Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Running a simple ANOVA in GenStat Discovery Edition

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This example illustrates a randomized complete block experiment.

The effect of 5 diets on the weight gain of rats is explored.

Regadless of your experience of statistics, GenStat has the ANOVA menu to suit your needs.

We recommend the One- and Two-way menu for novice users here.

Double click on the data you need in the Available Data list to define your experiment.

The Available Data list only displays appropriate data for your chosen field...

... for example, categorical data is only listed for the treatment and block fields.

Choose the results to display using the Options menu.

Click on Run to analyse the experiment.

Results are displayed in the Output window.

Highlight unfamiliar terms and press F1 for context sensitive help.

Access diagnostic plots and additional results using the Further Output menu.

Diagnostic plots are shown in the Graphics Viewer.

You can Save results for export or further analysis.

Graduating to more complex designs is easy with the Analysis of Variance menu.

Choose from a range of standard designs or define any balanced design with the General menu.

Linear Mixed Models are presented using the same framework.

Whatever your analysis of designed experiments needs - GenStat delivers.

The Description of Running a simple ANOVA in GenStat Discovery Edition