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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poetry Critical Appreciation GOD's GRANDEUR, GM HOPKINS, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute I'm

Professor Abba Sharma and I'm doing

poetry critical appreciation these days

so today I have taken GM Hopkins very

popular sonnet God's grandeur which is

do is devotional and which appeals to

have complete faith in God Hopkins was a

Victorian poet and priest so he's often

called as poet priest and he did not

write for publication but his friend

after his death Robert bridges 30 years

after took the courage to publish his


the sonnet is of Petrarchan style and

divided into octave and sustained so

let's stay the octave first the world is

charged with the grandeur of God it will

flame out like shining from a shook foil

it gathers to a greatness like the ooze

of oil crushed

why do men then now not wreck his rod

generations have trod half trod half

drop and all is seared with trade

cleared smeared with toil and raised

man's much and shares man's smell the

soil is bare now nor can foot feel being


he draws attention by saying that the

world is charged and has become suitable

for living with the grand great work of

God and it will always shine like a foil

of silver or gold this world is charged

by court we are all charged by God all

the energy goodness talent happiness our

beauty or money we have is all because

of the almighty but if we throw tantrums

become arrogant and inflate with ego and

stop paying gratitude our ego will be


this whose of oil will not be tolerated

by God and we will be shown our position

by him just notice the beauty of the

lines so les is written epigrammatic

style whose a fine oil crushed whose of

oil means when you think of yourself

more than God and then immediately the

word comes crushed that means your ego

will be crushed by court you cannot

become greater - would don't try to rule

this world but still men do not wreck is

rod see the next lines still men do not

understand we all know this fact so well

that we are mortal beings and do not

have any part indulge against the doings

of God generations after generations

commit the same mistake do not learn by

the examples of others and commit sins

and arrogance so in return they face the

wrath of God these are beautiful lines

why do men then now not wreck his rod

generations have trod have trod half


in nature because of this question mark

and the word drawed repeated thrice

there is onomatopoeia also there is a

contrast drawn between the work of God

and work of man God's work is

constructive and has given life to this


whereas man's work is destructive and

causing harm to this world he has

encroached this nature through trade and

have caused destruction everywhere he

has left his men and signs of existence

his work has spoiled nature taking away

the greenery and now nature is lost and

mechanical life is present everywhere

which is insensitive and ruthless the

feet do not feel the sensitivity anymore

for the earth is seared blurred a

smeared with trade this repetitive

esence provides alliterations to the

line the nature is harmed with the

industrial activities of man he has

become so commercial so mechanical that

he does not care that nature is

important for his survival he has become

totally insensitive towards nature so in

these eight lines that is octave the

poet seems to be sad and he feels man is

responsible for the destruction of

nature but in the next six lines that is

says state

the poi is a stone and says that nature

is eternal everlasting doesn't change

man has no power to destroy it it seems

only superficial but deep down it is

still green and fresh then he says when

the Western world faces darkness the

East is enlightened with light when it

is dark and gloomy the Holy Ghost

protects us when we sleep it provides us

the warmth of love and infuses dreams so

that we sleep with the hope of happiness

and well-being

thus freshness returns with morning the

freshness is fundamental and can never

become extinct when spring comes nature

renews itself and thus shows the

underlying freshness which is eternal

the Christian concept of Trinity

includes the belief in God the Son and

the Holy Ghost the Holy Ghost is the

divine spirit representing the creative

energy in the universe Holy Ghost helps

the world to sleep in forgetfulness

it is a Petrarchan sonnet divided into a

claim and sustained octave seems to be

pessimistic but the state is full of

optimism there is a biblical reference

Trinity that means God the Son and the

Holy Spirit and this Holy Spirit or Holy

Ghost it protects us when we sleep there

is an alliteration where the sounds are

repeated like trot trot rod also seared

smeared and bleared then hopkins looked

upon the freshness of nature as a symbol

of psychological and spiritual renewal

that means he's totally glorifying God

an appealing man also to be full of

gratitude towards God because God is the

of this universe so Hopkins gives the

surprising metaphor of God's grandeur as

an electric force and the undercurrent

of this world is governed by him he's

both generous and dangerous generous to

the good one and dangerous to the

sinners and arrogant the optical image

of the foil is seen as the energy

flowing through man which is his

creation and this man is bent upon

disturbing the nature by his mechanical

doings so Hopkins is worried for the

world as the advent of industrialization

during winter in air but soon he calms

down and shows his complete faith in God

by revealing the mystery of the world

having freshness deep down the rhyme

scheme is a BB a BB a CD CD CD typical

of Petrarchan sonnet I can speak on this

for us I hope you must have liked my

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with the next poem thank you so much


The Description of Poetry Critical Appreciation GOD's GRANDEUR, GM HOPKINS, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA