Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Change Guitar Strings on a Floyd Rose Tremolo bridge

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At first, we must unscrew three toplocks.

They include screw and presser bar.

Toplocks are needed to prevent strings stretching, when we are working with tremolo.

We need to have hex wrench in order to do this.

Then we need to remove the first guitar string. It is the thinnest.

Turn off the peg guitar up until the string becomes loose.

And spin it through a screw top.

Release the tremolo screw that is holding the string in the special groove.

We use the same hex wrench.

Now we can safely remove the string.

As a rule I have to change the strings once a month.

If you play the guitar not very often you may change strings less frequently.

Old and worn strings do not sound bright.

And what is most important, they lose their tuning on the high frets.

For example, it means that your first string sounds E, when it is open,

but it doesn't sound when it is pressed at the 12 fret.

Each string has knob end of different color.

The string knob must be removed by wire cutters.

After that, insert the trimmed side of the string in the groove.

Insert the string down as much as possible and tighten the bolt strongly.

Plastic holder must keep well the string in the groove.

Input the string into the hole of peg on full length.

Lets have a look how the string falls down at the special guide on the guitar nut and passes under the bar.

Measure the distance between first and second pegs with your fingers.

Remove the fully held out string back at the measured length.

This lengths will be enough to spin the string turn to turn around the peg smoothly and accurately.

The turns must not be intersected and overlapped.

It would influence on the tuning of a guitar in the future.

Number of the turns must not be too much, for example not in few layers.

Tune the string.

Three or four is a good number of the turns.

For good tuning a new string must be stretched.

You need to tune the string again.

Now you can replace next string.

In any way do not remove all the strings at once.

You need to change one string at a time.

If you will remove all the strings,

tremolo will fall under the strings pressure and replacement of the strings will be much harder.

If you want, remove extra piece of the string by wire cutters.

Put toplocks back on their place and screw the bolts well.

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