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hey guys Kevin Kreider with pursue in

this video I want to share with you the

things that I wish I had known about

intermittent fasting about intermittent

fasting before i started

the biggest one that I want to share

with you is the fact that I wish I'd

know that needed less sleep when you

were intermittent fasting there were

times that I go to bed at like nine

o'clock ten o'clock and then wake up at

like two or three in the morning we're

wide awake

I don't know what that was going on I

was like why am i up so early i only

have 4 to 5 hours of sleep i need eight

hours sleep because i always had eight

hours of sleep every time the matter

what just from my own experience and

from clients experiences you just have

more energy when the internet fast so

you release about growth hormone and the

growth hormone helps rejuvenate and

helps healing as well and with the

energy levels so i only need about 45

hours of sleep now don't get around

sometimes that will crash and i'll sleep

for eight hours but I've rarely ever get

eight hours of sleep anymore and it

doesn't ruin my day if anything I feel

amazing when i wake up so wish somebody

would have told me you will be less

sleep so don't worry about it just get

up and start doing something

second of all I wish people would have

told me you can have coffee and tea when

i first started about four or five years

ago when i first heard of it I never

really knew you could drink coffee and

tea to help with the appetite and you

know so i would just not drink anything

it would be a water fast it's my first

meal workout and then i have my first

meal so yeah that was really painful now

the coffee helps about the appetite the

effects of coffee which is stimulating

the central nervous system and just

getting getting some adrenaline going as

well with epinephrine norepinephrine

because the caffeine just gives you more

energy and it blends the appetite like I

said that increases the effect of it on

an empty stomach as well so wish

somebody would have told me that now the

other third thing is I wish somebody

would tell me to ease my way into

investing somebody like me I just go in

full force and expect the best results

and equipment easier way to have done it

instead i was i wish i would have fasted

for the first four hours of the day and

then had my feeding window be instead of

eight hours 10 hours and maybe do it

alternate day intermittent fasting which

is I tried intermittent fasting every

other day

for a little pop period of time until I

get used to it and then i'll try to do

five hours next week in the six hours i

wish somebody would have told me that to

use my way into it instead of talking

shocked my body and totally freaked out

and essentially I get angry I get so

hungry and angry then and the whole roll

kind of know about it so I wish somebody

would have told me the right way he's

into it at the time if it wasn't like

him and I was feeling really hungry and

angry the first week so it does take

about three to six weeks to get adjusted

so you will get that so that's the third

thing and there's printers pretty much

other stuff too but that's the biggest

of the three biggest things that I want

to share with you that i wish people

would have told me about intermittent

fasting so don't get surprised if you

get less sleep don't get surprised and

more energy when you drink coffee on an

empty stomach and third of all easier

way into it if you're if you're just

always so stuck on in breakfast just

easier way into it and just try to delay

for hours and then five hours six hours

and then maybe try to alternate day

fasting if that doesn't work

so guys I hope you enjoyed the video

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