Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Discover Lockwood - Bradley Grant

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My name's Bradley Grant

and I'm and aluminium joiner for Lockwood

Obviously with the new regulations, everything is

double glazing but we go the little step extra

and we try to make sure the glass is as safe as possible

that everything looks as beautiful as possible

I mean, people are paying for a quality product

so we have to really step up our game

and we have to give them that quality product

I love coming to work, I love

being able to 5, 10 years from now

I can travel down the road, with my kids

and say, hey look, "I built that, I helped do that"

I might have run that timber, I might have made that window

It's awesome to have something that's going to last a long time

Lockwoods will outlast a lot of other houses and

to have something that's going to last that long

and I can say, hey look, I helped do that

The quality control is a massive thing we do here

We're not just building a house, we're building a home

in the entire business everyone is going to touch,

whether it's one piece of timber one piece of aluminium

or a piece of glass, everyone touches it.

Everyone has their input into the product

and it is brilliant

We don't let the product leave our site, it stays

in all of our yards from start to finish

and you're just not going to get a better quality product

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