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God Bieber humiliates and ignores Luis fonsi in concert after the

collaboration between justin bieber with luis fonsi and daddy yankee in the subject

slowly it will cause sensation among your admirers in all social networks

many expected to see them perform together however, everything ended in the same way

least expected on April 18 the purpose and tour of the Canadian singer

He arrived at the Puerto Rico Coliseum where surprised the participation of fonsi in

the stage although the furor was made present netizens on the web

They assured that the ex-boyfriend of Selena gomez mistreatment and even humiliated the

Puerto Rican in addition to that interaction between the two was scarce the

admirers stressed that bieber cut the song before time during the

which ignored fonsi several times over the parquet the worst was that just

when fonsi thanked the attendees the interpreter of sorry interrupted him

to ask him to return the microphone you used

if it was not enough, he took the microphone to give to a member

of staff and continue with his show of which the use was also criticized

excessive playback some noticed that I did not even know the lyrics of the song

also the Canadian did not stop chewing chewing gum when in theory it should be

singing on the track on the other hand Luis Fossi did not give importance to the

bieber interruption and thanked him that invited him to sing I went to see the

show and I ended up on stage wrote the Puerto Rican in his networks


or not

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