me

to think that the enemy is giving me miscarriages because I'm sharing that

I'm pregnant before it's been three months it is to me that's giving Satan

way way way too much power I have learned things these miscarriage I don't

know why they I don't know why things happen the way they do but typically I'm

an older woman typically miscarriages happen when there

is something wrong with the that you know I have had my miscarriages before

except in one I think before even attached and began to and so there was

something wrong with the fertilized egg and that's why the miscarriage happened

20 20 percent of pregnancies live in a miscarriage and for older women as it

gets higher so whatever whatever the reason is I'm not living in fear and if

God puts it on my heart to share he can have my life he can have any part of it

and I'm not living in fear so I respect any woman who wants to wait and not

share when she's pregnant but I believe I'm gonna get pregnant again and I

believe that I'm gonna have another baby and I'm super excited about it I've been

getting in shape and getting ready for it and so will Lord I'm sorry if I was

getting on two people just I remember having had this miscarriage isn't

getting those emails and they were so ridiculously painful for me to read you

know when somebody was correcting me in that time so I'm sorry if I was harsh

about saying please don't email me that but I love you guys and you'll have to

watch the destinies doors when we get back if to see how this turns out but I

gotta go home because we are going to try to no I love you

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